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A whole roasted turkey a pot of mashed potatoes 3 cherry cokes and an entire pecan pie anon?!?!?! Unbelievable

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I have no money for anything, let alone food, and will have to go to the food bank tomorrow to get something to eat.

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>started dieting in June
>already halfway in between biggest weight and goal weight (as dictated by my physician)
We're gonna make it bros.

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What happened?!?!

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>barely eat anything
>3300 calories

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Got cut off, am washing dishes but haven't been paid yet. Being broke/poor sucks. I hope I can get some cheese and maybe cookies and some fresh veg tomorrow. We'll see.... also all of my next 2/3x paychecks will go to rent because, again, am cutoff, so the foodbank will have to do. Fml :/

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Sucks anon. Good luck.

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your such a lard faggot its ridiculous

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