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Why do so many California wines have creepy names? Joseph Phelps = Fred Phelps. Pence Ranch = Mike Pence. Simi = same place where the racist LAPD officer lived. Screaming Eagle, sounds like the twitter handle for some right wing nutjob.

Why can't they come up with normal, East Coast names like "Dr. Konstantin Frank", or "Keuka Lake Vineyards"

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I live in NorCal and I don't even know where to start with California wines. I'm so afraid of buying a bad bottle that I usually go to my local shop that exclusively imports their own European wines

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Yeah they're really sloppy about labeling. Considering how everything is labeled by varietal name you'd think there'd be some interest in varietal character but nope. California is the land of pinot noir that tastes like shiraz, cabenet sauvignon that tastes like merlot, riesling that tastes like moscato.

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>Dr. Konstantin Frank
Did he work with Dr. Mengele?

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why don't you try some out ? I made good discoveries with french wines within the 5-8 euros price range. you don't have to go all fancy right away, you do that once you know what you want

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French wines have labels that are actually useful for guessing what the wine in the bottle will taste like
California wines you basically have to taste everything because words don’t have meanings. A red wine will be red and a sparkling wine will have bubbles but beyond that it’s a free for all because truthful labeling is a chinese hoax

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mainly because the local shop i mentioned is SS tier and has good wines at every pricepoint. they even have a few sommeliers on hand to help you find unique stuff.

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He was Ukranian by birth, so it’s not likely

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Maybe he was a subject or patient?

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If you drink California wines you deserve to be fucked in the mouth

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Imagine being so debilitated by leftist derangement you get triggered by wine labels.

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>right wing bad
>racism bad

Dilate tranny

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That's why people buy them

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So we’re now at a point where not supporting the Westboro Baptist Church makes you a leftist extremist

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>>right wing bad
>>racism bad
any questions?

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Racism isn’t wrong. Socialism in a multiethnic society is what’s wrong.

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Well yeah, believe it or not nobody gives a shit about people hating fags but left wing extemists.

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By the way it’s only the ugly trannies who are like this, the passing ones are all right wing

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We're at the point where you out yourself as a frothing commie when you make wine labels about a tiny group of evangelicals based an entire continent away because of the deranged mental associations in your mind, yes.

What, is there a bottle named Wesley Burrough's? Anon is right, you should go dilate.

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ethnicity and race aren't synonymous, and i'm pretty sure you mean multiracial. why is a multiracial society wrong? and why have you brought up socialism out of nowhere?

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I brought of socialism because I’m a socialist and I thought other left wingers were too, if you’re neoliberals I can go down that argument path too. Dunno what your difference between race and ethnicity is but it’s probably retarded semantics since you’re a retard. It’s a fact that the races are not equal, therefore in a multiethnic society the lesser races are being served by the greater races. True it’s the essence of socialism that the greaters support the lessers but in the case of race we’re talking about racial subjugation therefore a multiracial socialist society is a problem, it’d be better if we segregated and supported only our own. This doesn’t have to apply to just race either, in this politically divided time maybe it’s a good idea that we actually divide based on politics.

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Imagine being so far gone that you think there's a secret society of sexy chaste far-right traps waiting to marry and serve you and the only thing getting in the way is the ugly ones you argued with on facebook

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t. Left wing hon

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tell me what is wrong with racism

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your race is something you don't choose and cannot change

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and? It's not my fault coloureds exist either.

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You don’t choose anything and you can’t change anything, free will doesn’t exist and everything is an instance of action and reaction playing out per the laws of physics, you’re already fated to do everything you ever will do and you can’t do anything to change it.

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this was a meaningful interaction

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It’s true, the circumstances of people born better off is beyond their control as well. Why don’t you want to acknowledge that?

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California wines can be some of the best in the world(yes also very shitty), but like all wines it really depends on the harvest and season, so try your luck?

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Because all liberals are hypocrites with brain rot

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Sort of like how they tell /pol/ to fuck off for arguing about being left alone and not bothered while they try to control what we are allowed to say.

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little nigger

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But at least with California wines they actually put the grape variety on the label, with old world wines you're just guessing half the time since most don't say what grape variety it is. Worst being Portugal.

Literally just buy a bunch that have your favorite wine type and try out out, or go visit wineries and taste what they have.

There are as many shit euro wines as there are shit cali wines

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>But at least with California wines they actually put the grape variety on the label,
Why bother when it’s a blend anyway? Californians have this stupid notion that blends are bad but they drink them anyway while smugly proclaiming their love of whatever pure varietal they’re not actually drinking

As to your unwillingness to look up what grapes are used in a sancerre or a ribeira sacra or whatever, that’s your issue. Google is hard maaan

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I’ll stick to Oregon, Upstate, and imports, but you should drink what makes you happy

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what the fuck did i just read

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A ton of old world wines are blends as well, whats your point? Most wine makers make blends now

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where the fuck are the mods
how is this dumb bait thread still up

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You were complaining about not having the grape printed on the label, remember? Only California idiots think blending is bad.

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Oh yeah we need to make more room for Youtube drama and shitposting about vegans, that’s what /ck/ really needs above all

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Youtube drama and shitposting about vegans isn't actually that bad, wwhats actually killing this board is ive read many threads but i cant stop feeling that the whole vegan community is becoming a shit rag. i never saw this before and it really seems like a witch hunt is going on against real vegans, i think there a lot of us just getting tossed into the brianna hammond trash bin and being treated like a fucking joke. i cant see the argument from them about what is "natural" or "real" for us vegans, the way they are being treated here makes me want to throw my hands up and say "why the fuck not?"

i wonder if this might get some support from vegans in the news today that are being demonized... i dont see why it can't, though.

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4chan can’t even distinguish between people who eat vegetables every day and veganism. It’s just something to shitpost about, same as Brad v Claire

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My issue with vegans is they’re fucking dumb. I was given an annoyingly good first impression of them by my first interaction being with a highly intellectual vegan, but have never since met one with a three digit IQ. If you’re going to be about morality stop being a fucking retard it’s embarrassing.

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Internet vegans are usually just underaged edgelords acting the way they imagine vegans to act like

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