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What are some essential picnic foods?

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Vegan chicken nuggets

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Potatoe salad

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rapist sausage

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Egg salad

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Egg salad and club sandwiches cut into triangles. (You have to have a variety of sandwiches you can't get lazy and only have one kind.) Then you have your salads that you need at least one of like potato salad, pasta salad, and caprese salad. Then you will need to round it out with a desert and some bite sized snacks like cherry tomatoes.

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Bruh for me it any kind of chips

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Sandwiches and some sort of sweet thing like fruit not cake

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potato salad with extra raisins

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Hard boiled eggs.

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Bring something that will attract ants and proceed to eat the ants

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Love that shit.

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The combinations of sweet and savory bread.

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Scotch eggs

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Shooter’s sandwich.

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Pickled pepperoni sticks

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This. Add pork pies and coleslaw, potato salad and wine.

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Apple pie. Hardboiled eggs. Deviled ham sandwiches. Cold fried chicken. Cold bottles of yoohoo and coca cola.

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Sandwiches obviously but more important is the cooler filled with ice and individual bottled drinks of your choosing.

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Grass is covered with poop. I seriously you wash your picnic blanket in a washer with an extra hot sanitize cycle and bleach and also don't have a dog because they eat poop.

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We are wallowing in massive amounts of dinosaur and mammoth feces every moment of our lives.

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