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Alright, so I fucked up. I bought 200 nuggets from burgerking and when I woke up this morning people had eaten maybe 1/4th of that.

What do I do with all this chicken? Is there a way I could repurpose these or kind of use them still?

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eat them all make a youtube video:


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you are going to have to set your house on fire. sorry op there is no other way

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trade them back in for good boy points

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I remember when they started that deal, I was really hyped until I bought a few orders and realized their nuggets are in the bottom tier of fast food nuggies

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Make shitty casseroles with them

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While I do love this idea I think my 10 subscribers would finally leave me. Also I killed a whole bottle of Jack Daniels and another bottle of Jaeger nearly by myself, my stomach can not handle 150 LEFTOVER CHICKEN NUGGETS!!!!!

Which store do I do that in?

You're not wrong, but it was a party so drunk people think most food tastes better. Damn shame the ugly dip I made went to waste qq.

So I'm still getting used to the casserole business. That's just basically anything that is in a casserole dish and has like three ingredients right?

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Absolutely nobody:

This guy: iM GOinG To GEt twO HUndRed CHicKeN NugGeTs!!

Also this guy: Everybody gangsta until the nuggets get cold!

Also this guy: I'm going to put mcdonalds out of business

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I can tell whether or not you are being ironic

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Dad please I need this place

I keked way too hard at this.

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Where do you live? I'll give you a hand if you give me a handjob.

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I mean I'd rather pass on the handjob but I'm in Kansas if you really want to eat these day old nuggers.

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Kansas is just a bit too far without the handjob. How do you feel about birds? Shred the nugs up and leave them out for them.

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That's not a terrible idea, I like birds. It's pretty cold here so all we got are corvids but that's not too bad. Maybe I could recreate the Crow Taming stories

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just curious, how much does 200 nuggets cost?

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$32.XX, pretty fuckin' cheap for a meme if you ask me.

BIG STATUS UPDATE! I have decided that I have to use these somehow. So I cut up maybe forty and now have a big ass bowl of breaded chicken bits.

What can I make out of that?

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just eat them you fucking idiot

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Why didn't it cost $20 + tax?

>> No.13093716

What, 52% tax?

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The nuggets are like $1.52 for ten, it all added up

I gotta like repurpose them you fool

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So the advert lies?

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tipping is illegal for fast food workers or something like that. They can't accept tips at the very least.

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Just make some shitty pasta cheese and broccoli casserole or discount oyakodon.

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>10 nugs for $1

That'll be $1.52

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That Oyakodon isn't a bad idea, but it got me thinking. I think I might try to make a southwest kinda stir fry. I've got some california style vegetables and some peanuts. Plenty of BBQ and the like for a sauce.

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Slap them in a trough. Find some fat girls with low self esteem. Have them eat like pigs. Put it on youtube. Make content like this. Make a Patreon. Watch the bucks roll in.

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I'm surprised this bait didn't work better

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So I went with the southwest stir-fry and it's alright. Glad I got to use them.

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You used all of them? Goddamn

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Still got a good 100 left over for the birds

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Really? Why? It was shit

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I would get some fried rice with a side of general two 's sauce
Or toss in buffalo sauce and make a buffalo chicken wrap
You can do it!

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>get unlimited creditcard
>buy 10 billion nuggs
>sue for false advertisement
>walk out 520 million richer

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I feel like I could eat 200 nuggets

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Throw them at people

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Try seeing how many you can put up your ass before you start to feel the need to "poop" them all out
Then have fun eating your own "poop" oh and theyll be nice and warm from being inside you

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good price. he's like 2,50 dollars only in the cupom price

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You could buy buns and make chicken nugget sandwiches. I also second the anons who said mac n cheese with broccoli, and fried rice with general tso's sauce.

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"Repurpose"? Get out of here you reddit hipster fag. Out. Out out OUT!!! And take your shitty nuggets with you.

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This. Some of those shitty bk nuggies tossed in Iron Chef brand General Tso over rice.

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I always figured that it would be possible to freeze them and reheat in the oven at another time. Never tried it out and they might taste like sour oil after reheating but it's better than throwing them away.

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