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That's it.

I don't even know where the fuck to begin... Why do people like you find these memes something to joke about? You think because you get to cook spicier foods in your culture that you can just joke about things like this? What the actual fuck is wrong with you guys? This is very immature & racist, yet fucks like you are posting spice memes like it's the funniest thing in the world. Dumb fucks, doing this shit does fucking nothing. So you want to come on an imageboard to be an funny guy about things like this? Let me tell you guys, you are all fucking dull. You would never be useful to the world with such behavior you present. Honestly why do people like you guys even exist? I bet you don't even know about half of what people actually eat in their daily lives that doesn't have to be doused in spices. You are all such disgusting bullies. Isn't it bad enough that white people go to ethnic restaurants and already have a tough time trying to figure out what to order and what the food is about? Seriously what do you guys really find funny about this? Stupid fuckers I'm so angry right now that I wish I can fucking punch my computer screen so that my fist can get a good hit on that asshole face of yours, funny fucks. Seriously, just fucking grow up and actually act properly about western food. Stupid assholes, keep eating those curries and raw fish that you guys reek of all day.

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holy SHIT epic

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Was the burrito that hot anon? Here let me get you an ice cream

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>having contempt for somebody who is willingly handing you money

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Yeah keep laughing tough asses. I bet you guys are the faggots in my picture who can't handle spice and let ethnic restaurants clown on us EVERY fucking time we go in, but no, keep up the jokes, you guys are hilarious.

Seriously, fuck these places.

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I'm a barista and I hate my customers.

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why would you hate somebody who is paying you

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Found the boomer

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>paying me
I don't own the cafe. My country doesn't do tipping.
The customer means nothing to me.

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I don't think I've ever seen this much white cope before.

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Lol niggers thinking normal humans don't eat spicy food.. How did this become a "meme"?

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whats the matter, snookums? did they give you jalapeno instead of bell pepper on your food?
Better go chug a gallon of milk, dont wanna upset your tummy-wummy.

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Do white people still get offended by this comic? I remember when mods had to delete this comic on sight or else whites would kill themselves.

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This is a good meme because it doesn't establish who you are in the beginning (Navy Seal, McDonalds Patron) it's just some guy ranting about a topical issue. Hilarious.

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>spicy food is literally white genocide
Anon I...

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Did Ragusea get bullied for not eating food that's all that spicy again?

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>White people literally forge global empires trying to get more spices
>White people don't like spicy food
Where did this meme even come from

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They did that for black pepper, nothing with any real heat or flavor to it.

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Whites literally murdered entire villages of native Americans for eating hot peppers. They viewed it as an unholy devil fruit.

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How are you this retarded
OH right.. You're a subhuman with no education

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It was everything from cinnamon to black pepper to nutmeg to, you guessed it, peppers. They're especially noteworthy for use in Italian cuisine.

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Calm down. You’re getting awfully heated about a simple comment... unlike your food.

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White people from centuries ago =/= white people now
White people now have sex with dogs, eat McDonalds and drink PBR because they're afraid that capsaicin has too much soy in it

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oh look black people are thinking about me again

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at this point, both huwites AND shitskins get incredibly butthurt about it

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Huh? Where the fuck did I say anything a out white genocide you fucking kike shill degenerate. God this board has gotten stupider by the month. Keep eating your chilis and spices that burn away at your stomach fuckface.

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Whites are shockingly thin-skinned.

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Just chill bro, you don't need to be like this. It's okay, spice isn't for anyone. Come on let's get you a macdonal and we can stop to grab some soylents first.

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Probably here to tell us that we're better than them, my whole life black people have constantly told me that I am better than them

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i remember when niggers like you kept their mouth shut for fear of getting lyched...wish we could bring those days back

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>t. seething whitoid

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If we're to judge by south africa, niggers now feel afraid to keep their mouths shut or get lynched by lefty niggers

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Careful, or you’ll get LUNCHED. At a Thai restaurant with extra peppers. My treat :)

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I can most definitely handle spicier foods than any of you shitskin degenerates...I grew up eating nothing but creole foods and my mom and grandma loaded those dishes up with spices/peppers

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>getting upset over spice on the internet
>trying to scare anyone

Yeah just shut the fuck up lmao.

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Colored foods, eh? Y’all alright, White boy

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>non-white food
Niggers are retarded, damn.

