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You have 1 minute to name LITERALLY ONE (1) argument against eating bugs that can't also be applied to eating meat or seafood.

>Ewww!!! It's icky!!!! I don't like liberals!!!
Not an argument.

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presentation and texture
wow, so hard

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I'm against eating bugs because you're a faggot

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That goes under
>Eww!!! It's icky!!!!
And is entirely subjective.

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"i don't like conservatives" is also not an argument for eating bugs, buddy, but here we are any way

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so? it's still a perfectly good reason. i don't like softshell crab either, faggot, most people don't enjoy chewing a crunchy exoskeleton

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I'm not a liberal but nice try.

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They don't taste good

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Haven't liked the ones I've tried.

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like it is so fucking easy to use insect protein in a non-disgusting way
but nah, we get faggots like you who mix whole mealworms into a burger patty and loudly wonder why people are so averse to eating bugs
people have literally always tried to make foos look more appetizing. read a fucking book instead of being a rude smug little cunt who unironically enjoys picking grasshopper legs out of his teeth and can't understand why other people won't do the same

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"Wtf what do you mean revulsion is your instinctual reaction to something that looks maggot-infested???"
it's like you're not even human. you understand so little about obvious things

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Zero protein. Unnatural for humans to ear bugs.

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I’m against it simply because FUCK LIBERALS. That is a fine reason and it’s not fair for you to discount it.

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Cool. What other headcanon do you have?

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>doesn't respond to my tldr which boils down to "humans are naturally repulsed by bugs"
>responds to this
oh, you're just a baiting little faggot bitch who wanted to shitpost about eating bugs, got it

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because why the fuck should I?

>muh environment!!! muh sustainability!!! think of the future generations!!!

not an argument

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report the thread and move on
he's here to shitpost and shitpost only

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I'm convinced with very little effort, most fast food protein could be converted to some formulation made out of bugs that would duplicate the smell, texture and flavor of the meat. However, the megacorporate meat industry would bury it just like the petroleum industry did electric cars in the 70's.

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>It's not natural!!!!!
You're not an animal my dude you've long since evolved past being a subhuman ape
The internet and antibiotics aren't natural but you'll still use them, who the fuck cares if its natural
>Mmm meat taste good, I'll ruin my health and the planet for good taste
Literal cumbrain-tier thinking.

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>not natural!!!
just gonna keep reporting your posts dude
that's not even what i said and you know it too
humans are instinctively grossed out by bugs. not that REEE IT'S NOT NATURAL you ugly fucking illiterate.
kill yourself buddy

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>Mmm meat taste good, I'll ruin my health and the planet for good taste
I don't see a THING wrong with this

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>unironically thinks a gay man would even entertain the notion of using "not natural" as an argument
have another report btw

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Beef taste good

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Our Lord would not approve.

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Nah, I'm fine. Stir fried pupa is a common thing for me. Haven't tried putting them in pancake batter yet, so I will try that next, maybe?

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>I'll stick to shitty tasting bugs to save the planet for future generation that will just piss on my grave anyway
Literal cuck-tier thinking.

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The skeleton is outside not inside

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Announcing reports are against the rules

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no, you're deliberately misrepresenting my argument. either argue in good faith or fuck off. have another report

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God damn it I love him so much

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because you're an unfunny faggot who couldn't troll his way out of a paper bag

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>Has to cry to the mods whenever someone has a differing opinion
Jesus christ you have the emotional maturity of an 8 year old. Why don't you go tell your parents, too.
>Everyone who thinks differently than me is a troll
You seem a little insecure.

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you gonna keep crying about people saying OMG IT'S NOT NATURAL even though that was an argument literally nobody made? come on sperg, try to defend your lack of an argument. we're waiting

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>humans instinctively don't want to eat bugs
imagine being so obssessed with eating bugs that you start to make up arguments against it that people never actually made

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Imagine the agricultural impact of feeding every human on this planet with just bugs.

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>he doesn’t eat bugs

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Its not cost effective, almost every place I've gone to around the world that sells bugs they're more expensive than typical meats. Beyond that, the protein inside them isn't always bio available, so you're not getting the full nutritional value from them. Beyond that, the exoskeletons have the same texture as popcorn and have a tendency to get stuck in your teeth, so even when you find bugs that taste pretty good when prepared properly, they're a fucking pain to eat.

Never mind the fact that worms and most smaller bugs trigger an aversion in westerners due to them being associated with rot, which is an evolutionary trait that would be very hard to overcome. Bugs on/in food = food spoiled = eat it and get sick or die, as far as our programming is concerned.

