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Why would you eat fish eggs?

Is it good for you?
Does it give some part of your body a boost?

I can't imagine they taste good at all.

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It probably does taste good to certain people. It might even taste good to you, if you'd try it.

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I don’t like salmon roe but dried mullet roe was surprisingly delicious (it’s somewhere in this picture). I also quite like beluga caviar, got some as part of a tasting menu, but I wouldn’t specifically order it.

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>Does it give some part of your body a boost?
It gives your cock a boost. I’ve gained 3 inches from eating roe

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beluga is the most overpriced overrated caviar and its tasteless compared to other caviars even low class caviars taste better

type of nigger to buy grey goose kys

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>tfw will never be able to enjoy caviar because cock already way too long

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Wait don’t mammals give live birth?

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I don’t drink vodka, also seethe harder jellyfag

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It’s from the beluga sturgeon, not the whale.

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isn't caviar just fish eggs? in that case yes, they're delicious

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They have a nice texture and a mild fishy flavor in a good way. Some are a little too salty though.

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It's tastes amazing and is literally one of the most healthiest food you could eat.

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>I can't imagine they taste good at all.

but they do. salty and fishy(in a good way)

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Uni is not eggs

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ikura uni don, like you pictured, is easily one of my favorite dishes

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>I can't imagine they taste good at all.
they don't.

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its like those bubbles you get at the ice cream parlor but instead of fruit it tastes like fish. the combination of bubble wrap popping texture in your mouth and savory fish, its really good. i love fish eggs

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