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What say you?

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its accurate as to which ones rip you off vs save you the most money.

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Is this accurate? Aldi is a favorite here in the states.

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Lidl & Aldi should be above Tesco & Morrisons, and ASDA should be on the same level as Iceland

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Aldi and lidl are favourites here too. Waitrose would probably be comparable to wholefoods in the US where pretentious cunts who think they're better than everyone else pay above average price for goods just so they can brag to people who don't give a fuck where they do their shopping.

Waitrose and Sainsbury's are both having to close stores meanwhile lidl and aldi cant open new stores fast enough.

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You forgot marks and spencers that should be top or joint.
Honestly aldi and lidl only have a handful of things worth buying the rest is pure bottom of the barrel garbage.

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Tesco is the best idgaf

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>Iceland being considered a grocery store
As if all the shit in there isn't pre-made frozen shit. It only contains a margin of items you could even consider to be fresh food.

It may be good for some frozen meats and the odd bulk items, but it's otherwise herons tier garbage that people go to because they actually can't cook or are a single mother who wants to sit on their ass all day.

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My favourite is tesco but we dont have a waitrose

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Sainsbury's is for me the best for store branded products quality and value the other store brand products are i find filled with a lot of sugar tast and feel cheep Waitrose is just over priced desu stuff is alright not really worth in my opinion

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Everything in Aldi is good, but you can't trust it to have what you need. Tesco and Morrisons are solid. Waitrose and M&S are expensive. Coop stays open late on Sundays. Sainsburys used to be Tesco tier, but seems to have dropped to Asda shit tier. Jamie Oliver took my turkey twizzlers.

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Arthur Leggbourker's farm near Banbury.

Seriously, tho, where tf is M&S? Also, Iceland ought be below Lidl and Aldi.

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Arthur Legg-Bourke's farm near Banbury.

Seriously, tho, where tf is M&S? Also, Iceland ought be below Lidl and Aldi.

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When did UK get Coop? Last I was there, I didn't see a one whereas we've had Coop in CH and Italy since forever.

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coop has existed since 1844, they have over 7000 stores.

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Guess it's a different Coop, then.

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I went to an Aldi in middle GA, and it was not great. But I've only been to that one, one time, so I don't know what they are like across the board.

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Never really shopped there but Waitrose always seemed toff expensive to M&S's quality expensive. M&S ready meals can't be beat in my experience.

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The only issues I ever have with them is that they'll sometimes advertise X but then not have a single X in stock and that they'll have 6-8 tills but only two will ever be open at a time.

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>4 turkey sausages
>flour, as needed
>egg, whisked with milk for egg wash
>2 cups bread crumbs, as needed
>skewer, as needed
>oil, to fry
What's even so bad about these? It's like fried turkey meatloaf. Don't schools over there do fish and chips? It's not like the turkey twizzlers are any worse than that.

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is it likely that Bernard Matthews will ever bring them back? GOD i miss those! fuck Jamie Oliver the smug cunt!

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for me it's m&s

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We gave Aldi here in straya. good shit.

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you're australian. no one cares what you do

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What is good about Morrisons? (there isnt one near me)

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M&S is top, underclass need not apply.

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There is literally nothing special about Morrison's. It's the most middle of the road supermarket to ever exist. Jack of all trades, master of none.

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Mate what a furphy. You've got buckley's finding anything better than a strayan and you jealous cunts had bloody well better get used to it.

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What are the other pictured shops "masters" of?

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What are the other OP shops "masters" of?

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Where my /coop/ niggas at

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Used to work there, it ain't nothing special.

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Aldis in the state is bottom tier trash. Same level as Dollar Store quality.

>> No.13096481

marks and spencer’s

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omg u are so cute

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Lidl and Morrisons for me.

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Is M&S a supermarket? 5 short aisles of pre prepared food, 1 of meat, a bakery and a lot of alcohol, my local co-op and spar have more variety.

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Where's Marks & Spencer?

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This just seems like a ranking based on the price of an average shop. Just because Waitrose is more expensive doesn't make it better.

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I like Lidl, but I don't trust their meat section.

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ALDI n Iceland for me cause I can, /ck/ can seethe

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poorfag mode
Sainsbury's < Morrisons < Tesco < Iceland < Lidl=Aldi <<<<<<<< Asda


get those gentrifiers away

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I have quite a bit of respect for Aldi, as they exclusively (to my knowledge) stock the Bramwells line of products, including tomato sauce. Bramwells tomato sauce is the only tomato sauce that I actually really like the taste of, not too bitter but not too sweet. Heinz does my least favourite tomato sauce, way too sweet for my tastes, even the less sugar variant.

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for me, its junk food

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Aldi and Lidl for me BECAUSE choice is limited. I can do a big shop in 15 minutes in Aldi or Lidl. Tesco near me is the largest in Europe its the size of an aircraft hanger. A full aisle of 50 brands of beans. The same size aisle in Aldi has all my tinned goods. And ots miles cheaper.

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I recently started shopping at Lidl and I like it alot. Their produce is really nice quality and I save a lot more money here than at Kroger, where I used to shop.

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Waitrose is overpriced BS.
Tesco is hit or miss, in a small store I got rotten meat once, the bigger store here with tons of customers is always ok and produce is fresh.
Protip is just Tesco online, I get all the necessities for the week delivered and then buy some small stuff from Waitrose because it's so close.

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I don't even give an Aldi

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I'd have more time for Aldi if they didn't do their annoying rip-off packaging.
You're not fooling me you cunts.

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Are you an elderly man who doesn't want to drive into town to go to a real shop?

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