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anyone here ever have to cook for a restrictive diet?
i have had to cook a low iodine diet for nearly 2 months now. was only supposed to be a couple of weeks but one doc fucked up and they have been on it longer than necessary.
this isn't like some bullshit lose weight kind of diet.
i have been cooking for someone with thyroid cancer going through treatments and FUCK i will be so glad after i can stop tomorrow.

anyone who doesn't know a low iodine diet means
>no dairy
>no seafood or sea salt
>no egg yolks
>no soy
>almost nothing processed
>must use air cooled chicken and no solution added meat.
>only basmati rice
>only homemade bread.
>only small company semolina only pasta.

first thing i'm going to buy them and eat myself are an order of these bullshit ass cheese it stuffed things from pizza hut for lunch then a big ass pizza from our favorite local pizza place for dinner. then it's junk food every day until the full body scan.

the full body scan is scary as fuck btw bros. that's when we know if it's gone for now. 2 surgeries and a year after diagnosis this nightmare may be coming close to an end.

OH and after the last surgery where they had to have lymph nodes removed they could only have fruits and vegetables with no salt for a week and as close to zero fat as possible. so no coconut or avocado or starches like rice.
many potatoes where eaten and i try to be supportive so i ate close to the same thing with the occasional fast food.

the hospitals food was surprisingly baller though. it was a specialty hospital in a big city that is also a medical school the size of a city block. they had a fucking pizza oven that went 24/7 and a surprisingly good, cheap and variety of foods available throughout the day.

> TL;DR ever have to cook or eat for for a restrictive medical diet?

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>no starches
i meant no grains. no oats. no rice no wheat.
starch was fine which is why potatoes.

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>24/7 pizza oven

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i mean you aren't wrong.

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Not as extreme but my wife has quite severe Crohn's and can't eat a wide variety of things. It's been a real challenge finding things she likes that don't cause intestinal distress. Five years we've been dealing with it, not a ton of fun!

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sounds like your cancer man has to take the /fit/ pill and eat chicken with veggies till he dies.

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>don't have to go on said diet
>subject yourself to said diet
But why? Just cook the diet food then your own.

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Cleveland Clinic has a McDonalds. They have tried to remove it but McDs has a contract good for another decade until they have to leave

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I have quite severe Crohn's and while it's quite severe I've never been able to identify foods that make it worse. I mean, I'm not good at handling lots of dairy or lots of fatty food, but nothing else seems to make a difference.

I'm getting my large bowel removed soon.

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