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What's the food like here?

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im gay btw if that matters

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That's pretty gay poster #2.
>1 / 0 / 2 / ?

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It’s pretty good.

No shit you are.

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Plenty of good food like literally any place with a population over 1000 people
When people come to visit I take them to Teote on 12th, it's really fuckin good

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I was always under the impression that Portland had a higher percentage of overpriced hipster gastropubs than any other city in the US

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Agreed, that place is the tits and then some.

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Sometimes the sandwiches are overpriced, but the beer is almost always cheap.

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Moving here shortly. Which parts of town should I stay away from when hunting for a rental?

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overpriced slop that is only accessible via doordash

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Lots of different options, like any other big city. Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Lebanese, Mexican, Greek, Italian, you name it, you can find it. Food trucks are available, though somewhat less prevalent than 5 yrs ago. There's loads of options right off the MAX (light rail train) and it makes exploring the city pretty convenient. Rent is a fucking nightmare here though, expect to pay through the nose for a 1br studio in town.

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Craigslist seems to show that it's about as expensive as where I'm from originally. I also don't mind commuting as I can work from home. :)

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Portland is all about the food carts, which, yes, are very overpriced

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>every item under $6
seems cheap

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Go to Mary's Club and order some mexican food while getting drunk and throwing money at strippers

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i ate at pok pok that was super popular on tv and it was pretty good

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Good. Lots of great food carts and lots of just good food in general. Hard to answer that question more specifically, though.

Based. Been years since I've gone to Mary's but it was great back then.

Pok pok is fucking expensive and not worth waiting in line for. Get the fish sauce wings at their dedicated wings stores instead of eating at the restaurant.

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overpriced but good
check out the food carts
some okay pizza

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It's all pizza, Thai, and a miscellaneous spattering of everything else wedged between the pizza and Thai restaurants.

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i went like half an hour after they opened around 5 and just walked in and got seated immediately

also I paid like $15 for a plate. seemed average price to me

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Go back to california

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Pretty much the best in the country.

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Not so much anymore. That's why they got popular, but most clusters are full of places that have 9-12 dollar mains. There's exceptions, but you may as well just walk a couple blocks and actually sit down and get a beer or something. At least this is what I've noticed with downtown carts. East side might be different.

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I'm not from California, faggot.

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