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Some Rooneyesque reflctions on Japanese foods

Bubble Tea: what the hell is this stuff? I mean, in what possible sense do unsweetened tapioca curds add to the experience of drinking anything? I had one of these things and it was like slurping up snots through my straw. I can only sit here and imagine what kind of insane man was sipping on an iced matcha and thought, do you know what is missing here? Something I can really sink my teeth into! With the approximate consistency and taste of an eraser.

Mochi: At this same occasion I was moved by my friend to try Mochi which is all they had for dessert. This is one of the most texturally unpleasant things I’ve ever eaten. It sounded terrible, ice cream wrapped in rice dough. Yet I still went ahead with dessert. I can only sit here in total confusion at the thought process of the man who had some perfectly good ice cream and thought “hmm, if only this had something of the consistency and taste of an eraser”.

Oh well, at least the Ramen was good.

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>Japanese foods
is this bait? bubble tea was invented in taiwan

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Sounds like you just hate chewy things, fag. Also boba isn’t Japanese.

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Boba tea is from Taiwan
Mochi is usually served plain or stuffed with a sweet red bean paste. I think it is best in a red bean soup.
Ice-cream stuffed mochi is a low quality meme unless you use a plain vanilla icecream that doesn't overpower the mochi's own subtle flavors.

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You should try the kind with lechee in a fruit drink. Those are really good.

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>what the hell is this stuff?
It's colourized hardened semen.

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I agree. OP, mochi ice cream is an Americanized creation that is overly sweet on the inside, which makes teh mochi layer gross. Also, coldness numbs your tongue which makes it so that you can't taste the mochi and only get the texture you don't like. I recommend trying normal mochi filled with red bean paste before throwing in the towel just yet. You might like it a lot more if you try it how it's meant to be served.

I understand the boba tea thing, though. I tried it once and it was just way to sweet. I even specifically order the green tea version with the least amount of sugar and it still had this syrupy sweet texture that was only amplified and made worse by the boba.

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>just way to sweet
find a different store, maybe

gongcha for example has good tea if you dont want sugar

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It teaches you how to suck down chunky spurts of fun, you stupid faggot.

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Bubble tea is from Taiwan and you got some shit tea. The place near me soaks their "bubbles" in brown sugar syrup

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>taiwanese people in thread

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I used to eat tapioca when I was younger, especially after watching Conspiracy Theory, but I still haven't had bubble tea, because I don't enjoy eating zeros, and I don't want any "culinary grade" matcha grown in Chinese soil still contaminated from the leaded gasoline they were burning into the 00s.

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frozen mochi ice cream is 100% legit, 100% asian, and is a supremely expensive and very well received gift all over asia bro

get your passport and go find out for yourself

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That stuff is expensive? Is it pounded by hand from whole rice? I can get it cheap at Trader Joe's. I don't, but I could.

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No thanks anon. I'll take a hard pass on the entire Asian continent.

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if you get the good assorted packs, especially the ones available around mid-autumn festival, but you want to look for japanese or taiwanese, hong kong good too. no mainland no american. there's one factory in new jersey that makes it. terrible.

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