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7/11 cheese pizza is surprisingly good bros

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It's really not that bad at all. I'll always go for Little Caesars for a cheap option, but 7/11 pizza can be great when drunk and desperately starving.

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You've been reduced to this?? I kiss having to hid your 14 threads a day :(((

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That's probably just a chili oil packet they give with the pizza, not actual hot sauce

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How much was it?

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It USED to be. About 3 years ago it was Godtier, and I user to get one every few weeks. Then one day I got one and the cheese wasn't as cheesy and the sauce tasted a little flatter. Got another one, same thing. Turns out they changed the recipe. It's still okay, but nowhere near as good as it was

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>cheese pizza
>a pizza with nothing on it
What are you, fucking 6 years old?

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Its good for a five dollar pizza. Basically Little Ceasers. Back when I worked at s group home 20 minutes away from anything except a 7/11 a minute up the road I'd usually go before the overnight started and get one of these or some wings.

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How does it compare to Little C

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Only a 6 year old is proud to eat a pepperoni.

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Basically the same thing, maybe half a step down.

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711 has the best shitty pizza.

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The crust has a better flavor, they actually have seasonings and I think parmesan on it. But the little cesar's is crispy. I think the 711 pizza would be better if it was cooked in the little caesars oven but as is about they're equal

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I cook 711 pizzas in my own oven. Mostly because my store is within walking distance and I don't want to carry a hot pizza. Anyway they get good and crispy at home. I usually add toppings at home too.

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Smart, I walk too but hadn't thought of that. I can also just throw it in the oven for a little longer after I get home.

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Not smart, meant for >>13044747

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Where's the hot sauce?

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I prefer to go to other places for my Cheese Pizza with my Democrat friends #Pizzagate

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damn that actually looks pretty good

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