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Just got a new range. She’s a beautiful and heavy bitch. Cooking pizza to test it. Post your ranges.

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Came out pretty good, this is only about 7 mins in while the large oven is at full tilt. This was on the top rack and I bet the middle rack has a more even heat flow.

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This is basically one step below those people who take pictures of their food.

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What are you doing here

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This is a cooking board.

A board about cooking.


Food preparation.

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Mocking the tards that will post pictures of their dumb ovens in this stupid thread

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>this post
I hate to ever call anyone a newfag but I wonder if it's your first day here.

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Sounds boring, you must be a loser

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Don't be envious, guys.

I've seen much worse content here.

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It looks like a fucking abortion. What would possess you to make such a thing?

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A man’s range is literally the measure of how virile he is

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holy shit man that looks like something I'd see in a commercial kitchen, are those two separate ovens? And what's under those panels on top?

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Yeah two electric ovens. Big one has convection and broiler, small one has proofing function and broiler. The covers on top are for the grille and the griddle.
I got this for 500 bucks on Craigslist.

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op's autism

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You don't even have gas, do you? Enjoy your oven, dipshit.

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>You don't even have gas, do you?
strange assumption

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And yet it's true.

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Nope not yet, I’m getting a propane tank and line installed next week

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God I love this board. Always finding new depths of retardation to amaze me.

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Looks amazing, man. Hope you enjoy.

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I’m curious as to how you managed to make yourself feel good with this one.

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Got good extraction for it?

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I had a similar range growing up, and I will say that a griddle that small is fucking useless. The grill however can be very convenient in the colder months.

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OP's stove is something I'd love to play with on Thanksgiving or Christmas. I'd stuff that pig full and have the whole house smelling and feeling great.

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very nice

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Imagine paying for an expensive ass range and still being a shit fucking cook AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAH

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>making your home kitchen look like the backline at Waffle House

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My god you're a fucking faggot.

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>proofing function
What is this magic?

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Some ovens come with a whole section just for proving.
Personally I just stick my dough bowl over a dish of hot water.

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that's a nice find.

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Why a stainless steel wallsplash?

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Not OP but despite being prone to highly visible stains it's also very easy to aggressively scrub clean compared to other materials innit?

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Damn, that's one big ass oven.

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Lucky dog

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That is WAY too much cheese dude. If your oven can reach 300 degrees Celsius you should be able to make some prime Italian pizza.

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Imagine thinking 500 dollars is alot of money

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This looks like shit. Kill yourself. But not before donating that range to me so I can make you a nice pizza.

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I thought it looked a lot worse than it tasted. The crust was thin and crisp. I don’t have a pizza peel so I have to slide it onto the ceramic using a plate. It’s gets a little shuffled

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Looks like it will do grilled cheeses and hash browns for 2 maybe 3

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Yeah but your standards and opinion are worthless because you clearly can't cook worth a fuck.

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