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they got some habaneros in my supermarket now, what shall I do with them?

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Rub them on your p3n0r then shove them in your buttholio.

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stuff them under your finger nails for a euphoric rush

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Shove then up your ass for a zesty pick-me-up

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Put them in soups. Dry them then grind into powder and add to foods

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sautee them with garlic onion and shallots then make instant ramen
they burn though so do onions > shallots > habs > garlic

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Store slices under your foreskin for secret eating...

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add them in cochinita pibil
make a mango habanero marinade
etc etc

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Rub your nipples with them for better seasoning.

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I just made ghost peper salsa 3 days ago

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Lacto-ferment them and blend them into hot sauce.

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salsa all the way

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I finely chop them and throw them in a crock pot with pork shoulder and onions when its done I use it mainly for tacos but sometimes add it to ramen or put in dirty rice or quinoa.

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stick them up your butt.

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I put aftershave on my nuts after shaving. Fool me once, never get fooled again.

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why dry and powder them? Is it better than using them fresh?

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Eat 'em.

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>Lacto-ferment them and blend them into hot sauce.

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Not better but if you have a bunch they will last longer

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This is what I did with some and some peppers I grew in my garden, it turned out very delicious.

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What about that is bad?

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why do you need something so extremely spicy?
do you plan to kill somebodys tastebuds?
just stick to regular jalapeno or bell pepper, these are already more than spicy

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I started doing this when I realized it was the fermenting that gives Tabasco the flavor I like so much and have been getting great results. Though I want to make some to go for a long time. I put about half the onions in the sauce and the others I kept as is and have been putting on sandwiches, they're so fucking good. I love fermenting.

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>regular jalapeno or bell pepper,
Woah, those are too spicy for me. Ketchup for me only.

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Damaged taste buds are a myth but you do build tolerance to the heat from peppers pretty quickly if you eat them regularly. I find habeneros almost not spicy enough at this point, but everything else still tastes normal and delicious. The flavour from the pepper and the heat from the pepper are different things really.

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that means your tastebuds have been burned away.

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No that's a myth, I was explaining how. Heat and taste are different. Subtle flavors are still there and delicious.

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Sure but you've ruined your tastebuds tho. Everything hotter than a habanero is a meme. Sorry.

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>two posts in under one minute
lmao this guy bought a 4chan pass

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>he doesn’t know how to switch IP addresses

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nice damage control

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Can you even read? My taste buds still work just fine. There's no trouble at all with subtle flavours because heat doesn't really affect flavor. Non spicy subtle foods are still flavorful and delicious.

For the record I wish the tollerance to heat didn't build up as much as it does since I like the kick from it but too much can cause some intestinal discomfort.

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Denial. You've done irreversible damage to your taste buds trying to prove how tough you are to an empty home and a message board full of drunks. Seek help and please have sex.

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I'm married and had sex last night. I virtually never talk about hot food outside of where it's mentioned here and don't think there's anything special about liking it or it having anything to do with toughness. I'm just explaining that the thing about it messing with your ability to taste sublte flavors is a myth. It's totally different from having a pallet messed up by too much salt for example (that I have experienced). Heat isn't a flavor.

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Get: 2 large carrots 1 medium onion 3 limes vinegar and 2-3 dozen habaneros, we are making traditional Belezian habanero sauce ! peel and chop carrots and onions boil them until soft ,and as it boils de-stem peppers,and put them in the pot 3/4 way into boiling carrots and onions to blanch peppers.get blender out and put 3 limes worth of lime juice and about the same amount of vinegar (to taste),and blend until a ketchup consistency for fresh traditional Belezian style hot sauce. put it in a mason jar and spoon out for serving sizes! keep refrigerated.

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>having sex
Nice larp, denialfag. Your meme peppers will never replace your shriveled testicles.

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holy shit did you actually buy a 4chan pass? what kind of fucking loser actually spends money on 4chan of all things. how pathetic is your life?

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not him but it’s time for you to leave, newfag.

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You're trying too hard and have no idea what you're even talking about.

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>not him

lmao ok

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>You’re trying too hard
Ah yes, the ultimate meme non-argument copout. Not sure why I expected anything less from sub-80 IQ “hotheads”.

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Imagine samefagging on 4chan over the age of 50.

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You are trying super hard though and it makes no sense. I explained why what you're saying isn't actually true but you're for some reason very invested in what kinds of food I like.

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Just a lol? What's bad about fermenting?

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shutup pussy

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I thought you were referring to the picture. That would've been funny. There's nothing wrong with fermenting

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I like to cut one in half and put in some tequila. Let it sit for a week at least then enjoy spicy shots.

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make me, camo shorts.

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Ahh yeah I didn't understand what that picture was meant to imply.

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>doubles down
Take your blood pressure meds, and jack off.

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I don't have any to take. Why are you getting upset over people liking different things than you? It's so surreal to me.

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>Why are you getting upset over people liking different things than you? It's so surreal to me.

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Well it is. You're literally trolling because I like something you don't and for a reason that isn't even true. It makes no sense and you could have tried looking it up like an hour ago and not continued to make yourself look like a triggered retard.

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use google you FUCKING faggot

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What are better habeneros or scotch bonnets?

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I'm sure they both hurt equally when inserting rectally so just try both.

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Dur hurr triggered faggot.

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I suggest using them fresh, they're much better that way. You can blanch in water for a minute, blend and make a very good sauce too.

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bonnets taste better imo but both have about the same heat

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I agree with this. Habeneros have a weird after taste bonnets are hot but sweet.

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