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Why are most fruits in the US so bland while the bread is sweet? Apples, bananas, pears all taste like wet paperboard.

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I've heard corporations in America use phytohormones to grow fruits faster but they have less flavour, they also paint and put wax on the fruit to look prettier

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Strange. A lot of the fruit I eat is sweet and/or sour.

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Fruit growers in the US grow fruit based on Packability, Color, Uniformity in size and shape, disease resistance, and tree productivity. Many of the best fruit varieties have been created in the US. But things are improving. 15 years ago there were only three apples sold in most supermarkets Red delicious(being the main one) followed by granny smith, maybe gala or a yellow apple. As the patents run out you see honeycrisp, fuji, pink lady, etc. soon you will see pluots come out and replace blamd plums. Look for dapple dandy (sometimes under the name dinosaur egg), flavor grenade, flavor king.

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What are you talking about? Fruit these days is developed to have more sugar and is more flavorful than ever.

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