Last but not least, I don't appreciate the politics around it. Not even the liberal vs conservative, I'm just really tired of the modern loser looking at something any other culture does and immediately exclaiming "YES! THIS IS THE FUTURE! WE FOUND AN ABORIGINAL TRIBE THAT ONLY SLEEPS 5 HOURS A DAY - CLEARLY ALL HUMANS ONLY NEED 5 HOURS OF SLEEP, THIS IS FACT! NO MORE SLEEPING!". It's retarded.

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You seem awfully agitated, buddy. Got bullied a lot in school today, junior? I remember being 16 and acting like a tough guy on the internet... good times, heh.

Seriously, though, you seem incapable of the most basic of reasoning.
>Humans are naturally repulsed by bugs
>Ergo it would be natural for them not to consume them
Whether or not you wanted to make that argument, it was still the argument you made. Being "naturally repulsed" by something is for weak faggots like you, anyways. "Um well it's instincts!!!" is LITERALLY npc-tier thinking, imagine being nothing more than a lowly animal, a subhuman ape, who can't even imagine having any sort of autonomy...

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>he's still going
>worse, he's doubling down
oh boy, what a look, being so triggered by the term "naturally" being used interchangeably with "usually" or "normally"
i really hope your highschool life improves and you get a better grasp on English

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>Has to defer to pedantics and petty insults
If I were still in high school I'd beat your ass and stick you in a locker, but I doubt you were born that long ago.

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Thats not even close to what you said. Do you have Asperger’s?

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I am not going to so fuck off, I don't need an argument.

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>humans are naturally repulsed by eating bugs
>humans are normally repulsed by eating bugs
>humans are usually repulsed by eating bugs
Do you?

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>Zero protein. Unnatural for humans to ear bugs.
Asperger’s confirmed. Or youre just so fucking braindead you thought someone was replying to your post

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hahaha nigger are you really crying about pedantic and petty insults when that is all you've been doing for the past hour
seriously, what's with this high school obsession? Were you picked on really really badly and you're now taking it out on me?
....because you don't understand why normal people don't want to eat bugs?

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>le reddit-tier armchair psychology
You're pretty pathetic, dude. Half of what you're saying is obviously projecting and the other half is just pulled straight out of your ass, junior.

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>retard is confusing me for someone else
That isn't even my fucking post, retard

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>it's not armchair psychology when I do it!
Okay man, you win

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>being culinary inclined
>wouldn't try out insects, which are part of some countries cuisines

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without googling? name three
Hard mode: nonafricsn countries

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in a lot of these asian countries they sell fried insects and shit as street food

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I don't want to, and I'm not going to be forced to eat something that I don't want to eat

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That’s literally the root post of the entire discussion you fucking braindead nigger

Now you’re just admitting you have bug brains and can’t keep up with your own faggotry, dumb nigger

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Tradition is more than two generations long, fuckface. Traditionally seafood would be rejected as poverty food. Try again, fuckbrain.

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>Not an argument
why not? Because you dont have a counterargument?

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You can't have a counterargument for something that isn't an argument. What if I called you a retard, what's your counterargument for that, retard?

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difficult to source

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I don't eat meat or seafood.

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Why the fuck did I open that image? I'm deathly terrified of bugs. At least lobster, shrimp and crab taste good. I refuse to put bugs in my mouth.

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>why not?
Beating around the bush again? It is an argument but the reason you say it isn't is because you dont have a counterargument.

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>we have access to better food that's easier to get and prepare
>I ate a scorpion once and it was disgusting

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not an argument bro.

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they don't taste as good as meat

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>Thinking that humanity only have a two generation long tradition of eating meat and seafood.
Sure troll.

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This is because it's not actually about creating sustainability (a meaningless word without serious discussions of nuclear power and curbing 3rd world population growth). Instead, it's about humiliation. Guess who isnt allowed to eat bugs because of their religious prohibitions?

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>Why, because it's icky and I don't like liberals, of course!

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>foods that have only ever been cultivated specifically for humans
>actual pet food

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I know OP is a trolling faggot, but I've been to some very impoverished places in West Africa and South Asia, the kinds of places you think of when you think of bug-eating culture, and I'll share my own personal insight.

The only people eating bugs in those places are A) jungle-dwellers B) people who have literally nothing else to eat C) White, first-worlders.

The fried insect carts that you see in media aren't serving that filth to the locals, they're serving it to tourists stupid enough to pay for it. Literally dumping clods of bugs and dirt they've found on the side of the road into dirty used oil. Locals don't eat it because it's repulsive. Hope this cleared up a few things.

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They seem to be fried so that's too much fat for me anon. I prefer to get my fats from seeds, nuts, pulses and some fruits.

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Why are westerners allowed to pollute twenty times as much as third worlders? God given right?

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It's like chewing on sand, I've yet to have any sort of insect that wasn't extremely grainy. That shit is unacceptable in any other form of protein, why's it fine here?

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because well-off white people will pay top dollar for ground up crickets

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