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do you think gordon ramsay has the perfect dream home kitchen?

would you add or change anything?

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of course, dudes gordan ramsay, i'm sure its perfect

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>decorative copper pots

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I would add a burgah

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This. Fucking terrible. Even out of reach for his manlet faggot ass

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He's 188cm bra

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Looks like he could use a few more pots desu

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The shelves/cupboard/pantry area in the back isn't aesthetic enough to be in the home of a multimillionaire. Wtf is with the doors on the left?

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Please phrase that in freedom units.
Football fields or inches will suffice.

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I assume he has all those because he throws them in the trash when they're dirty

I would if I had that kind of money. Imagine never doing dishes
>but you can pay someone
Not having some rando in my house is worth throwing out a $600 pot

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He also weirdly wide.

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I'd add some ingredients. Far as I can tell he's only got one melon and a few tomatoes.

I don't care HOW famous you are, you need more than that to cook a good meal.

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>he doesn't buy food the day of use

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Honestly too big to be that functional as a home cook. Also, open concept kitchens are a trash housing trend, because your whole house gets hot and your guests can see your sink of dirty dishes.

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i think he built a small glass building in his backyard that is a whole kitchen and dining room

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I bet he's fucked his wife on those worktops

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its like those dudes who have gigantic drum sets

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That French suite is probably like 50k

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That's not a home kitchen.

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Don’t leave dirty dishes in your sink lazy fuck

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Most of that kitchen island seems like a fucking waste. The obnoxiously huge knobs are in a fuck awkward locations. The ovens in that thing won't even get used. The cheap electric wall ovens do all the real work.

I pity the maid which has to clean it, so many nooks and crannies.

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>Implying Ramsey doesn't get together with his culinary friends to make great food for parties and special ocassions

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that bench is uggly af

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Unless all that shit is self-cleaning it looks like a nightmare to me.

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Why isn't your maid cleaning your kitchen ?

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from one of his youtube videos

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>tfw gordon will never make love to you for hours and then make you a nice breakfast in the morning afterwards

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Nigga I AM the maid.

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>do you think gordon ramsay has the perfect dream home kitchen?
The backyard view is lovely, all that glass, it'll be nice in all seasons to have a changing garden view.
>would you add or change anything?
It's horrible. Look at the positive clutter of too many appliances squeezed into a small area of counter space behind him. That table on the right has chair pushed in, and if anyone would sitting there, literally shoved up against a counter. The countertops look very low, and in a way that I'd have a backache to work in it. The utter thin nature, and cheap edging to the granite or whatever stone is low end, no bullnosing, no thickness, totally bottom of the line. The big island is nice and all, but why are there enough pans of the exact same size hanging overhead to both collect dust or fall and give concussions? Is he running a breakfast kitchen there and where would he put 75 dirty identical sized pots if they were used up, did you see a large sink? Nope. It's stupid., all cheap IKEA tierr crap. I don't even want to think about if he has a good fire system, that setup looks like an explosion waiting to happen, assuming his bedroom is directly above it to get that same view of the back of the house. Scary as shit. I'd have put a big production like that in a warehouse somewhere, or built it into a restaurant, because even with home entertaining on a grand scale, this is nonsensical. I'll take Julia's kitchen any day.

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do you think Ramsey goes fuck it and orders dominos?

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>this much windows
>cant cook naked

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are you implying gordon limbs is like tentacles?

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no, but it's awesome
I would add more glass door cabinetry, have a more multipurpose island (area for ppl to stand at as I cook, sink), get rid of the memetic copper situation, and I generally prefer uncovered countertops to countertop + half cabinets hanging over it

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>kitchen island
>decorative copper pans
>clearly made to entertain, not as a work station
The one thing that saves this is the high amount of natural light in that, but that's because I highly value natural light.

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from the thumbnail, i thought it was someone else with dummy thicc thighs

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does he need that many pans?

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you do understand how rich this guy is, right?

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You realise he probably just has someone who brings him fresh, top shelf ingredients every morning right?

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You do understand that having money doesn't automatically give you good taste, right?

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