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have it gotten worse?

drinking with boomers:
>u want a beer?
>hell yeah pal!

drinking with zoomers:
>u want a beer?
>i dunno, is it cold
>what kinda beer?
>just beer dude
>you got any lagers?

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It's not beer etiquette that is the problem, is the spoiled zoomer generation.

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CAMRA's been a thing since 1971, fagoli.

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Classic Viz

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Good read

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t. zoomer

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Nah im more of a doomer-coomer type guy

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>tfw both of my parents are CAMRA members and volunteers.

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They'll grow out of it eventually. I was a beer snob for a while shortly after turning 21. Like, I wouldn't even drink certain breweries. Then after a few years I stopped caring so much. Now I appreciate "good" beers along with pisswater like Hamm's/Coors/Bud/etc.

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Maybe in England. In America soyboys are a new phenomenon. We never had a nobility so we have all traditionally been masculine.

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>It's not beer etiquette that is the problem, is the spoiled zoomer generation.
yeah, having nice things sucks!

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Craft microbreweries have been a thing in the US since the 1960s.

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I do not believe you are following the thread of discussion correctly. You are introducing aspects which deviate significantly from its core theme.

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>so we have all traditionally been masculine.
lol, yeah drinking Bud fucking Light is so masculine

Might as well be drinking a corona with a lime

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Lager Is Pronounced 'Yaygur' Faggot. Heh.. Unintelligent Worm.

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>go to pub
>magically have 500 beers on tap despite only having 3 taps

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Ever since pic related started being "beer enthusiasts", beer drinking has turned into a total faggot shit show.

> yass, have you tried the Angry Witch Milk Chocolate Pumpkin spice double lager IPA?

Fuck off faggot, Oettinger Pilsener for life

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Zoomers can't drink you retard

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worring about
Other stupid terms.
Yeah ok, your beer etiquette is spot on you fucking faglord.

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>he uses the term zoomer
>up the nose shot
Yeah, OK fag

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Oetti-gang 4 lyfe

1 - 2 Öttis immer gut

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Who is that supposed to impress, maybe some bathroom attendant?

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Das gute alte grundsolide Pils aus Deutschland war schon immer und wird auch immer das beste sein. Das ganze Craft Beer rumgeficke ist für kleine Kinder.

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>Krauts absolutely seething because their slightly above average beer is becoming obsolete

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Are people allowed to enjoy ANYTHING?

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No, no fun allowed

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Why would anyone offer anyone a warm beer?

Why would you be upset that someone asked for the most common beer in existence?

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absolutely seething that anyone could try anything new

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True. We make the best beer in the world and we see faggot millenials and amer*cans drinking frivolous and perverse abominations of real beer. This is heartbreaking and anyone who loves real beer will seethe. If you don't seethe you are most likely a raging faggot.

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Not according to shillary types

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how's forklift simulator been going, hans?

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... this is etiquette?

I mean, the "zoomer" receiving the beer sounds a bit douchey, but that's probably because "a beer" here is almost guaranteed to either be a pilsner, a slightly darker lager, or some macro ale that might as well be a lager. The choice of one's agony isn't necessarily the agony of choice.

but all that devil's advocate shit aside, have a snippet of tonight's conversation:
>Hey man, want a beer?
>Sure. Whaddya got?
>Mostly Blue, a few Murphy's, a handful of those sour blackberry things from Halo, and a sixpack of Jimmy's homebrews - they're actually pretty good, but don't tell him that; pretty sure I can feel my breasts budding just mentioning his half-caf, twist of lemon, juniper schwarz kolsch nonsense.
>Toss me over a Jimmy Jam man. That sounds intense.
>Alright. There's a Murph's here on standby for you, and a shot of crown for being polite enough to drink his dusty garbage. Cheers!

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I prefer regional train simulators. I also prefer not to be pic related

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etquette for eurotrash which isn't saying much at all

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I prefer to have a large variety of beer to drink, even the styles that are now verboten in Deutschland.

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You guys do a handful of beers really, really well... but once upon a time, using wheat in beer was a perverse abomination, and the reinheitsgebotpolezei would toss you in the oven for even thinking about it.

... now I have to do a taste test between my favourite German beer and my favourite Belgian and see who wins. God damn it Hans. Making me drink.

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The shillary types in that comic are the ones having fun. OP wants to take that away from them.

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CAMRA's stated aims are:
To secure the long term future of real ale, real cider and real perry by increasing their quality, availability and popularity
To promote and protect pubs and clubs as social centres as part of the UK's cultural heritage
To increase recognition of the benefits of responsible, moderate social drinking
To play a leading role in the provision of information, education and training to all those with an interest in beer, cider and perry of any type
To ensure, where possible, that producers and retailers of beer, cider and perry act in the best interests of the customer.

I'm not seeing a problem.

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do you still get arrested in Germany if some of your food accidentally falls into your beer?

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There already is a super large variety of great beer to drink that is not some weird craft bullshit. At least in Germany we have an insane variety of beers, not counting the americanized craft beer.
I understand it's been hard to get a decent beer in america during the last few centuries, but let us tell you: A double IPA Peanut Butter and Ham Lager Bock with a fancy colorful label is not the solution and certainly is not the "variety" a real beer drinker wants.