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C R E O L E....cant you read? oh wait...

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Creole was invented by slaves. baka

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Oo ouch! Nice one, Antwan!

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It was created by french canadian whites who moved to louisiana you daft cunt

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did you ever wonder if people just hate you

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>not a single pepper in sight

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Thanksgiving with niggers is the prison food line.

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>hot sauce? no thanks.

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It's because you are white and jealous that you cannot handle spicy foods.

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>toast sounds lovely. hold the butter.

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imagine having a brown name like ennuigo

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dis nigga self inserts as Goku

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>dis nigga
shut the fuck up you illiterate sack of absolute shit, i swear to god if i ever see your ass in real life, i'm gonna tear your fucking head off and use it as a basketball to dunk on LeBron, mark my words faggot. you'll pay for typing that stupid ass little phrase.

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Don’t insult the fucking president here, cu.ck

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You retards take stereotypes as gospel. Normies don't think about this shit 24/7.

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Imagine thinking about white people so much that you would make or save this image

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Incredible pasta

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Trump is the whitest person ever.
>can’t handle beer
>hates hot sauce
>mainly eats fast food
>only eats well done steaks
>tiny penis
No wonder reactionary whites worship him.

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>can't handle beer
Hold your cope right there dark skin, white people can handle alcohol better than anyother race, it's our racial passive, besides lfting

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The worlds biggest pee pee belongs to a white man and that is not a freak accident black incel spammer

>> No.13059907

Trump doesn’t drink.

>> No.13059910

I’m Latino.

>> No.13059911

They have to literally lie to themselves to get to sleep at night, who has a bigger beer culture than white people?

>> No.13059915

yeah, we created liquor...besides, niggers inhale their own shit fumes to get high so not a lot of respect for them on that premise alone

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Yeah it really sucks having my ancestry from areas where fresh meat was available year round and properly preserved produce made it so they didn't have to drown everything in spices to make it safe to eat.

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Sorry anon, but I think you'd be hard pressed to find a jewish person who considered themselves white, so your argument is nonsense.

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Sorry whitey, was the Heinz™ mayo ketchup too spicy on your eggs this morning? There are some foods only a true brutha can eat.

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>all these offended whites ITT
This is too easy.

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Strong men have absolutely zero athleticism. These are just synthol injected fatasses who wouldn't be able to run for a minute without dying of a heart attack. If you want real strength and all around athletics look at sports like the NBA or NFL.

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trying to list bland foods when you stupid bluegums eat shit like this all the time

>> No.13059994

Calm down, whiteboy. We’re just having some fun. Don’t go shooting up a school or something. Yeesh.

>> No.13060005

don't go kill your own kind in your run down slums over the bridge negro

>> No.13060007

Are you ok? Did someone accidentally put some pepper in your Cheerios?

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delicious nonwhite cope

>> No.13060016

The comic was made so they could cope, nonwhites lives are literally coping with not being white. Tomorrow they're going to talk about white people, the next day they're going to talk about white people, the day after that? You guessed it, white people. They Dream white people.

>> No.13060029

>heh... we’re not butthurt! Please ignore this entire thread!
Whites are so cute.

>> No.13060036

Mmk then, cope harder

>> No.13060048

Can you talk without buzzwords? Genuinely curious.

>> No.13060049

That is some genuine cope.

>> No.13060055


strongmen don't use synthol for any reason.

>> No.13060056

>Where did this meme even come from

>> No.13060063

See how they make believe before looking up the facts, coping is so bred into them they do it automatically.

>> No.13060072

do you even need to look up the facts to assume that professional athetes don't dope? it's pure retard cope

>> No.13060094

For some reason I get the impression that you don't have much fun

>> No.13060116

dis nigga

>> No.13060380

meet me on the 300th floor of the Sears tower fagget

>> No.13060419

Still trying to figure out how strong men fit in to any category of sports or can be deemed athletes. I wouldn't even call strong men anthletes/sportsmen

>> No.13060429

Nigger have you ever done ANY customer service job?

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I disregard my ancestors aversion of capsicum and fuck myself up on hot sauce regularly.
It good.

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Jalapenos are the ultimate hot pepper. A good blend of spiciness and flavor. Adding heat for the sake of heat without any actual flavor is an idiotic pursuit and only done by idiots who want to show off that they can eat spicy shit. I like shit that tastes good.

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