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I want to make some pierogi from scratch to give to family during the winter. I'll probably go with potatoes/cheese and sauerkraut/mushrooms for fillings, but are there any savory filling recipes that people use? Also there seems to be an endless debate on whether or not egg goes in the flour. Share your recipes here as well

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You can stuff them with pretty mucb anything you want. Other popular fillings are jalapeno cheese and tater. Make some meat and dessert fillings if you want to be daring

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I made some, last year, filled with onions, bacon, and apples (all sauteed, beforehand).

Also, I did put egg in the flour.

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I can't read jalapeno anymore without thinking of this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7JsLtcEAF4

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Every person I know who likes pierogos makes such a big god damn deal about them

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