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Have any of you ever had it? Is it as disgusting as it looks?

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Brah there's that video of that BSA who straight eats the back half of a goat of a canned chicken like it's a race. I think he cracked a second can too. Fuck Americans.

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Yes. It's like canned tuna but it's chicken instead of tuna. Store brand tastes better than the fancy stuff. Mix with mayo for chicken salad, slather on a sandwich with a slice of cheese, consider selling organs to escape poverty.

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if you're talking about this dude apparently he died a few years ago

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It's really not that bad. Main thing is that it's dry, so it needs to go into something moist. Works alright with mac n cheese for a lazy option.
It's really not that cheap though, and for only slightly more effort you can shred some meat off a $5 rotisserie chicken. Which of course comes with the added benefit that you can eat the delicious wings and drumsticks by themselves, and use the carcass for stock.

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i had a can of chicken breast for emergency supplies, ended up opening it when i was just low on food before going shopping. it was actually pretty decent, wasn't really dry. made a decent chicken salad. don't know about canned whole chicken though.

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Yes I have. I've taken it camping to add it to dehydrated soups (perhaps mitigating any weight reduction I was going for). It's okay. Heat it, rinse it.

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