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It does not take 6 cups of water to boil pasta from a little box. I'm using 3 to make this mac n chz. They love the number 6. Never forget.

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>he doesn't recognize the benefits of Kabbalah and Numeromancy when it comes to cooking pre-packaged food

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>Needing instructions to boil pasta

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I know, they don't even fucking tell you what to put the boiling water into.

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more water helps prevent sticking, and it'll cook a little more evenly because it won't lose as much temperature when adding the pasta. but you don't actually need more than just enough to cover it.

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It barely matters unless you're making a metric fuckton of pasta, or fresh pasta. Depending on what I'm making I actually prefer to use the least amount of water as possible. Mac and Cheese for example, you can make some super potent, concentrated pasta water to give you a thick sauce and add a bit of salt to the cheese. Would not recommend if you're mixing it with anything salty though, unless you've properly compensated for the added sodium.

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It matters the same for a small amount of pasta as it does for a large amount of pasta. Less water makes it stick more easily and the texture is never as good. But you go ahead and do what you want, it's your kraft dinner or whatever.

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