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Considering its fairly difficult to find any non-wheat ales or sours in Germany at all, your 'super large variety' is non-existant. It's easier to find more variety in beer in every other first world country I've been to apart from France.

Keep being paranoid about all the 'peanut butter DIPAs' that Dortmunder Zeitung warns you about though, meanwhile I'm enjoying sour ales with interesting native adjuncts.

Bloody autistic Germans.

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Ales are a british/american joke

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I don't think Germany's ever had the beer struggle that the USA has had - maybe when the Reinheitsgebot was first instated. It seems that even with the big breweries killing it, it's still a fairly open market, and export prices seem to be low as a whack of german beers are available here for cheaper than the locals.

German Lagers/Pilsners took over the world - everyone hired a German Zymurgist to get their beer-trains running pale-gold and on time. Just as that crested and there started to be local derivatives and variations, the US declared a state of prohibition. What got picked up in the aftermath was the cheapest version of a pilsner possible (Coors, Busch, etc. Adjunct Lagers), and that was American beer for decades. The Yakima Valley started producing some serious hops, and that started a Cascade (... shoot me) of startups and homebreweries. That push created some horrible beers, and the overly bitter IPA rush that I still don't understand, but it also lead to some interesting choices, discoveries, and breakthroughs in the industrialization of hops, barley and yeast.

I'm not sure what the laws and social etiquette say in Germany, but with the laws backing off a bit here in Canada, it's opened up a bit of a golden age. We don't have to choose just large lagers A, B, C, Imports D, E, and messed up little guy F. We have a bounty of choices, and -admittedly- some of them are terrible choices. That said, a well-made tangerine lactose NEIPA is every bit the dessert beer as a well-made Kriek, or sweet porter.

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Why does everyone in non-shithole countries make them then?

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Ales led to Lagers. Cellaring/Lagering caused the yeast to mutate. If Ale is a joke, 600 years of German brewing is the punch line.

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I find it hilarious that even though part of the argument is that craft beer is supposedly diverse, in reality the majority is bunch of uninspired swill, with actual exploration and innovation being very limited and often just one off, like using adjuncts like leftover bread, taking unexpected ideas from cuisines that don't have anything resembling a beer tradition, or using local seasonal ingredients. Instead it's just the next hop bomb and it's innovative cause someone's recently imported a variety you've never seen on the shelf before

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>A double IPA Peanut Butter and Ham Lager Bock with a fancy colorful label is not the solution and certainly is not the "variety" a real beer drinker wants.
Amen mein Deutsch Bruder

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A lot of 'craft' beer is bad because every boomer with a retirement fund has started a brewery to jump on the back of the trend.

Most of the stupid adjuncts like burger buns and fries get a lot of publicity because the soyboys love them. There are plenty of interesting adjuncts and barrels used in beers these days.

Who cares if these adjuncts don't come from traditionally beer brewing countries, as long as they work?

Plenty innovations like filtering practices, use of diverse yeast cultures and fermentation techniques have come about, which don't just rely on the next hop varietal coming out.

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Wonderful mistakes are a rare thing, and true genius is even rarer. There's a push to be different, and at least there's an attempt being made, but yeah, most of it's inspired by cash, if even that.

I have had one NEIPA that I thought was really good. A handful of otherwise Indian Pale Ales that were nicely balanced with just enough bitterness to work with a heavy meal. Some local stouts and porters are killing it, and even some of the sours are just funky enough to be interesting, and not off-putting. My faves are almost always local twists on the classics. With something like a Pilsner, even the water chemistry is enough to drastically change the beer. When the hops and malt get tweaked to account for that, sometimes the outcome is really good... and sometimes it isn't, but we should learn from our mistakes and stop buying those ones.

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I'm surprised to see some decent counter arguments here so quick.
The salient point is that I can't just go out there and grab one of these brews from my local, because the vast majority of the market is overflowing with IPA derivatives and things that really shouldn't be called IPAs taking on the label, not to mention the IPAs in disguise.
What's soy about those adjuncts if they're basically free?
What are those interesting adjuncts?
It doesn't matter, but if craft was actually full of innovation, then that would be very obvious from what you can see on any old craft beer shelf, which includes those ideas. But that particular point wasn't purely about adjuncts, ideas include changes to the actual brewing process as well. Which could come from anywhere really, but places without a beer tradition would seem more inclined to play with innovative stuff.
I'd like to hear more about those three things you mentioned in terms of what's come about within the last decade or two; how much of that is actually deployed?

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>Wonderful mistakes are a rare thing, and true genius is even rarer.
It'd be less rare if more earnest attempts were being made, and when those attempts aren't stopped for little reason. I can't tell you the number of times I've seen an experimental brew do really well at festivals, high ratings on untappd, even get awards, and then drop off the face of the earth never to be bottled again.

>> No.13124896

>I have had one NEIPA that I thought was really good. A handful of otherwise Indian Pale Ales that were nicely balanced with just enough bitterness to work with a heavy meal.
Which state are you from and which ones were they?

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for me, it's snake venom

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>The salient point is that I can't just go out there and grab one of these brews from my local
I mean you can't expect every local brewery to have a large range of styles and if they do make a large variety they usually won't do it well. You have to actively sort out good beer.

