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Could someone share their best Taco Bell style ground beef vegan cauliflower based recipe??? I have been craving some Taco Bell lately but want to save money, I made some cauliflower based ground beef one time for some vegan lasagna I tried to make and it tasted exactly like Taco bell ground beef but I forgot the recipe. Could someone help me out with this?

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The secret to taco bell flavor is cumin and garlic.

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You got the taco but the secret is the bell.

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>Could someone share their best Taco Bell style ground beef
Ok, cooo, I got this.
>vegan cauliflower based recipe???

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>not sand

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>ground beef vegan cauliflower based recipe
kill yourself

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Nuke it from orbit. Its the only way to be sure.

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please tell me your secret for the ground beef?
I don't care about what OP wants.

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I though that was the emacs logo lmao

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Can everyone ignore the vegan coliflower bullshit please but still answer OP? Every time I make ground beef it tastes like pure cancer. Please help me.

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Man, I had the Bell for lunch today and it fuckin' sucked ass. Now that they took off the grillers and the grilled stufft burrito the best things on the menu are the gorditas and the god dang cheesy fiesta potatoes.

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man i love me some bell. never cared much for the grillers, i'm happy as long as i got the cheesy gordita crunch, which is imo the king of their menu. pissed they got rid of the cheesy potato burrito though.

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Bro thats because it is pure cancer, at least cauliflower won't give you ass tumors

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>ass tumors
next youre going to tell me the world will end in a few years because of cow farts. You do realize that somebody, somewhere, is laughing their ass off because they got people like you to eat cauliflower "ground beef"

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