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What foods unexpectedly pair well with hot sauces?

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Cheerios, chocolate milk shakes, corn chips, marshmellows and most sodas

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I can't tell if I really like Cholula or I just like the wooden cap.

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ice cream

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Frozen burritos

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Rice neutralizes most of the bitterness associated with vinegar-based hot sauces.

Try it next time you make a dish that includes rice that you were going to put hot sauce on to spice it up. Like red beans and rice.

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i always knew people that buy cholula are tastelets
also fuck you costco

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Depends on the hot sauce. I have a chocolate cherry habanero sauce and a strawberry habanero sauce that are awesome on cheesecake.

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> I have a chocolate cherry habanero sauce and a strawberry habanero sauce that are awesome on cheesecake.

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cupcakes. what? it's good.

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Fried chicken

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cholula bottles are retarded and drip all over

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Imagine being so addicted to capsaicin that you put it on fucking cheesecake

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imagine being as insecure as any of the people who attack hot sauce

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Tobasco is fucking lame and just tastes like mildly spicy vinegar. Best hot sauce is Texas Pete out of those.

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I didnt know you shat up /ck/ too Hans

Dont you have diaper scat to fap to?

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chicken noodle soup

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hot sauce is for pizza wings tacos and eggs only

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Cholula was dragged to shit in a blind taste test vs. Frank's and Tabasco on America's Test Kitchen.

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grilled blood oranges.

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