>What's soy about those adjuncts
They either don't do much to the beer or don't fit the beer, but soyboys just love them because they're wacky.

>What are those interesting adjuncts?
Massive varieties of fruits like feijoa and yuzu, use of many herbs and spices (some of them wild foraged), huge variety of wine barrels and obscure spirit barrels.

>I'd like to hear more about those three things you mentioned in terms of what's come about within the last decade or two; how much of that is actually deployed?
Brewing methods such as using lactose for body, lack of filtering, more dry hopping, using mixed cultures and champagne yeast, more spontaneous fermentation to show different terroir. I'm sure there's more but that's all I can think of atm, I'm just a homebrewer.

>> No.13125197

>I mean you can't expect every local brewery to have a large range of styles and if they do make a large variety they usually won't do it well. You have to actively sort out good beer
It's not asking for individual breweries to have a wide variety that's actually part of the problem; many experimental breweries spread themselves thin by going for a million different ideas. And then the rest just stick with the APA, IPA, Stout menu with no experimentation at all. It seems like many don't go for an approach like perfecting an example of a traditional style, instead taking the style, putting in more hops and calling it an [insert style] IPA.
>They either don't do much to the beer or don't fit the beer, but soyboys just love them because they're wacky.
Oh. I was thinking more about those projects putting stale bread (or other sources of sugars) that would normally go to waste being used as a substitute for a decent 10-20% of the grain mash bill. An example idea I thought might work would be getting away with using bananas to intensify that flavor profile in some hefeweizen style beers.
>Brewing methods such as using lactose for body, lack of filtering, more dry hopping, using mixed cultures and champagne yeast, more spontaneous fermentation to show different terroir. I'm sure there's more but that's all I can think of atm, I'm just a homebrewer.
How much do you see of style guideline breaking stuff, like trying to brew a style with a completely different foreign yeast

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Yeah, some of them even ask what bitters are available, even though they literally have no idea wtf their talking about.

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I would appreciate crafts more of I liked IPAs, but I don't. For me, the hoppier, the worse. I usually drink stouts or barley wines.

>> No.13125460

>you need to follow etiquette to drink hooch
Lmfao at alkys

>> No.13125494

How about you start exporting your real beer so we can actually drink it

>> No.13125496

Who the hell talks like that

>> No.13125501

>benefits of drinking

>> No.13125503

Jesus, you're a big fucking drunk aintcha. It's kinda admirable.

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>spoiled zoomer generation
While not wrong, I would like to point out, we used to not even differentiate between beers beyond their brand.
>want a beer?
bud light?
>nah, yeungling
...yeah sure, that'll work

>> No.13125968

i just drink busch light because the goal is to get a buzz, not converse over the flavor notes that the beer leaves on my tongue after every sip

>> No.13125988

Beer is fucking gay and was designed out of necessity, not how much everyone liked it. The modern beer industry is a joke and a waste of resources/money that any cheap liquor could fill.

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>not drinking Karlskrone

pretentious beer hipsters

>> No.13126397

>less than 2 euros
how do they do it?

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This. I swear beer brings out the absolute worst in people. Snobs of any kind are the worst, but I can't imagine being such a dumbshit that I'd be upset that people like to drink more than just piss water. You're not "manly" for drinking beer. What a dumb thing to devote time to being upset about.

T. Drinks sours, tea shandys, and craft lagers. Fuck ipas though

>> No.13126454

You're completely delusional if you think German make the best beer in the world. It's Belgium by far. Apart from France, I've never been to a country in Europe which doesn't make better beer than Germany

>> No.13126485

Enjoy your pisswater, I'll have another apa, thanks.

>> No.13126528

Never had a bad beer, price is the only big thing for me.

>> No.13126544

its absolutely absurd to argue anyone but the US makes the best beer. Belgium is obviously number two though

>> No.13126550

Most Germans have literally never tried a stout, they don't know shit about beer

>> No.13126559

I mainly drink sour beers and I can assure you the belgium ones are better

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Also had a thought after posting this: I am starting to understand the phenomenon on why millennials have been voting and drinking and all this shit for a while but boomers won't shut the fuck up about them -- because once you start, you can't stop because it's fun and you need someone to pick on. So congrats you faggots, you're as bad as baby boomers and should be shot with them as well.

>> No.13126577

Stout is best beer.

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What are the best American sours you have had?
I have liked a lot of Belgian and American sours to the point where I would say they are at least equal in the category

I have a bottle of this I am waiting for a special occasion to open

>> No.13126646

In norway we can get sours from crooked stave, bruery terreux, ale apothecary, cascade brewering among others and in my opinion they don't compare to cantillon, 3 fonteinen or Tilquin. Also all the attempt to imitate the flanders red that I've tried have been a miss.

I'd say lindheim olkompani or even Nogne O makes sour which are comparable to these.

>> No.13126739

CAMRA care more about if the toilet has air fresheners than good beer went to a CAMRA pub of the year and the beer sucked

>> No.13126741

I've only had Terreux of those. One I refuse to try is Cascade because they are absurdly expensive even relative to already generally pretty expensive sour beers

>> No.13126778

I've only tried the sang noir and their kriek because they both were so highly rated on untappd that it got me curious. 3 fonteinen is cheaper here and miles better.

