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Cereal thread

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With summer berries and honey mmmm

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cookie crisp is trash

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I swear Cooke Crisp changed its recipe at some point during my childhood. Back when the mascot was that cool skateboarding dog it was delicious, but I remember at one point as a child it changed and just hasn't tasted the same since.

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My country rarely gets holiday cereal variants, the only thing out now is the monster cereals which all are bland but still somehow very bad for you

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I would kill my own mom just to get a wiff of one of these again

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I like life cereal

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they taste more like corn puffs than cookies

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Christmas snack thread?

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Banana nut crunch #1>>13093686

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They changed the recipe to be "healthier."

Back in the 90's that shit tasted like straight up candy.

Pretty much all sweet cereals are nothing compared to what they used to be.

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Based AF childhood cereal.

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capitalism was a mistake

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My personal favorite, and I can't even buy then anywhere where I live.

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I think so too. Same goes for cocoa puffs. I remember them being much denser, bigger pieces and more chocolatey too. Then sometime in the mid 2000's they became very light and less flavorful.

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>mfw people on here say they want Oreo Os because they're rare and taste great
>mfw not only do they have them fully stocked near me, but they also have Golden and Mega stuffed Oreo cereals
>mfw this led to half the cereal isle being taken over by snack cereals like Donuts, Honey buns, Pop tarts, Sour patch kids, Hershey's, Drumstick, and more
>mfw I can't try out the new Honey Bunches of oats cereals cause of this

At least the Halloween Frosted Flakes are good I guess.

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*blocks your path

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based, vanilla almond is good too

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It’s finally happened, the holidays are coming earlier and earlier to the point where we have Christmas before Halloween is here. How long before it completely overlaps and we’re prepping for the next years Christmas?

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>not living in a southern town where arts and crafts stores have a perpetual Christmas aisle as well as an entire franchise based off reselling Christmas decorations
Ho ho hang me.

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God is it so much to fucking ask that we have Halloween once a year

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>american cuisine

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Most of General Mills' sugary cereals were changed so they could put "whole grain" on the front of the box.

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That looks foul

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this was the greatest fucking cereal I've ever had and my life has only gotten worse with every passing year since it was discontinued.

I might try to just make my own if I can find the yogurt clusters in bulk somewhere

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