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Don't be a faggot. Switch to Cholula, the best hot sauce on the market.

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bump for Cholula, thebest hot sauce on the market

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I like Cholula but based Marie Sharp's is my go to.

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tapatio or death

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>or death
So feel free to kys

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cholula barely tastes like hot sauce, if you want mexican hot sauce get valentina

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>hot sauce

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Cholula got dragged in a taste test on America's test kitchen. It lost to Frank's lmao.

You just like the wooden cap. Stop larping.

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They change the recipe and now it tastes like dirt.

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Definitely the best mainstream “Mexican” hot sauce.
Texas Pete is the best Louisiana style

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Valentina black > all else

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I tried that Cholula crap once. Just the once. Never again. Went to a cafe and had a bacon sandwich. Put Cholula on it. Couldn't even taste it. I now carry a bottle of Tabasco with me now.

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i like the cholula garlic. it's good on stuff. not really hot sauce though it isn't even spicy.

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when? proof? I don't stock my kitchen with standard sauce anymore, so I may be out of touch.

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I like their chipotle and green pepper, but for regular I prefer gringo bandito.

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>the most versatile hot sauce has arrived

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For me, it's Louisiana

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Hoho I'm laffin!

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>made from ground chilies
>not spicy
maybe you should stop smoking cigarettes, tyrone

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Absolutely based.

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As people enjoy hotter and hotter peppers the develop a tolerance for the heat.
Someone who enjoys a ghost pepper sauce is going to taste sriracha as little more than garlic ketchup.
The guy who developed Carolina Reaper is so acclimated his own peppers taste to him roughly what a habanero would taste like to a normal person.

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This is what I use too, I'm not really knowledgeable on different sauces but it tastes great to me.

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You're all contemptible.

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cholula bottle is retarded and spills everywhere
I'm done with cholula meme
I got crystal because of this place and it seems ok

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The one good thing to come from my shitty state

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too watery for my liking.

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I’ve only ever seen the red one and the neon green one. They both taste like ass.

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This shit is my current favorite.

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What is with soyboys and their obsession with hot sauce? Wings too

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How does the taste compare to Frank's? I usually just grab Frank's when I'm shopping.

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Well I'm not black, and I don't smoke: I'm just not a weak-palated pussy like yourself.

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I use different sauces for different things. Tabasco for breakfast foods, Sriracha for Asian dishes, Tapatio for Mexican, bit I think Valentina has the best flavor by itself.

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why hot sauce? if i want heat i add chili paste to the dish

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fucking this.

to me it tastes like sawdust. literally the blandest hot sauce ive ever tasted. and i used to like it

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I like that stuff but there's so much fucking SALT in it.
Maybe I'm just getting the wrong brand.

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I like chipotle chalulu. don't really use the normal stuff.

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It's not even a hot sauce, it's like a thick condiment.

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I hope you never live in a city with a lot of Mexicans.

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Just get the straight chili paste, they make two different recipes with the exact same fucking look. One is a sambal and one is just straight mashed up chilis.

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Tapatio is the only hot sauce with flavour. Everything else tastes like shitty wing sauce.

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Cholula is good but not very spicy
Tapatio is a good bargain
Mexico Lindo Habanero is my goto right now

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It's not hot at all is what I'm getting at.

In mexico they have this stuff everywhere to put on everything. Even a fucking icecream shop I went into once had it.

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If your hot sauce is in a grocery store, it's bottom tier shit, akin to heinz fucking catsup.

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lmao, I only craft the finest hot sauce with the finest home grown peppers and the vinegar I collect from my piss jugs.

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>t. my only grocery store is walmart

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So where do you get your hot sauce champ?

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i steal bottles from spoons

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Only the best. Used as a regular hot sauce not wing sauce. Fruity from the habenero just the right amount of heat.

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God tier Melinda's. However I'm a pussy so the habenero wing sauce is for me

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Melinda's is top tier. I haven't found a hot sauce that I like using more.

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You need to give the Melinda's habenero wing sauce a try it's awesome all I use now

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I'll def pick up a bottle. Currently finishing a bottle of the creamy style buffalo wing sauce, shit's tite.

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I had it in a club in down in Mexico where they say "hey mang" and "you're really gonna flip for this mota'
M-O-T-A mota

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This shit is decent.

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For me, it's this

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They taste like habenero peppers (for me it's capsicum chinense, the best chili pepper), cumin, citric acid, and onion powder.

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Cholula isn't hot sauce. It's flavor sauce.
It has no heat, it actually cools w.e. food you put it on.

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What a retarded post

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It's true and undeniable

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Looks like the photo of HRC with it was memory holed. But Hildawgs know, nothing washes that kuru taste out out your mouth like Texas Pete.

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For me, its Blazin' Newfie hot sauce with Screech

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What's up with incels and their obsession with people that enjoy things they don't?

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It's kind of embarrassing how you know nothing about hot sauce so have to wait till you recognize a youtube channel to chime in.

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the black label one has the right amount of spice

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no i dont want all my food to taste mexican

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>Why yes, I do have a large collection of hot sauces at home. How could you tell?

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and this
not this
not this also
defenitely this
this not
tp sriracha is my goto cha, so this.
not this

this is my THIS sauce

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theyre all so different how can you pick one favorite

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fun fact. That bottles design is perfect for massaging the prostate

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only posers use Cholula.