Tell me some brewery I should try, I'll go to santa barbara for work in December

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File: 293 KB, 1280x1280, New Glarus R&D Sour Blackberry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm mostly familiar with midwest stuff that wouldn't be available there. My favorites are Funk Factory Guezeria, New Glarus, and Une Annee

Only West Coast ones I have tried are Terreux and Almanac

>> No.13126853

urine is basically free and bottling is cheaper if you skip the sterilization process

>> No.13126894

>using bananas to intensify that flavor profile in some hefeweizen style beers
Which can definitely work. You can already order wheat beers (Hefeweizen) with banana juice. Using bananas during the brewing process should produce even better results.

>> No.13127731

It's a bunch of dumbcunt neckbeards with a smattering of geriatrics wanting to feel better about themselves. And since they already know that they're useless cum nuggets their mother should have wiped away, the only way to feel better is to LARP about how everyone else is worst. Its idiot psychology 101.

>> No.13127990

Yeah exactly, you'd grab bananas from supermarkets or elsewhere that are either not so fresh or not that ideal banana shape most consumers look for in an eating banana.
You could probably extend this idea for a lot of fresh produce and seems like a pretty obvious way to make new beers based on the different adjuncts.

>> No.13128365

Sounds like you hang out with faggots though. Also who needs to ask if the beer is cold? lol Unless you are camping or some shit it should be.

>> No.13128387

>got any lagers?
god forbid someone develops their taste in anything

>> No.13128408

>implying a boomer would ever touch a beer that isn’t ice cold

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>New Glarus
I see you're a man of culture.

>> No.13128486

their R&D sour stuff is so good

>> No.13128663

yo tambien

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For me it’s these bad boys.

>> No.13129315

>tfw it's impossible to get a proper version of the style locally because the equipment literally doesn't exist here yet

>> No.13129373

An informed consumer is a conscious consumer i think its more along the lines of-

> are the hops organic?
> Is it ethically sourced?
> Is it made by a union brewery?
> Is it in a bottle or is it in a can?

Just wait 10 more years as less and less people buy beer and start switching over to wine and spirits.

>> No.13129395


I've tried a bunch of Cascade beers and they are mostly hype. Cascade let's their culture go too far on their beers and they end up with paint stripper flavours. Maybe they're sour imperial stout or whatever it is, is good? But who cares if I have tried a bunch of their beers and think that they're good-great at best. Nothing mind blowing.

>> No.13129429

>> are the hops organic?
>> Is it ethically sourced?
as if this isn't a marketing tactic that doesn't necessarily mean anything.

>> No.13129437

>I also prefer not to be pic related
>Saves pic related onto drive

>> No.13129487

What the fuck is the matter with you

>> No.13129934

They do make fantastic dark beers, but they're (almost) always very "German". Soft water, clean barley bill, usually old/noble hops. I've whipped up a few batches of really heavy German dunkel and dunkelweizen - just because I couldn't find any on the shelf - with the water built up with salts and whatnot from distilled/0... long story short, it's doable, it's just not on the market (here at least). There isn't any reason aside from pride that they couldn't adopt a Belgian yeast variant, or even do a 50/50 hefeweizen strain with a crisper ale or even dry lager strain and give those monks a run for their tax-free money.

As I've said, they do a handful of German beer styles very, very well.

>> No.13129942

I'm a functional alcoholic with a take-a-beer-leave-a-beer policy? Do you want the longer version of the story?

>> No.13129954

this thread really is soyboy central

How is everyones hot sauce collection going?

>> No.13129956

>1000 year celebration soon
Get hype

>> No.13129958

I'll have one drink, but I like it to be very large, and very well made.

>> No.13129962

I caught them all!

>> No.13130294

This is mostly because boomers have shit taste and with drink just about anything if it's beer, not because zoomers have poor "beer etiquette"

>> No.13130307

for me, its mouth wash

>> No.13130343

>have 500 variations of the same fermented ethanol juice
>no dude you're only allowed to drink this specific type otherwise you aren't a MANLY MAN like me
I don't think the issue here is zoomers or boomers but instead OP's autism that prevents him from recognizing people as individuals

>> No.13130463

I've offered warm before with the disclaimer of course. I drink warm sometimes so it doesn't always make it to the fridge.

>> No.13130473

>Lager is pronounced Jaeger

>> No.13130480

>he thinks he is more enlightened than thousands of years of his forebears combined because he doesn't like what beer tastes like
I can't even express how much I hate people like you

>> No.13130503

Haha love how threads that about how pretentious beer drinkers are always get invaded by faggots who claim a beer only available in their country or hometown is “the best”, or that some obscure craft beer is somehow not a product of the soy erosion of beer. Real men drink domestic.

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File: 74 KB, 717x1104, 6B55DB62-F34A-403C-A38E-C7530CBDECA9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Behold, the craft beer goblino

>> No.13130578

then you're an illiterate and should be ashamed of yourself

>> No.13130585

Beer from all over the country is available in any liquor store that isn't in a shit hole

>> No.13130595

That's not true. I could buy every beer i could dream of in Tallahassee Florida

>> No.13130620

Imperial stouts, German pilsner, and cheap American beers are the only 3 that should exist. If you disagree you're wrong and should commit sudoku at earliest convenience

>> No.13130656


>> No.13130660

It is. Where I'm from originally is trashier than Tallahassee and there is not beer selection other than shit domestic for many miles. Now I live in Fort Collins which is arguably the craft beer capital.

