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Does Hooters not having hiring standards anymore?

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OP i can tell you are a virgin

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Perhaps that particular restaurant is in a Coloured neighbourhood.

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This is better than 90% of American women, be happy with what you get

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They seem very attractive but the photo is blurry so it's hard to be certain.

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la creatura

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Is that a tranny? Assless freak

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they have to hire on personality only, truly. can you imagine "sorry your butt isnt big enough, your legs arent toned, your boobs are small" . recipe for discrimination lawsuit. anyway, most ugly or fat girls wont bother applying, thats the genius of it.

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The only time I went to a Hooters, I felt like such a faggot.

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Pretty sure you can't have a no latinos policy. Besides she has the biggest ass.

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They look like refridgerators

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>eating at hooters
>complaining about standards

wew lad

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economy is humming along, so they are scraping the bottom of the barrel.

strip club content gets better during a recession.

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They aren't allowed to with all the feminist hiring and firing laws in place now. I'm in Vegas where you'd think there would be at least some attractive young girls willing to work at Hooters, but I guess there are tons of way better paying jobs even ones that they don't have to dress slutty to make a lot. So the Hooters near me is staffed with nogs, pregos, middle aged "can I speak to the manager" haircut types, chubbies, and just generally bottom of the barrel looking girls. It doesn't matter to me since I go for wings and beer not fake flirting and interest for tips, but it is amusing.

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Post face

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I keep saying this: they can discriminate on literally anything, even race, if the employees are meant to be models.

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Hooters girls were never top shelf.

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Was always hit or miss

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These are some pretty fuckable slampigs. OP is a faggot, yet again.

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Is that Chloe Moretz on the left?

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the one on the left looks like a dude, the middle one has a nice thick booty, cant tell what the third one looks like

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Weirdest thing to ever happen to me was my uncle telling me several times to work at hooters. Also, taking me to a strip club when I was 21. Thank God I didn't grow up with him around, seeing as that is on the brink of some serious possible molestation given those comments and actions.

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Post tits. You sound very fuckable.

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All the thots are camming now

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That's the thing, I have A cups. Fucking weird.

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>my uncle telling me several times to work at hooters
>I have A cups

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That ain't no woman, its a fridge, man.

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lol he wanted to fuck you, thats fucking great

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Picture must not have uploaded. Try again

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If it's so easy to do that parasocial hustle, why do I see so many nonfat young women working shit jobs?

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He's never made a pass at me either. It's all so confusing.
Checked and kek'd.

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may i have sex with u?

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Because some have ethics, feel shame and guilt among other reasons.

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pls this isn't joke

post them dfc titties pls

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lmao no they don't
they can literally fire you if you gain too much weight

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If you liek masculine women.

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if u are biologically a woman, i love masculine women

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Have they ever?

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How do you feel about trans men?

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But why? Here's legs because I'm not getting banned from/ck/, damn it.

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You won't get banned, faggot so post that DFC

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I'm scared to see what that monster on the left looks like from the from the front

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Trannies gross me out because when i see them i always think about them as a young boy, which is a major turn off
hard to say. i generally have tastes that differ from the norm. also i would hug those legs

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My highschool gf wanted to work at Hooters after she graduated but started stripping instead. She's dead now.

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>trans men
No such thing. You can't become a man artificially but you can leave it by hacking it off and taking drugs.

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"Trans men" belong in death camps :)

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Pretty messed up. Sorry, man.

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If you want to post pictures without getting banned there's always the small breast thread on /soc/.

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No thanks. This is as much attention whoring I'll do. Slink back into anonymity as I've been doing for over a decade, my guy.

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Those aren't your legs.

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>Tumblr reaction image
I diagnose you with insufferable faggot

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Seethe and dilate, tranny.

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Looks like mans legs

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Roller skated working at Sonic for several years; my mother was also a very muscular woman due to sports and cheerleading.

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No. Dude. YOU are the tranny in this situation. You are literally the tranny here.

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>no u
Get better material tranny faggot. Join Club 40 while you're at it, too!

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Are you too much of a pussy to just go to a titty bar?

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Cannot believe this Barnyard meme posting tranny thinks he fits in here

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>These strongass arms will never hug you from behind
>You will never feel her tiny breasts on your back as she squeezes the life out of you

There's not a sad enough pepe or guy from blade runner for this feel

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These girls are hot

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The way you described that made me sad. I would like to do that :,(

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Surely, you must have a boyfriend. You seem pretty cute.

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I'd strongly prefer everything be done by cute non-humanoid robots. Most waitstaff are such useless airheads I'd prefer they not be there. I don't want to LARP as el jefe, and I don't want to you to pretend to be my friend for bigger tips. I have friends. Some are right here. You're not one of them. Fuck off.

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and I mean not anthropomorphic at all. Like kawaii Wall-Es, not sexbots.

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Bitterness about your aborted series has sent you insane, Tom.

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Who is Tom? Oh, Tom Hall? Don't most people only associate those games with Carmack and his adapative tile refresh, and Bobby Prince's banger soundtracks? I didn't forget about Tom, because I was never aware of him.

>> No.13095078

Everybody knows that Dopefish was Tom's idea.

>> No.13095081

Indeed I do, but he's tall and big, so I can't wrap my arms around him and his rolls wouldn't be able to feel my mosquito bites. Thanks for the feels, anon.

>> No.13095090

why are they always tall...... why....

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No one should have to deny themselves the feel of muscle and bone. You should try the "ethically non-monagmous" thing. That junkie is lucky to have anyone. Or are you extracting resources from him and can't jeopardize it?

>> No.13095106


Take care of yourself, strongarm-chan.

>> No.13095107

I don't like it. I would like a man roughly my size, 4'11, so maybe 5'4 would be good.

>> No.13095115

>extracting resources
Lolno, though I am in a way stuck. It is what it is, though, I've come to terms with it.

>> No.13095122

Do you ever feel a little sad when you see a fully ambulant couple doing active things together?

>> No.13095137

Actually, yes. I've been wanting to go on jogs or really just anything, but he can't go that far and is too busy watching games he bet on.

>> No.13095140

lol i'm a guy and i have a bigger ass than the girl on the (left)

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Post pics.

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You're also allowed to do stuff on your own. People often act like they can't. I know a guy who puts in IEMs and enjoys himself at art galleries.

The fat guy will most likely die decades sooner than you. Do you intend to wait until then before trying to replace him? Just stay single after that?

>> No.13095194

>doing something on my own
He wouldn't be too keen on that. We do have a treadmill he bought years ago and used a handful of times. I'll stay single; I would rather be on my own than to invite someone into my life. I'm a bit of a recluse and have become a tad distrustful of people. I don't think /pol/ as my home board helps either, but hey, I've been coming to 4chan since my teens and had to come back to /pol/ after moot axed /new/ and 4ch()n went dark. I've never let this place skew my view of the world, and I've seen it all, but I think growing older, having children and not working have done a number on me.

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>my home board

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Tumblr/r*ddit abomination is still here?

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