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>blocks your misconceptions

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What, precisely, is his ethnicity?

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His father's German-American, mother's Japanese-American, and he took his latino wife's last name alongside his own.

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Riff raff, trash. He's obviously trying to trick us, whatever it is. Kendo Karate Marx-Cortez another socialist, yeah yeah yeah, RUINATION of a nation. And this is what's going to happen, everybody be forewarned, you listen close. You listen real close. All the Mexican and the Japs they're going to come in here with their restaurants and they're going to end up downtown, and they're going to end up with yours, and yours, and yours, granddaughters. And I predict within two months of his Youtube there's going to be a taco truck, a Mexican taco truck, downtown, so everybody. Think about that. I wish people would be honest and just have names like John and Bob. John, Bob, wow how hard was that, get out of here with that name, Ken-ichi, whatever it is.

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>Bare feet videos
>Puts sauce on chopping board
>Fugly dogs get his leftovers

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Starvation seems a bit harsh, but if all the Trump voters went away, it would sure solve a lot of problems.

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I don't care how much of a cuck this guy is; his recipes are great and I'll keep using them.

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he and I got into a Twitter argument over “wild” mushrooms; my argument was that restaurants that sell products with “wild mushrooms” or “wild berries” as a component are lying to their customers, as no restaurants are going to actually send someone out to forage in the forest, and their suppliers damn sure aren’t going to risk their supply chain by taking some randos’ collection of shit he found in the woods; all “wild” mushrooms and berries are farmed; he was super-angry and started using the examples of really high-end places (like Per Se, French Laundry) that do actually have some foraged ingredients; I told him that was not applicable to virtually any restaurants outside of those very specific few....does anyone really think Applebee’s, Chili’s, and other boomer places like that have a dedicated mushroom forager? fuck that noise

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Doesn't raising the price of manually-harvested fruits and vegetables by deporting immigrants more directly affect the health of the poor and impoverished? Don't the poor and impoverished typically vote against the incumbent?

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So he was right, you were wrong and now you’re mad he didn’t let you move the goalposts?

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And he blocked you?

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I am so glad I am not you.

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He's right. Trump voters don't have jobs and we don't have useful jobs to give them. They're too expensive compared to the workforce we can use in China.

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ya, frick trump, go Yang

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The question is would you hate it more than you hate being you

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Did you tell him about your Irish Stew recipe?

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reddit-tier cook

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>took his wife's last name
Is there anything more cucked?

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That's what I was thinking.

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He's Thai, jewish, maltese, moroccan, mayan, titan.

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>Is there anything more cucked?
raising a daughter

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and you the local 4chan tier idiot. So we're all good.

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Honestly, think about it rationally. You are feeding, clothing, raising and rearing a girl for at least 18 years solely so she can go and get ravaged by another man. All the hard work you put into your beautiful little girl - reading her stories at bedtime, making her go to sports practice, making sure she had a healthy diet, educating her, playing with her. All of it has one simple result: her body is more enjoyable for the men that will eventually fuck her in every hole.

Raised the perfect girl? Great. Who benefits? If you're lucky, a random man who had nothing to do with the way she grew up, who marries her. He gets to fuck her tight pussy every night. He gets the benefits of her kind and sweet personality that came from the way you raised her.

As a man who has a daughter, you are LITERALLY dedicating at least 20 years of your life simply to raise a girl for another man to enjoy. It is the ULTIMATE AND FINAL cuck. Think about it logically

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You're a solipsistic narcissist with horribly malignant NPD. People like you end up miserable and alone like most incels. Get help, but that help won't work.

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t. just read babby's first Nabokov

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more like babby's first DSMV.

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holy cringe
this is why people make fun of Americans
get some chill you genocidal faggot

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The fuck? Solipsism isn't even an uncommon word. You'll find it in mainstream media.

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imagine objectifying your own child like that
how gross

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That's what NPD does. Look at trump over the years. He's fucked his own child for sure.