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>we must secure the existence of real ales and a future for Weiss beers

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>> No.13131111

total support!

>> No.13131122

You can actually like nice things while still not seeming like a stuck-up cunt to people who offer you a beer.

>> No.13131804

I'd drink them.

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Weihenstephaner chads unite

>> No.13132490

This is fantastic lmao

>> No.13132529


How did you manage to take a simple picture in such a fucking retarded way

>> No.13132553

Can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs anon. All in all I'd say the microbrewing boom was a great thing for the consumers worldwide.

>> No.13132613

How did you manage to put a blank return line before your simple post in such a retarded way

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File: 74 KB, 426x800, mariestads-old-ox_big-img__3[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like Mariestad.

>> No.13132801

Just stop drinking

>> No.13133629

>got any lagers?
Who the fuck asks this? Most beer sold (in here at least) is lager

>> No.13133669

yes, haha, yes

>> No.13133877

picture is from Untappd

>> No.13133888

drinking with bloomers:
>u want a beer?
drinking with doomers:
>u want a beer?
>ugh time to drink my daily 8th beer

>> No.13135522

Just let people drink whatever the fuck they want however the fuck they want. Jesus christ you fucking self absorbed fags

>> No.13135554

Based, basically me

Now find people too into beer quite irritating

>> No.13135561

The only good beers Germans can do are wheat beers and unfiltered lagers because they actually taste like beer and not pisswater.

>> No.13135567

Can someone explain IPAs to me? I genuinely have never had a good one. They are so loaded with hops it just fucking rapes your sensorys with nothing but hops. Taste, smell, feel, its all hops.

Im not trying to be a snob, but I really dont get them. I drink all other kinds of beers and love them, but ipas are just so over poweringly hoppy its insane and I dont think anyone actually enjoys them for real, it seems like a prank on me. Even if it has other flavors, like grapefruit or something, it lasts for maybe 1/4th of a second before youre mouth fucked by hops.

If I drink more than even one at a time it makes me sick.

>> No.13135569
File: 65 KB, 1080x420, IMG_20191012_015737.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i love muh beer

>> No.13135622

I think what you're talking about hop bitterness specifically. Those grapefruit flavours that you mentioned also come from hops, you know.

You can alternatively drink pale ales (which have less hop content), or specifically seek out New England-style IPAs (NEIPAs). NEIPAs have even more hop matter in them, but are mostly dry hopped as opposed to wet hopped. This gives them more of the fruit flavours that you described, but with much less bitterness.

I can drink traditional American IPAs, but that's because my palate has become progressively less sensitive to bitterness. I always had high bitterness tolerance though, I used to drink chinotto as a kid.

>> No.13135647

Its the bitterness but also the hop flavor itself. That earthy, leafy, sorta vegetal, hop bitter flavor. Yaknow? Its just so fucking over powering in so many drinks its insane. Not like something you get in a pisswasser like bud, but also nothing like a good beer like Gulden Draak.

Theyre so one note, mouth raping hop, its awful. My brother and his friends love them, but I just dont get it. And I am good with bitter foods, I can appreciate bitterness. But the hop bitter in these things is so bad.

>> No.13135690

Based retard

>> No.13135694

I... HATE...... NICE.... THIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNGGGGGSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice things are a scam. New things are a scam. Popular things are shit. New popular nice things are shitty scams. New popular shitty scam things are for hipsters hipsters are bad hipsters are SOY SOOY IS BAD HIPSTER SOY BASED BOY NICE THING BAD SHIT OLD THING GOOD NEW THING BAD AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.13135702

Ohhh noooo I forgot to complain about boomers and zoomers and coomers how coul;d I Have DONE THAT I HATE ZOOMER BOOMER COOMER NICE NEW SHIT BAD GOOD SCAM THING NCDHJEBVFHEWDBFOHUYWBWUHODBELIU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hate you all so fucking much.

>> No.13135703

I drink Cider not beer sorry Anon.

>> No.13135706
File: 16 KB, 350x263, klok.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this, lukewarm, all I need

>> No.13135742

NEIPAs usually use more fruity rather than piney hop varietals too, so you should be fine with them.

I hope you don't have a babby palate that precludes you from enjoying savoury flavours in beverages though.

>> No.13135919

I dunno about you guys but here in aus basically all our domestic non-craft beers are lagers. off the top of my head there’s three aussie pale ales that are pretty ubiquitous (coopers, little creatures and james squire 150 lashes) and everything else is lager. which leads to some pretty frustrating conversations with bogans at my bar
>got anything like carlton draught?
well mate carlton’s a lager so I’ve got a good lager on tap or a stubby of a different lager that’s a bit more similar
>carlton’s not a lager it’s a draught

draught is just a marketing word that means the stubbies are supposed to taste like tap beer ya dumb bogans

>> No.13135961

in the US I can't think of a single mass market (non craft) beer that isn't a lager/pilsner

>> No.13135972

>Oettinger Pilsener
damn that's some bad taste

>> No.13136283
File: 132 KB, 780x1040, C36Aa23WEAArq1h.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

laughs in viet

>> No.13136410
File: 137 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_0617.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

step aside

>> No.13136456

>no ice

>> No.13136460

One of my favourites.

