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Bros, I need it...

(also what else will I like if I like Neoguri?)

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Order it off of Amazon. When my local walmart stopped carrying pic related, I went to Amazon instead and got the bulk packages.

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Samyang's Assorted Vegetable Ramen (personal goto)
Nongshim's Potato Noodle soup (rarity+++)
Odongtong Myon (basically Neoguri but better)
Ottogi Bekse Curry Myon (god tier but they don't seem to export anymore)

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Honorable mention to:
Nongshim Mupama Tangmyun (good but rare and pricey)
Paldo Bibimmyeon (acquired taste)

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now this is the nongshim thread

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For what it's worth Ottogi is probably the most philanthropic mega corp in South Korea. Tends to be the healthiest choice as well (low sodium). Nongshim and Samyang have better flavours however.

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Spicy seafood and kimchi are best. Black is overrated but worth trying.

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Patrician recipe (jjapaguri)

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i reiterate, this tastes like mud and ash.

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Then you didn't cook it right, anon. The instruction's kinda bad though.

1. use a shallow saucepan
2. 600ml water, wait til full boil
3. throw in noodles, wait 3 min
4. slowly pour out water. leave approx 150ml (just add more if you poured out too much)
5. put heat @ mid-low. put in soup, oil and pan fry 2 more mins

Serve with a fried sunny-side up.

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Mild is more rare and patrician choice.

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