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Hey you fat niggers
Say I'm making rice and chicken and vegetables
what is some healthy shit I can put on it to make it taste better. Everything you can put on it is unhealthy as shit because it's got sugar in it.

Lemon is expensive but that's really nice. What about spices? I use granulated garlic or thyme and salt and pepper, and I'm pretty sure only the garlic is healthy.

So what the fuck can I put on it? Lemon pepper? Is that shit good or bad for me? I remember using so much on my dishes that I'm pretty sure the salt was murdering the cells in my body and I was getting tingles.

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>I use granulated garlic or thyme and salt and pepper, and I'm pretty sure only the garlic is healthy.
Thyme and pepper are good for you, almost any food has some kind of health benefit as long as it's not highly processed and refined junk food. Unless you're eating a lot of processed food, it's hard to really overdo it on salt. But recommendations are for staying under 2500mg if you want to pay more attention to that.

Ginger and onion taste really good with chicken and rice. You can use a bit of soy sauce to increase the savoriness, but don't add as much salt if you use it. Mushrooms would be good too.

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I'm gay now. I hope you're fucking happy.

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Also using brown rice instead of white rice will give more flavor and texture.

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Look for something called Bragg's Liquid Ammino. It looks like soy sauce, tastes really good, and is supposed to be healthy for you.

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Sauce from Tom KA paste and coconut milk

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Wait so that isn't just some alternative to soy sauce? Like it's its own flavor?

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I called you a fat nigger not a faggot. How did you get gay?

Here's what I make for my daily meal.
White rice - 2 breaded chickens in the oven seasoned with crumbs - salt - pepper - thyme - granulated garlic.

Then I pan fry up onions - bell peppers - and any other vegetables I have on hand like broccoli/cauliflower/carrots.

I make a big fucking pan of that, throw it in a bowl, and mow the fuck down. It tastes pretty good with lemon and the chicken tastes good on its own, everything tastes fine mixed together. But what the fucking nigger shit can I put on it to make it even tastier that isn't sugar. I used to use sriracha until it rapes my asshole so much that I'm terrified that if I use it again I'll get hemorrhoids.

Thanks nigger I'll amazon that shit up

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How do you use them in cooking? Coconut milk? On my vegetables that go with my rice and chicken? What the flying dicks?

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it's basically soy sauce

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>tfw irl fat nigger

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I didn't mean anything by it. Here, have some cocoa butter. I heard you guys love this stuff.

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Tomato, paprika, cayenne, and a little bit of cumin with the obligatory garlic and onion will turn the entire pot into spanish rice.

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I don't eat rice, but in reality the thing that's gonna make anything taste better is fat. You have to put fat in it otherwise what is the point?

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It's its own flavor, yeah.
If you like soysauce you'll like it, but it is different.

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