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Kenji makes good cooking videos, but he is a real life version of a parody of a bleeding heart liberal.

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can you fuck off and stop assuming everyone is an American? shut the fuck up and stop whining about Trump. I DEFINITELY don't give a shit

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Thank god we have you people.

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So clearly projecting.

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So you're just a generic piece of shit, not an American piece of shit. Good for you. I'm sure your loved ones are happy with that.

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I spend most of my time on reddit. That must sting.

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hmm i don't agree that his post has anything to do with solipsism.

also, what he posted is part of a well known copypasta here. usually it's paired with a picture of a hobbit smoking from a pipe.

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OP here. Just dropping in to say how much I love all you crazy bastards.

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I don't pay attention to your childish 4chan stories. That post taken in context is transactional and objectifying. Take your fucking internet shit elsewhere, or make sense.

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Let me explain solipsism. It's looking at yourself as the only thing in life. Everything around you is part of your "story". You are the only real thing. So.. develop your analysis from that.

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I read a funny tweet where a guy said he told his girlfriend that she has to boil water before putting pasta in, and she replied "literally all men are the same".

Some rando tagged Kenji Lopez-Alt, and he went on a rampage in the replies about how he was "mansplaining" her. The girlfriend was actually in the thread playing along with the jokes, and Kenji @'d her saying she should find a man who respects her.

The dude's insufferable outside of short cooking videos.

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He's reached the point that too many of us have reached due to the internet: that it is more virtuous to be as liberal/conservative as possible than it is to be right and good.

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Stop playing with words and start playing with concepts. This is why you worthless assholes are just noise these days. You need to stop being so goddamn lazy.

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I couldn't have written a more meaningless reply if I tried. Congrats.

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I mean I know you don't have a political science degree. Because most of you stupid assholes know so fucking little about the development of western democracy. I'm saying to you need to start fucking learning on your own if you can't get it from your poverty schools.

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Start with magnacarta, then westphalia, then with charles the first, and louis the whatever. Then you learn why we have any freedom.

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People aren't allowed to make a quick political observation on an anonymous cooking board without a PoliSci degree. Got it.

BTW is this Kenji? How long am I supposed to boil soft boiled eggs?

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Jesus Christ

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A lot of people who aren't smart or good at anything tend to have this weird idea that they must have something valuable to contribute to politics. I guess they figure nobody is bad at everything, so they must be great at politics by process of elimination.

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And of course following that logic, it makes it very easy to dismiss people who are actually good at something, as if that's their thing while politics is yours.

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he used anecdotes to support his position, further reinforcing how right I was; the exceptions proved the rule, champ

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Jesus Christ what? It's the multi centurial development of the modern western world. How do you not fucking recognize that? Are you really that stupid?

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He's wrong about spatchcocking being better and that's just the tip of it all

He gives off the illusion of knowledge by adding worthless "scientific" theories to his arguments that are barely even relevant and lack rigor. Idiots lap it up because they don't know any better and dude science

>> No.13094618

Good catch. Can you point me to your controlled double blind experiment showing that spatchcocking a chicken is inferior?

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Kenji tweeted yesterday that he will no longer reply on Twitter, so he's switching over to 4channel.org/ck/ where he uses anonymity as his own burner account.

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>>13094209 >me.jpg
What's up, Kenji?

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I'm obviously not him, but I do enjoy writing in his style because of how it irrationally pisses people here off.

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wait. he took his wife's name? LOOOOOOL!

I thought he was half chink half wetback

>> No.13094727

He's one of those people who's really desperate to prove how progressive he is.

>> No.13094734

he simply said go away. im sure everyone would love if their ideological enemies went away. sounds like you low key support trump. you definitely wouldn't say this if the name trump was replaced with any other politician

>> No.13094743

>being this much of a cringe and denying obvious implications
I'm sure Thanos wiping out half the universe has nothing to do with his post!

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Kill yourself, Kenji.

