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Today we're gonna cook eggs with meat

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No please not on you are going too far. Here’s your (You), I will give you one more if you post evidence of eating it

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I can smell it

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How bad can cat food taste?

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Is there fucking tuna in there? Are you fucking cooking tuna with eggs?

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It's chicken
Like canned meat

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Oh, okay, carry on then. Good luck.

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Oh my. I might try this and serve it to my family.

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Looks and tastes like your average meat omelette

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>looks and tastes alright!

And this is the first step OP took to eating pagpag

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Doesn't look to bad. If you isolate a piece of chicken and eat it, is there anything weird about it? Taste- or consistency-wise?

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you are not good at making omelettes

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that scrambled egg yo

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Can you taste the meaty gravy packed with vitamins for good feline health?

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Jesus christ first thing on this faggot board that actually made me gag and puke a little. How poor do you have to be to resort to such stupidity. You can literally by organs or cheap cuts of meat for same price and eat that.

But no you have to be fucking disgusting mouth breather edgy kid. I bet you feel really proud of your accomplishment today.

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Why does it smell so rancid if it's edible? I'm honestly intrigued OP.

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OP is just a boomer who can't afford food so they turned to cat food. This is what happens; plenty of our elders now subsist on cat food these days.

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why are catfags so poor and disgusting?

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>How poor do you have to be to resort to such stupidity
Pretty poor. You understand many aging people live on a fixed income doled out to them by big daddy government?
Sometimes you have to eat cat food and add it to things that could help your life be extended.

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Did your cat like it

>> No.13042236

t. coomer

>> No.13042237

Because we don't force dogs to lick the peanut butter off our b-sack.

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OP most likely isn’t poor, he just did this for the keks and binned it after.

Jokes on you OP, now your kitchen fucking stinks and you have to clean up the mess. Every time you use this pan you will remember the smell.

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>retarded catfag false dichotomy
that still doesn't explain why you're poor

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just like Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

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>implying I'm either
Must suck to think everyone is a catfag tranny, huh?

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Should tell the boomers to pull themselves up by their bootstraps.

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They are mind slaves to Shub-Niggurath

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Reminds me of a guy who cooked a spider

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Those tiny spiders neatly lined up. The absolute madman!

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Go back to Johannesburg you fucking prawn

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>Sometimes you have to eat cat food
No, the fuck you do not. You do not have to ever eat cat food. Just kys, Anon.

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>unironcially eating chicken anuses flavoured with cat minerals

come on ivan

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yes tranny I'm sure your mom lets you stay with her rent free but what does that have to do with this thread topic

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It bumps me out cause even if you're trolling you went out of your way to stink up your kitchen for /ck/

Then again, you are a slav so probably a freak

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