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How accurate is this meme? Also do they really do this when we out to dine?

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No. I went to a Thai place and ordered my good "Thai hot". They did not disappoint.

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lmfao white people. why cant y'all handle spice?

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I ate hot sauce a mexican girl brought and she was tripping balls, so #notAllWhites

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We can. We let our lessers have these little jokes because they have literally nothing else.

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Because we didn't spend out youth blowing our palates out with hot sauce to mask shitty food and shittier cooking. Though I'm being a bit harsh. Most inner cities are in food deserts so it's not all their fault.

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I got some Carolina reaper hot sauce recently

Its kinda spicy I guess. Pretty good flavor. Supposedly a million scovilles. And im pretty damn white.

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Why is Vegeta working at a burrito joint?

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>blowing our palates out with hot sauce

You actually believe that's what happens when you have spice? kek.

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Post the one where he gets dominated by the buxom ginger grill

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The hottest peppers in the world are being created by a white guy in South Carolina.

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>tfw Georgian
>literally from the birthplace of Caucasians
>mexinoids and negroids think their food is spicy
>mfw it's fucking baby tier
There is literally nothing whites are not the best at.

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Damn, I ate a Mexican girl last night but I’m pretty I was the one tripping balls.

Also, I don’t know any Mexicans

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only one person in that cartoon is happy

what do you want in life, to enjoy the food you eat, or to be a miserable stalker in the background who's evil scheme isn't exactly clear or logical in any respect? It's very confusing.

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There's just not that much food related stuff to talk about with such a small group of people, anon. Topics are gonna repeat.

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Tell me more about Georgian cuisine

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He’s just rewording a common trope in a bad way, the idea isn’t that “spiciness” is inherently bad, but the overuse of “spice” or “spices” or “seasonings” or “herbs.”

Because people on /ck/ inherently have autism about the names of dishes, yet can’t name a single thing correctly.

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Whites aren’t best at keeping culture intact and leaving innocent people well enough alone.

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Many times I have been to Asian restaurants and they warn me that something is spicy I have to remind them that I'm not like those white Americans and I want my food to be spicy. Only 2x in my life have I ever went out to eat and had it be mouth numbingly spicy. The second time I had to throw it out, because I couldn't actually taste the food.

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>evil scheme
It's not an evil scheme. He just doesn't want the customer to get pissed off at him and give him more work and a ton of headache. Customers are retards.

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Whites didn't originate in areas where hot peppers are prevalent. Still, most white people can handle spice, but I only encounter spice babbies in the Mid-West United States.

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It’s the same exact image though, and it’s the exact same underhanded tactic to bait people into the thread without directly screaming “IM FUCKING BAIT”

There’s literally some faggot going around posting the same images weekly/monthly and rewording the posts to make it seem like it’s a new poster. It’s just some dumb faggot though. It’s pretty obvious, especially when he can just do this repeatedly and net so many replies. He’s the Instagram white girl of 4channel.org/ck/

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There is literally nothing confusing about that comic, autist. There was no scheme, if anything the guy did the customer a favor.

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>be hungarian
>move to US
>start seeing american korean girl
>make simple soup of river fish with egg dumplings because i know koreans love the fuck out of fish
>she loses her shit over how strong it is
>says it's still good, eats it all, even asks me to make it again some months later
Foreigners always seem to forget about us and our love of peppers.

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Lying to someone is inherently evil, anon.

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>hungarians are not white

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Spice babbies also exist in the Southern US. They’re usually old white Boomers who think banana peppers are crazy hot.

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>innocent people

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Only cumskins would turn hot peppers into a competition. The majority of the world just uses them appropriately.

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I think it's more like not so much that soul or Mexican food is that spicy, but white Americans prefer their food to lack flavor. For example, white Americans are so adverse to spice and flavor in their food that they even consider black pepper 'too spicy.'

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White people fought wars for spices for hundreds of years and don’t let niggers and spics forget it, especially because it’s the reason when we found them we slaughtered them consecutively when they retaliated.

The Spaniards were dicks tho, nobody can argue against that

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Screeching like a retard and replying to obvious bait in an an obviously non-serious discussion can be fun. Sometimes you just want to reee and not look up ten peer reviewed sources like every other discussion seems to need on this site these days.

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Rich white people stopped using spices, because poor whites were using them.

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Nobody actually thinks black pepper is too spicy. The original meme stemming from that idea probably came from some white guy bitching about a Panda Express using way too much black pepper one time and niggers going crazy with it because niggers are stupid.

The details are probably wrong but the moral of the story I wrote is the true nature of the matter, it’s all a bunch of memes made by dumb niggers. The only people who are extremely picky are old people and that’s true for most old people, boomers are just unironically the bottom tier of elderly people.

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Always assumed it was a genetic thing and how caucasian peoples have more sensitive taste buds.
Similar to how non-caucasians have higher percentages of lactose-intolerance or how east asians have a gene that prevents them from having body-odor.

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>White people fought wars for spices for hundreds of years and don’t let niggers and spics forget it

Riiiight... with your amazingly exquisite dishes...

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That’s not true in the slightest. Ever heard of Townsend’s?
I’m not even being ironic and that’s the worst part.

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Depends. I'm from Colorado, where we have tons of chiles from the Southwest and Mexico, and lots of local hobbyists (myself included) grow superhots like scotch bonnets. Plenty of places back home make very spicy food, especially Mexican and Thai joints.

However, I've been living in Maine for the last mine months, and what passes for spicy here is laughable. My local supermarket doesn't even sell habaneros, much less ghosts or more niche stuff. I complained about this to a friend and they insisted I try this "crazy hot" dish at a Chinese restaurant here, and it was an embarrassment. New Englanders apparently think that anything spicier than bell peppers is life-threatening, but they certainly don't represent all whiteys

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You know those images are ironic because blacks people posted those “meals” on twitter while simultaneously making fun of white people’s cooking, right?

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>Europeans literally went out of their way to conquer savages halfway across the world just for access to spices, making fortunes selling them to other Europeans because the demand far outweighed supply
>hurrr white people bland food is that salt too spicy for you bro xD

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>conquer the world and spend billions fighting for spices
>never use them

Fixed that for you.

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If that’s how you cope with your entire country being raped and murdered, then fine, have your little joke

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post the other one

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>history LARP cause he know's he's a nobody in the current era

The biggest cope.

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>superhots like scotch bonnets

These max at like 400k scovilles, that's fucking far from superhot.

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Why can't niggers handle civilization

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Please don't be racist outside /pol/

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I went to a thai place once and got some dish that I thought was going to be like half chicken half rice but ended up being 90% rice. I got 7/10 for the spice which was kind of hot but nothing any normal person can't handle.
I finish the chicken off super fast so now I'm just left with a giant bowl of pretty dry rice so it's taking forever to get through and the waitress comes up to me with the smuggest fucking face and ask "Is that too hot for you?" To this day I regret not spurging out about how I barely got any meat, but I probably just said something like "no it's fine."
Literally got racially profiled by some smug shitskinned asian bitch.

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Funny, because my friends who go to Colorado all complain that the food is BLAND.

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i fucking HATE niggers

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Blackmericans love casseroles. wtf do you think baked macaroni and cheese is? Mexicans love them, too. Ever heard of enchiladas? Asians also like casseroles. Cambodians, Thais and Lao people have amok. Viets have cha trung hap. Chinese have zheng zhurou ju an.
Arabs have maqluba. Pakis have whatever the fuck that clay pot thing with rice and lamb and shit is called.
I'm sure the subsahara has some casseroles, too.

Everyone eats casseroles.

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segways would seem magical for a culture that never developed the wheel

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