>> No.13136483

why would you want to water the beer down?

>> No.13136486

Good question actually.
What's the best mass produced international lager? The one with flavors that actually show off the malt.

>> No.13136489

>ice in your beer
Get the fuck out.

>> No.13136509

The only one I can think of is Anchor Steam and they were a thing long before craft beer kicked in. Granted it's brewed with a lager yeast but fermented at ale fermentation temperatures so it qualifies as an ale.

>> No.13136538

anchor steam is wonderful

>> No.13136541


>> No.13136560


>> No.13136565
File: 107 KB, 400x600, ci-budweiser-9cda9582631c8c77.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

literally the KING of beers

>> No.13136623

Op here. This is a quality thread, worked hard on it. Wanna see atleast 200 replies

>> No.13136631

These faggots with their micro brew shit is all a ruse. I guarantee you these faggots wouldn't be able to tell the difference it a blind taste test.

>bro, you're drinking pabst? what are you poor?lmao
Suck my dick like the little faggot you are

>> No.13136636

Just because you're a disabled palette-let doesn't mean the rest of us are.

>> No.13136652

>doesnt ice is beer
im 12 deep and no hangover in sight...rofl

plus its hot in vietnam

>> No.13136656
File: 8 KB, 196x250, 1566843232952.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.13137514

I personally think asahi is the cleanest and tastiest lager i've had for mass produced beers, with none of that gross bready flavor of american macro "beer". never had orion though.

>> No.13137538

How the fuck is drinking lager, the most common form of cheap beer, a zoomer thing?

>> No.13137545

but why?
and no retarded wojaks, just answer the question
why would you put ice into beer instead of just chilling it?

>> No.13137561


Probably one of the Czech Pilsners - Staropramen, Budvar or Urquell

>> No.13137581

>how is drinking common cheap beer a thing for a demographic largely below the age of 21

>> No.13137590

then it isn't a "zoomer" thing, it's just a thing

>> No.13137602

it's a thing for young people
who happen to be zoomers these days
it's like 20 years ago when boomers complained about millennials and their pokey-man cards
yeah, it's a "kid thing" to get obsessed over fads, but pokemon cards are specifically a millennial thing

>> No.13137613

Lagers are popular with all people of all ages, it doesn't make it a zoomer thing because you're a sheltered boomer who never knew about lagers until now

>> No.13137640

when were you diagnosed with autism?

>> No.13137653
File: 215 KB, 960x960, 1563640986082.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Drinking with Boomers usually awards you a lager or at least a decent ale. Zoomers drink shitty craft beer that tastes like ass.

>> No.13137684

>a decent ale
not sure what boomers you've been around unless you live in england, but in canada or the US, you get molson, bud, or any other swill that tastes like skunky bread.

>> No.13137686

fuck off zoomer
fucking phoneposters

>> No.13137698

I'll drink almost any alcohol given to me. Why snobs exist i'll never understand

>> No.13137716

I live in Pennsylvania

>> No.13137728


i second this

you sound like a mega doosh when your host or whatever offers you something and you turn it down because of your superior taste.

>> No.13137771

lagers are literally the most popular drink around the whole world you retard, drank mostly by people who aren't even aware "zoomer" is a word that exists

>> No.13137837


>> No.13137847

>gross bready flavor
What's wrong with beer tasting like bread? The problem with macrolagers is tasting like pisswater

>> No.13137862


Stops all the faggotry

>> No.13137906
File: 91 KB, 400x500, steel-reserve[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who here unironiclly drinks this? I used to only buy "craft" and "good" beer until I was really curious and tried SR. Now it's my go to

>> No.13139071

Youre a huge faggot

>> No.13139099

Whatchu know 'bout the Steelie life?

Prolly tons.

>> No.13139138

You're either full of shit or retarded.

>> No.13139146
File: 125 KB, 556x702, 1554699725287.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mom was being weak, had to beg my sister for a steel reserve

>> No.13139410

What "craft" beer and "good" beer did you use to drink?

>> No.13139547

t. weak fucking faggot that cant handle shit
seriously? two beers make you sick?
maybe you should go back to drinking liquer, beer obviously isnt for you

>> No.13139568

why the fuck are you autists reeeing about some shitty asian beer

>> No.13139605

Watery beer is disgusting you fucking autist.

>> No.13139632

for me, it's Kirin Ichi Ban

>> No.13139664

I like singha. Nice on the beach in thailand. I'm a douche

>> No.13140103

most countries that do it didn't have refrigerators but had ice they could buy

do that for 50 years and now that they have them, its their habit

has the added benefit of getting water into your system so as to help stave of hangovers

that's the reason i do it in the us sometimes...and i feel like the most special snowflake in the room/get to talk about my overseas adventures

>> No.13140209

I almost feel like that's cheating, but anyway, isn't it only Urquell? How do Budvar and Staropramen compare?

>> No.13140279

Fosters is redolent of watered piss with a dab of expired vegemite put through a soda fountain.

