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How does one go about obtaining cheese?

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Go store, give money, get cheese, equip.

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Will it be +10 with a mana debuff?

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I think there's a cheese spawn in one of the houses in Draynor.

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Buy milk, allow to mature in fridge to taste. Six weeks is about right for me, three months for special occasions or guests coming round.

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sudo apt get cheese

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fly to the moon

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Pleb. Offer the Khajeet some silver coins and get rare Manuvian cheese for a temporal aura of repulsion.
Attracts cats though.

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Yes, and if you're lactose intolerant lots of sharted linens.

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retard, there's no Cheese without rennet, by definition, you just got fermented milk or something similar

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Call it what you like, it tastes great and my guests always ask for the recipe for my homemade cheese

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Post pics

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How do they react when you tell them you just leave milk in the fridge until it turns into cheese?

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... maybe it'll taste better if you use the fucking traditional cheese making recipe?
top fucking kek

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guaranteed aids, how many people has gotten sick by just eating your cheese?

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I just lie to them, they think I have a cheese cellar and my own cows and goats in the country

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>I just lie to them
kek, fucking based

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Well one friend got food poisoning but he blamed it on the Indian meal he had the night before

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>but he blamed it on the Indian meal he had the night before
silly him... but still only one is a good statistic, I expected much higher

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You know that thing that your peepee makes even you touch the peepee? That's called milk. Now you just have to store it under the sun and leave it there for a few months, WA LA

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If you are blessed with a foreskin you produce delicious knob cheese with no effort, the way God intended.

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Start by not living in the US

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find a european male because they all have disgusting uncut penises.

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cooking level?

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