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So I'm wondering: is it possible to bake a cake in a springform pan and put a round, even layer of jelly on top in that same pan?
The sponge pretty obviously shrinks as it cools, is putting jelly on the still-hot sponge an option or will it just melt? Should the cake be set in the centre and just have jelly poured over so it goes over the sides too?
Alternatively, should the jelly layer be made separately and just put on top of the cake?

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My ma usually pours the gelatin/pectin on top of the cooled cake in the form. Should work although I don't know how much jelly you're planning to add.

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Wait for it to cool, then pour the jelly on and chill it

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But the thing is, it shrinks so the jelly will pour over the sides too. Though I guess that's not too bad of a thing all things considered.

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just make a jelly cheesecake.

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NEVER put anything on a hot cake (unless you know what you're doing). Why does it matter if the jelly goes on the sides? You could always just cut the sides off in the end if you want to ice them or something.

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get an adjustable cake ring. or a smaller springform. an open 8-inch will probably be good for a spongecake baked in a 9-inch that's shrunk a bit.

>Alternatively, should the jelly layer be made separately and just put on top of the cake?
sure, although you'll probably have to trim it so it fits on the cake which can be a little difficult.

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