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Hey guys rate these cupcakes that me, my brother, and his gf made :) they were trying to bond with me

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Pretty gay

>> No.13093865

nice cuckcakes

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That's nice, OP. Enjoy your cupcakes and make sure to keep spending time with your loved ones <3

>> No.13093885

Pretty cool c:

>> No.13093946

I love Sugar Sprinkles

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>> No.13093960

a bigg guy like mes gonna need some more frosting bucko

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It took 3 people to make the most basic ass cupcakes ever

>> No.13094521

One to make the cake.
One to frost them.
One to be the designated sprinkler.

>> No.13094556

Probably from a packet too

>> No.13094626

Baking is for women and faggots, and I don’t see any women around here

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>He doesn't like loaded pinwheel scones

>> No.13094670

u sound like a faggot

dont post here ever again

>> No.13095487

Looks really good :)

>> No.13095529

that looks like it tastes like sandpaper

>> No.13096923

Did you fuck her?

>> No.13096947

Meh... looks like typical cupcake, now what about your bro's girl' cupcakes though? let's see hers.

>> No.13096954

Do white people really

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This. Fuck all these Negative Nancys

>> No.13097385

Take that back. All the best professional cooks are men.

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I FUCKING HATE cupcakes. Its the absolute worst treat. Making it bigger than your mouth, but covering the top with icing so you cant squish it down to fit makes this thing the most awkward thing to eat. Fuck cupcakes and fuck everyone who buys them instead of cake or cookies

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Imagine having such tragic dexterity that you struggle to eat even a meager cupcake

>> No.13097527

>do white people actually bother spending time with their families

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