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3/3 are my go-to's

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What's a good hot sauce for masc versatile bears who happen to look like twinks?

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green tabasco

>> No.13110599

t. has never sucked a cock

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Arsenic sauce

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This, the green habenero is my favorite but the mayan sauce is good too. The black one is very unique.

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My favorite hot sauce, but it's a local brand

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>best hot sauce i ever had was limited edition and you cant get it anymore

it hurts bros

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>t. pussy bitch who thinks onions are spicey

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He's right though. That shit is bomb on some chips, ramen, eggs, chicharrón. Fucking everything

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Used more than half of it already, mostly for slightly runny fried eggs and the shitty wings I make. (cholula, butter, brown sugar, cayenne, sesame oil)
I just wish it was spicier so I can use it on something like pizza.

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hot sauce for the purpose of just being spicy is absolutely retarded
unless it adds some flavor you like along with the heat its garbage

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If you aren't a white woman you can taste things in hot sauce other than spice

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Based Hildog

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Cholula's kinda for pussies lol? Shit is hot for flyovers but for everyone else it's just salty sludge with a tang

>> No.13111304

Even tabasco is hotter than cholula lol. Fuck, even frank's is hotter.

>> No.13111305

It's hotter and better than cholula that's for damn sure

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Green is gross but the Mayan, Carribean, and classic red are all v good and have different uses.

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Crystal is ok, good on American food especially fried food.

>> No.13111313

Melinda's is good. Sauces are always so quality

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this stuff is incredible but unfortunately I can only find it online so I gotta pay through the nose for it

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this may sound gross but hot sauce makes you salivate more which improves the flavour of your food

>> No.13111339

Franks is not a hot sauce, sorry retards

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normie-tier garbage if you ask me

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Enjoy your mildly spiced vinegar.

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This for fried chicken

Cholula for everything else

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Marie sharps fiery hot and dirty dicks original are my go tos. I fuckin love em.

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Englishman here, I swear this shit tastes like nothing. It's just flavourless spice. It's not even all that spicy. I'd rather chop some chillies into my meal.

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>Why yes, I do have a large collection of hot sauces at home. How could you tell?

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You're mom tastes like ass

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>americas shill kitchen
Who cares?

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>glass of milk
You can't even false flag properly.

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El Yucateco >

>> No.13112278

>America's test kitchen
Ah yes, a worthy and credible source of culinary knowledge.

>> No.13112577

I dunno- I like some of their recipes. Whats wrong with em?

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Nigga please, get yo taste buds overhauled

>> No.13112630

Definitely the best cheap hot sauce.

>> No.13112804

this. cheap af and does the job

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based how spicy is the extra hot?

>> No.13112926

like tobasco, not very spicy. El Yucateco is #1, followed by tobasco and then some certain scotch bonnet sauces

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I like hot sauce on peanut butter crackers

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>> No.13113096

that shit isnt hot at all, what are you british?
I could drink a whole bottle of it straight and not even break a sweat

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>> No.13113192

absolutely based

>> No.13113284

i tried this shit after using tapatio for most my hot sauce needs and it literally tastes like lime juice. who the fuck is paying you to shill this shit?

>> No.13113302


tapatio is the best mainstream mexican hot sauce meant for tacos

>> No.13113395

I see this a lot on here.
Is it a regional spelling?

>> No.13113465

Watching people debate grocery store hot sauces is like watching people debate fast food burgers. It's fucking pleb shit and you're all shit taste having poor faggots.

>> No.13113503

what is better then mr fancypants

it's not like hot sauce is hard to bottle

>> No.13113592

Straight nah. Bi curious at least if you consider that stuff hot sauce. Its ketchup. Tastes like salty sugar to me. Tabasco Original is the beginning of where I can taste spicy.

Last Dub Redux Edition is a man hot sauce. Sriracha is a teen sauce, Texas Pete a kid, and Cholula a baby lol.

>> No.13113594

Never heard of Crystal?

>> No.13114305

quite a few hot sauces have zero flavor whatsoever
>masculinity gatekeeping

it can also overpower flavors as well

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I know this isn't like hot sauce in bottle but I just had to post it. Austin Texas, you gotta love 'em. I love Austin; lived there for four years and it was great. You have to hand it to 'em for college can do spirit. They've go this micro brew industry going on and now I guess they're into chilli salsa gig going to.

I've never heard of this brand before but the graphics were so cheezy LOL that I just had to give it a try. Not hot at all and favors the tomatillos that is the two main ingredients. Gonna drop 'em a not to step up the heat or stay home.

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picked this up at the navy seal museum

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File: 2.11 MB, 3264x2448, 20191025_000125.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do you guys think?

>> No.13114942

Relative went to New Mexico on vacation and brought me back some prickly pear hot sauce as a gift. It was unbelievable, prickly pear has a really unique sweetness which mixed really well with the smokey flavors that were in the sauce and the heat

>> No.13115019

who gives a fuck

>> No.13115725


Best IRL grocery store sauces. Malinda is up there too probably better quality but I still like el yucateco for a casual sauce.

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Everyone look at this gigachad.

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>> No.13118110


>> No.13118115

i like how all of these shit sauces have to be constantly shilled, even the ones with some fans.
bow down to the eternal tabasco

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>Pickled habaneros blended with garlic
So good all the restaurants around here are getting it.

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And the TSA didn't confiscate your grenade?

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