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And no, I don't want my "ideological enemies to go away" because I'm not a manchild like you who can't handle other people's differing opinions.
I'm a fucking leaf, bud, I couldn't actually support Trump even if I wanted to. You're a cringey little bitch who unironically acts smug about wanting to kill people he disagrees with. Grow the fuck up.

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Make another hard boiled egg video, Kenji.

>> No.13094764

wtf man! I guess that's his "german" part doing the thinking, unfortunately.

I like the guy videos and articles. but as a political figure what a shame

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are you dumb or are you deliberately misreading my post

>> No.13094785

first of all >>13094761 isn't me and the fact you got baited by his troll post clearly shows you have a weak mind and pitiful brain. second it seems you are very upset over my little comment. third you seem to have taken 'go away' to its logical extreme. i can handle other peoples opinions it's just in my perfect society those people would be unfit for living in it. please continue sucking trumps dick ugly canadian rat

>> No.13094795

And thanks for admitting you're a butthurt little bitch who wants to kill those who think differently from them
You aren't even hiding your sociopathy and that's sad
Literally everyone here knows what you mean by "making them go away" but you're too much of a pseudo-intellectual to respond with anything but HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT'S WHAT I *REALLY* MEAN when you already showed your true colours

>> No.13094800

Everyone in this thread is a brainlet except me because I have a bachelors in political science from Northern Illinois.

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>it's just in my perfect society those people would be unfit for living in it.
like I can't even make this up, YOU SAID IT YOURSELF LMAO

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While you're technically right I don't think any restaurant has ever advertised their mushrooms as wild? In fact nobody but the ultra high end places he mentioned would bother to mention their mushrooms, in America they're practically an afterthought

>> No.13094803

you are so dumb it's hilarious. i don't want them to die i just want them to either change their opinions or be removed (not killed) from the country. by reading my words you can easily infer this if you had a capable brain. i can tell you're still very upset

>> No.13094811

>still pretending he didn't already reveal his true colours
Sure thing bud
Just remember it's illegal to kill people you disagree with

>> No.13094817

I just want to go on record saying that I do NOT want to remove my political counterparts in any way.

>> No.13094818

>usually it's paired with a picture of a hobbit smoking from a pipe.

Bilbo taking a hit is a relatively new addition. "Is there anything more cucked than raising a daughter?" has been around since at least 2016 (surprise), I first started seeing Frodo *takes a hit off pipe* in 2018.

Anyway, in the olden days the family of the bride used to get a dowry. They literally fucking paid you for your daughter. They still do, in fact - it's called an engagement ring. It's just shifted from an actual cash payment (or a cow) to decorative jewelry that never gets spent unless your daughters gets a divorce and pawns it for a 5th of it's value

>> No.13094826

I thought it was the other way around: You paid them to take your daughter off your hands.

>> No.13094832

varied on the culture I think, but the marriage was still a political and social alliance that benefited the family

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People seem upset by this. Maybe we could create a new world where they never existed instead.

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Do you eat those fruits and vegetables? You probably don't because you didn't eat that shit in the first place. And you won't in any case because it's going to be more expensive. How about all the money you're never going to get back from farmer bailouts? The automotive industry is on track for paying everything back. You getting that back in spoiled soybeans? You're all more retarded than words. I'd keep some of you around to laugh at.

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You're a moron. So's the other guy, but mainly you.

>> No.13095216

yikes, still being an unrepentant sociopath huh

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That anon clearly isn't advocating murder fucking retard.

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no he just wants them to """go away forever"""
are you fucking retarded or are you just completely unable to think critically about what the dude means when he says that
and posts a character who literally committed genocide
like ultimately i don't care too much because he's a pussy who couldn't actually hurt a fly, but try and understand the dumb shit he's taking

>> No.13095434

>i don't care too much
hahaha hilarious
please read >>13094803 and tell me how you think i want to kill people. also note that the person posting dumb thanos pictures is clearly not me. perhaps work on your reading comprehension skills

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*hits pipe*

>> No.13095878

>worthless scientific theories
do you realize how stupid you look now?

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