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Who actually likes to eat full fish? It's better just having the meat cleaved off and served by itself

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What do you think she smells like after a performance

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Not really. Its fact that food cooked with the bone still in is more flavorful. With a small fish like that by the time you removed the all the bones in the kitchen it would have already lost a good deal of its heat and dried out and the skin would get soggy and a variety of other issues. Better to just keep the bones in and call it a pleb filter.

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Why do people find her attractive?

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It's mostly southerners who are socialized differently?

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How is she not?

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shes thin, famous, rich and white. all the things americans value.

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I like to smell my fingers after eating fish

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She has a nice face, long legs, blonde, tall, talented and successful, and can sing while being in shape. If you dont find her attractive you're a woman or a fag

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Some are put off by the southern clown look.

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Shes from Pennsylvania and dresses like a new yorker

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Those are both in the south.

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Wtf is this, it's so hypnotizing

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If you're not seen Mars Attacks\!, "find" yourself a copy. Or maybe not. You may not get it if you're that young.

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She's too thin for my tastes and her face is maybe a 5.5. Not crazy about blondes and her talent is debatable.

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How is her talent debatable

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It takes no talent to be thrown into mainstream music. She is along for the ride.

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These are all products of her makeup and dress team. I've seen her before she was famous. Hunched back, old woman looking face, weird posture in general.

She does have talent though. Especially business talent.

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Compare her album voice to her live voice. When she sings live she sounds like shit and hits many notes flat. There were girls in my high school choir who could sing 10 times better than her without some Jewish producer running their voices through algorithms to make them sound passable. But none of them looked like a doll so they'd never have a chance of getting record deals.

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oh my god. OH. MY. GOD. I literally just coomed and I’m already hard again. Oh... OHHHH IM COOMING AGAIN OH ALLAH IT HURTS THIS TIME!

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>only 29 and looking like that
You can tell most of her meals are coated in oil.

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Not true. Pop music is the most criticized genre around. Her staying relevant for over a decade is a feat in itself.
You saw her at 14? Wow that really proves your point that a kid was ugly when they were young

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Her live performance is hardly based around singing. It's just a giant entertainment piece, like beyonce. You can find multiple videos of her singing normally and shes good

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You all just let some jealous whore derail your thread.
Congratulations. You can pick your balls up when you reach your next birthday.

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Nah, I'm a guy. But derailing dumb threads is fun.

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Me too, reminds me of your mother.

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