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homemade carolina reaper sauce, come at me faggots

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Did somebody say HOT SAUCE???????

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>carolina reaper sauce

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>hot sauce is soy

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Were you able to get all three bottles in your asshole at once or just one at a time?

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Did you make it yourself? Is it good?

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Yeah I made it. I haven’t tasted it with my mouth yet. Just my gaping anus.

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Ya its pretty good, mixed with freznos for color. Hot as fuck though

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I'm sure your anus feels nothing even before the reaper sauce, rub it on your nuts

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Send me a bottle so I can add it to my collection

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Eat your tendies zoom zoom

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stick ur penis in it. thats how the industry sees how thick the sauce is due to the large amount of nerves on the head of the penis

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someone was obsessed and seething hard enough to make this image

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can I have some

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Mfw it's hot sauce time

Jk I actually love hot sauce but I'll take any chance to post this gif

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Are you the same guy who posted his reapers a few days ago. Because if so, you didn't ferment it for nearly long enough.

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we can go deeper

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What's in that other than reaper? Did you edit the color at all? It looks pretty bright.

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Empty a bottle in your anus

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Its been a month

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Freznos and garlic

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Amazon, truly the apex of soy

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Wait, isn't freznos an commercial hot sauce? You add some extra chilis to a premade sauce and call it "homemade"?

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Freznos are a type of chili. Its like a red jalapeno looking pepper. Not very hot but great color so you mix them with other chilis for sauce

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I'm HIV positive btw if that matters

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I don't use garlic in mine because it seems to start tasting funny after a while. Do you use yours up pretty fast?

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I’m never NOT buttchugging hot sauce, friend.

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i have the same monitor

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Let people be happy.

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why is your monitor so dusty. fuck clean your desk you animal

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>spicy vinegar makes me happy
Sad. Get a real hobby.

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Not him but literal spicy vinegar does indeed make me happy. It's one of my favourite sauces desu, especially seeing as you only find them in comfy shitholes like London pie places or 13yuan Shanghai noodle shops.

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Aha, isnt the chili pepper called fresno and frezno is some kind of sauce brand?

Anyway, glad you didn't mix it with premade sauce and good luck with your homemade sauce, hope it brings you the success and attention you need

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What a strange thing to be triggered about and a strange site to be on for you.

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