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what is up with boba tea?

2 of these have just opened in my bumfuck redneck town

is this some coastal zoomer thing

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Yeah, it was kind of a fad on the coasts ~15 years ago. Seems about right that you're just getting it now in flyover land. It's okay. I liked the taro with just regular boba.

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its mostly an asian thing, the brand i like makes monthly pearls, this month being wasabi pearls and mala pearls. its always fun to drink, but only get them for the pearls. milk tea on its own is overpriced

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Go try it. Get a milk tea, 50% sugar, full ice, pearls. Make sure to grab a wide straw. Poke the pointy end of the straw through the top and drink. The vertical height of the straw controls whether you get pearls coming through, which are kind of like a little side snack. If you’re just thirsty and not a little hungry, don’t get the pearls as they’ll just be irritating.

Each place has their own “thing” but every place can do the original milk tea and it should be delicious or just never go back.

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It will resonate with Americans since it's a milkshake with snacks in it.

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It’s not really, a lot of Asians have limited lactose tolerance and also limited mental tolerance for overly sweet things so it’s not as much milk as it may seem and you can configure the sweetness down to 25% or even zero, which is also good. It does look faggy but really who gives a shit and when you get new data about shit you should just change your mind. I wanted to hate it so fucking bad but what can I say, it’s fucking genius.

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Some of these places are like starbucks for chinks. Have you had an influx of asians?
Don't get the point of boba. The balls are pure sugar and have a weird mouthfeel.
Milk tea is overprices as all get out. You can make 10x the quantity at home for the same price.
Some of the fruit slush flavors are great though.
The custard milk tea things are basically milkshakes, though even more overpriced than regular.

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Even on the coast most boba places are shit. They overcook the boba so the texture is shit and all their drinks are completely unbalanced and taste like pure sugar. Whipepo don't know the good stuff so they drink up the garbage and think it's great because of all the sugar. I doubt there's a single good boba place in flyover land.

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>Some of these places are like starbucks for chinks. Have you had an influx of asians?
This is true. However Asian women are really not the worst thing in the world.
>The balls are pure sugar
What are you talking about, they’re barely sweet at all and I think they’re tapioca.
Sure, it is but it’s not out of line, is it? I don’t think so. You’re right about custard/cheese/cakey toppings which are milkshake tier. But milkshakes have their place too.

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Free Hong Kong

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why not substitute the sugar with aspartame? It will taste exactly the same but be much healthier.

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have you got tastebuds? fucking hell absolute state of /ck/

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I love that shit so fucking much but I live in a backwards English town that only just got a starbucks.

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Fight for freedom.
Stand with Hong Kong.

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I hate how they call it boba and also I hate the tapioca pearls. Otherwise it's just flavored milk tea but weebs, hipsters and such all guzzle it down.

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>taste exactly the same

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their good, but their not all good.
you do have to shop around.
welcome to 2008 midwestern

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>You can make 10x the quantity at home for the same price.

its a pain in the ass to boil boba pearls just to make tea. Its even more of a pain in the ass to make fresh boba pearls. Some of the more upscale boba stores have a machine to do it.

>The balls are pure sugar

no they are not, unless you are getting those brown sugar bobas that are all the rage right now. Normal bobas are very mild.

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It's energy dense while also being "just a tea"

People like to guzzle refined sugar, starch, and fat, but also be able to rationalize it as not that.

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money laundering scheme like hana banana crepes and pho noodles.

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Tried it after seeing it in the manga gokushufudoukufotoushiou. It was okay, weak tea with jelly balls.

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