Literally any other mass-market Australian beer is actually nice. Carlton Draught is good except in cans, VB is fine, XXXXXXXXXXX is fine, Tooheys is fine, Coopers is amazing, Great Northern is fine, but export-grade Fosters is fucking disgusting. The government should protect Australia's international reputation by requiring it to be served in an ice-filled urinal.

>> No.13140285

Fosters is no worse than VB or Tooheys New, and is actually better than XXXX. I don't know what you mean by export grade, though. I thought all Fosters consumed overseas was brewed overseas.

>> No.13140297

If you think that any CUB beer is nice you've got no taste in beer. Coopers is pretty good though.

>I thought all Fosters consumed overseas was brewed overseas.

>> No.13140318

>If you think that any CUB beer is nice you've got no taste in beer. Coopers is pretty good though.
It's a CUB beer. If you expect it to taste nice then you've made a grave mistake. If you expect it to get you drunk without tasting too bad and provide you with trivia questions, you're doing it right. That is what "fine" means.

Yeah, overseas Fosters is disgusting. Fosters Classic is okay, I guess. A mate used to get slabs of it for free and it was vaguely drinkable.

>> No.13140373

IPA should be a crime to make
It never ever ever tastes good

>> No.13140398

Some taste ok. I only buy a single one when I'm on a budget and want a stronger beer.

>> No.13140411

I'd rather drink American lagers that almost taste like nothing if I want to get drunk off beer.

t. ruralite that's never had a <6 month old IPA.

>> No.13140427

Germans don’t know shit about beer. Outside their small range of styles they make Germans are worthless. Americans by far make the best beer we can brew lagers and their ilk with the best Germans and do some other styles as well. Belgians are far superior to Germans as well

>> No.13140428

Cascade and rare barrel are quite good

>> No.13140451

Do we even have that in Aus anymore? Legit never fuckin seen it.

>> No.13140472

The normal pre American beer craze British IPAs are quite nice.

>> No.13140475

>implying the carefree boomer isn't the one drinking lager
you don't even know what you are mad about

>> No.13141089

Hops are in all beer and are chiefly responsible along with malted for flavoring. Theres no "one note" about hops when theres like a billion of them. I get that an IPA killed your father and raped your mother, but if you have no intention of actually listening to anyone explain and offer suggestions then what's the fucking point of posting to begin with?

>> No.13141131

retard, there's barely anything in it

>> No.13141935

A pale ale, overhopped with Cascade, Columbus, or with a 60 minute boil of Citra or Galaxy without a fruity (such as Citra or Galaxy, oddly enough) or noble hop to round out the flavour is going to be sharply bitter, piney and citrusy. At the point where the hops overtake any malt, the subtle differences between Citra, Cascade, and CTZ are too subtle to shine through their own bite.

35 IBU for a drier malt, up to 50 IBU for a sweeter malt is pretty much where an IPA should be. Water chemistry, boil times, hop types, malt and adjuncts will all change just how bitter your hops seem, and how balanced your beer tastes. Some breweries really get it, and others are just playing by the numbers.

>> No.13141951 [DELETED] 
File: 279 KB, 300x550, 65F25160-9AD2-4A4D-855A-6CD4AFBA88D8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is me
I’d rather spend $12 on a six pack of pic related than spend the same amount on a 20 pack of PBR like my friends

>> No.13142030

honestly I prefer their lager

>> No.13142344

he probably drank like coors banquet or some meme chocolate beer and thought that was good beer.

>> No.13143642

>60 minute boil of Citra or Galaxy without a fruity (such as Citra or Galaxy, oddly enough)

>> No.13143648

for me it's the crystal weissbier

>> No.13143653

We're just gonna end up listing their entire range aren't we?

>> No.13143663
File: 2.66 MB, 426x240, repentzoomer.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>having nice things /= demanding nice things
learn the difference Zoomer it could save you some dental work

>> No.13143681
File: 3.98 MB, 2674x2885, 20190917_212847.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Drinking Bud Light is just being disrespectful to yourself. Coincidentally, so is drinking all these stupid "craft" beers that have to have 15 ingredients like chili pepper, pumpkin, bacon, candy, etc. I just want a real BEER. No bullshit.

>> No.13143696

>rice cooker
>import beer
Either one of these things would not qualify you as a dope, but having both makes it a certainty.

>> No.13143840

>60 minute boil of Citra or Galaxy without a fruity (such as Citra or Galaxy...) or noble hop.

Citra and Galaxy hops, despite their strong bittering potential are quite fruity when used in the last few minutes of a boil or for dry-hopping. Citra tends toward citrus flavours (dry, it's like grapefruit, yuzu and rosemary), and Galaxy tends toward more of a pinapple, passionfruit flavour, which can be compounded by choice of yeast.

A lot of beers will boil for 60+ mins, partially out of tradition (boil it for an hour and you'll kill all the germs), and partially because that's a great way to bitter a beer without imparting too many traditionally non-beer flavours.

>> No.13143965

You never drank Milwaukee's Best?

>> No.13143972

>the beast
atleast it is better than steel reserve

>> No.13144574
File: 13 KB, 400x600, ci-samuel-adams-boston-lager-24cf881867010de3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just like Samuel Adams.

Simple, tasty and inexpensive. A true Patriot's beer.

>> No.13144580

You are quite fruity

>> No.13145214

It's why all the girls and boys love me

I enjoy the original, but I like all of their other stuff more.

