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what am I in for, /ck? which one is better?

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any done the one chip challenge?

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The Haunted Ghost Pepper are just over the top spicy, no flavor or anything. Kinda just burning your tongue for the sake of burning your tongue

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This. Those Paqui ghost pepper chips are NOT food. They taste vaguely smoky and are just painfully hot.

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Ghost pepper chips are fucking GOOD! Super spicy though, I wish I could eat more of them at a time.

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My wife dared me to eat a whole bag of Paqui ghost pepper chips as fast as I could one time. I destroyed it in about a minute and a half then my mouth hurt for a little while. Thanks for reading my blog, pls like and subscribe

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You have brainworms

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Based lattuce cut

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spicelet cope

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unironically based use of this webmeme

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Was tasty but serving size is too small

I didnt win the 1 in 10 contest thing either

For those saying it's too hot I felt that it was "okay". Could have been hotter.

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seething spicelet

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>reportspams posts that he doesn’t like

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The Trader Joe's chips aren't very hot at all but they taste real good, especially with their bacon cheese ranch dip.

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Yep. They have no flavor and it just burns your mouth

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the paqui chips taste like hot fries and are great with frito jalapeno cheese dip

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OP here, so this is correct, really tasty but not really hot; the Paqui chips are a joke, with just that extract flavor with some smokey salt, fucking terrible

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I like the Paqui ghost pepper chips, I ate a whole bag in a day once and then the next day I had horrible stomach cramps and diarrhea

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the trader joes arent spicy at all but taste good.

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