>> No.13145344

you're retarded. If it's 'just beer dude' it's 100% a lager.

>> No.13145366

There are some ales that fall into "Just beer (dude)", but they're usually just the same makrobier with a different yeast. You might get a slight tinge of banana if you chug one.

>> No.13145368

Based and Aldi pilled.

>> No.13145887

sure why not?
I mean... I chimed in because the weissen is critically acclaimed but I'm personally not a fan
their other beers are excellent and clean too though

>> No.13145892

I'm only allowed to drink light beer anymore because the only thing that's stopped my chronic heartburn is keto

>> No.13145905

>like faggy hipster beers
>alone in my house so I don’t have to hear faggy hipsters
The only trend I’ve found “undrinkable” is glitter beer. That shit raped my throat.

>> No.13145911

>tfw no microbrewing asshole pal
I miss the weird and potentially dangerous tang of badly filtered yeasts.

>> No.13145986

>potentially dangerous

>> No.13146744

Sounds like your old friends need some sanitizer in their lives

>> No.13146827

European beers are filtered with plastic-like particles to prolong clarity and shelf life, many of which remain in the beer after it has been filtered. Enjoy your sööy. Im over here drinking my muddy weizen.

>> No.13146928

Are you talking about isinglas? What could be more kvlt and true than chugging back fish pieces with your black ale?

>> No.13148055

I'm not spectacularly well experienced but I've never heard of microplastics being used as a filtration substrate in beer or wine.

>> No.13148100

There is microplastics in all kinds of shit not just beer but not on purpose though

>> No.13148311

About to try Abt 12 for the first time, what am I in for?

>> No.13149168

nice bait

>> No.13149183

All the beer was more or less the same in the boomer's day, that's how they like it, nice and conforming. That's why they freak out and screech soy with beer lovers today, can't handle it. Boomers only understand things they grew up with.

>> No.13149213

SNPA does that better: simple, tasty, inexpensive.

>> No.13149223

Wezin are also filtered for the same reason and reyeasted with their lager yeast. Also, you can say soy on here, crossbroader.

>> No.13149259

what's this about onions?

>> No.13149454


>> No.13149472

The only person who speaks like this is you to yourself you lonely fucking faggot

>> No.13150000

With that kind of projection, you could run a drive-in the-a-tre. Remember to shower occasionally. Corpse-stench doesn't help with depression.

>> No.13150023

One of the best quad in the world and a lot of alcohol

>> No.13150037
File: 26 KB, 302x341, 1571206480774.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Boomer sounds like alcoholism. You wouldn't make the same sort of generalization about people who decide what kind of tea to drink.

>> No.13150042

It ruins the beer

>> No.13150047

Or maybe you would, you guys are asshats

>> No.13150100

In either case
>I am offering _
>Yes please
>There are choices
>I prefer _

If there is only one kind of beer or tea to be had, I don't expect to be offered a menu, unless I know for a fact that my host has several options behind his offer. If It's a one option question, I know I'm probably getting a macrolager or a mug of stale orange pekoe - they're just the defaults, and I do enjoy them.

>> No.13150110

Buddies and I have bud lites in the back of their car, warmed up by summer heat. People need to pull sticks out of their ass.

>> No.13150203

Have you never talked to a human being before?

>> No.13150676

If you hang out with your fellow soyboy nerds what do you expect?
Get normal friends incel

>> No.13150859

Craft beer and other kinds of 'fancy' beer like ale or dark beer are just way better than normal American beer. I'll drink it, sure, but it's basically just a refreshment with alcohol in it, there's no real 'experience' like with beer that actually has taste.

>> No.13150870

Fuck you i just made a low attempt bait thread didnt expect 200+ replies

>> No.13150939

If anyone wants to drink some of my homebrew they are welcome to it. Current selection is pilsner and smoked mild.

>> No.13150948

t. Joyless lefty and not OP

>> No.13151529

I've seen a couple cartons sitting in the corner of a BWS freezer that I honestly think were leftover from the 80's, but apart from that I think they're only stocked overseas.

>> No.13151582


>> No.13153073

It was great, reminded me a lot of https://untappd.com/b/boulevard-brewing-co-bourbon-barrel-quad/12201 , which to be fair is the only other quad I've had. Maybe a bit less fruity.

>> No.13153620
File: 51 KB, 300x587, 1572599406423.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I guess it was the "hell yeah" part that made it sound like alcoholism to me. Also with tea, people just generally just like tea, so the choice is secondary. Beer varies wildly in quality and even the "good" stuff is usually over hopped.

>> No.13153693

Why do you drink beer with literal children?

>> No.13154412

Again, its a bait thread. Leave me alone

>> No.13154606

Have you never talked to a friend in a bad Patrick Swayze impression before? My bro wanted a Jimmy Jam, I obliged him, but kept a stout ready to go in case he didn't like it. I further (jokingly) insulted James and his beer by offering a shot of cheap whiskey as compensation. How do you speak to your friends? In straight memes senpai?

>> No.13155105

ITT: seething millennials

>> No.13155203

Overhype. It's a good quad but not really anu better than let's say Rochefort 10 or Gouden Carolus Cuvee van der Kaizer Dark.

>> No.13155788


OK boomer

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