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what makes the proper way to make a good gumbo
i want to impress my friends with something french

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gumbo isn't french. it's influenced by french technique but it's slave food.

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Maybe I can trade you for a chili dog recipe? I want to make something english.

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This, start with a roux and build it up, taste it as you go, add seafood, crab, shrimp, oysters if you're up for them, if you can get some andouille sausage add that in there, if not don't substitute another sausage, it isn't going to have that same taste. The vegetables added really depend on what you like but I personally am not a big fan Okra but to each their own

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>slave food

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closest thing i can find in french cuisine to this is the potee https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tr2kZ26X2Qc
amazing winter dish but wouldnt cook it for a date cuz it leaves an old fart smell in the kitchen

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That’s why it’s full of shellfish, lobster and shit used to be considered food for the poor.

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Nah. Those are included, because New Orleans had a lot of hobos, vagrants, bumpkins, and ne'er do wells.

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I mean 13% is 50% of those.

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Yea, but back then the 13% weren't the culinary trendsetters.

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The only good food in the US is what was formally slave food, all from the south too.
Second best is food from non-white immigrants like the Italians, Latins and Greeks and such.
White people have objectively the worst food.

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This is your brain on CNN.

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Everything he said is objectively true.
What the fuck is even white people food? Casseroles of potatoes and minced meat in various variations? Not exactly the best of foods.

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>non-white immigrants like the Italians, Latins and Greeks and such.
Kek these people are honorary whites for accomplishing a culture. They’re also superior caucasoids. Actually all of northern africa was colonized by caucasoids, those blacks are really a hybrid between the negroid and true humans but probably mostly just black whites like Indians.

Anyway, who needs to make food when you were blessed as the strongest race and can make all the others cook for you?

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>American slaves made everything
Seems like an idiotic turn of events since they haven't made anything but sticks, and crime before, and after slavery.
It's literally the ultimate cope awarded to black people out of sheer pity.

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>bla bla bla white pride
Please stay on topic.

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Stop being such a triggered racist snowflake. We are talking about food, retard.

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>Bla bla let's just pretend that slaves made it to shut them the fuck up.
>2019 blags into French cuisine bruh

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Most of the time I attribute racism on this website to edgelords trying to piss sensitive people off. In this case though I get the sense that you have deep rooted animosity towards non-white people. You should get your emotions in check.

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The real rayciss are the people who are hell bent on forcing a baseless myth.

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This how can you even complain about whites being racist in 2019 for making complaints about facts while people rail on whites for literally no reason

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I'm not even white, so fuck you. Not every "minority" agrees with your corruption of history btw.

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Ah yes, white people and their "food"

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This type of thinking is what led to South Africa's current state.

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God help me for thinking that BBQ Hog is more delicious than Chicken Pot Pie.

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Is this post relevant?

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It's literally what the topic of the conversation was about before the racist retard got TRIGGERED over nothing.

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Thread isn't about BBQ hog, or pot pie though, you know iq retard.

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>low iq
inb4 retard rages on a typo

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The secret to good gumbo is getting the roux as dark as possible w/o burning it. It should almost be the color of dark chocolate.

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Or what almost led to mass starvation in Zimbabwe before they brought white people back to help manage the government

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Do those no borders lefty tards ever acknowledge the ultranationalism rising in Africa over the last few decades?

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Kek you are getting really heated aren't you.
Where's all this insecurity coming from?

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That, and what led to that African kid destroying his racist university that gave him full scholarship. It was okay, because blacks are the victims when they commit crimes, and had invented everything.

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Is this your takeaway?

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>African kid destroying his racist university that gave him full scholarship

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Yes, your fragile ego getting pierced by the allegation that boiled potatoes and sardines don't quite cut it as top tier food.

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There is a basics with babish on how to do this. Don’t worry, there is an actual expert teaching and babish is just standing there in the video

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Why did you think they invited him in the first place?
What do you think is the whole point about diversity?
They invited him and others like him so that they could learn to interact with their culture, so that later on they could build strong relationships, that won't be fragile enough to break down over simple misunderstandings.
Part of that is understand what one culture does that another culture finds offensive and then to reach a middle ground. He was doing precisely what they brought him over to do.

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Niggers destroyed yet again

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So you claim (without any evidence, and your emotions aren't sufficient proof btw).

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>He has rejected accusations of hypocrisy for receiving money from the Rhodes scholarship scheme, claiming that he is merely recovering wealth stolen from Africans by Rhodes during the colonial period.
Lel. Gibs me dat.

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>Out of 2700 students, 1100 students voted. Sixty percent of them were against the removal of the statue, 38% were in favour of its removal and the remaining 2% abstained. However, the poll did not measure strength of opinion. A consensus in the Senate found that many who are against removal did not feel strongly about the issue.

Lefties lmao, never change

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The gumbo in this video is 100% how we cook it in the south. Don't mix seafood with anything else, i.e. sausage. https://youtu.be/nORg_aXMsmA

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>The university protests have been criticised for their increasingly violent nature[48] and their racism against non-black students,[11][57] especially their "extreme hatred of whites".[66] Some black students claim they fear retribution should they not support the protests
God fuck the left so much

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Please do show more of your ignorance.

>> No.12991172

Pretty much.

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Being euroshit is being leftist by default.

>> No.12991205

You have no fucking clue, retard. America is basically all liberals from the reddest red to the bluest blue so you live in a bubble.
Europe has much more protracted extremes.
Anywhere from supporters of Stalin to supporters of Hitler. I'm not saying this as some point of pride.

Oxford as such is a very privileged place. You won't find many leftists there. Lots of conservative-liberals like you and lots of other kinds of liberals is what you find.

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Euros are lefty liberals you mongoloid. Americans are more egalitarian. Even the American globalist left are just emulating the euroshits.

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Not sure if this is bait, or if you're just legitimately a retarded asshole.

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>jew and billionaire child day care for journalism degrees

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Heh at first was like "oh shit was this some historical event like with Carthage where somebody declared that the polity of Rhodes must be destroyed?" but nah its just niggers whining about being retarded subhumans

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>supposedly against racism, and white supremacy
>perpetrated by racist black supremacists on a handout

>> No.12991421


No such thing. That's not how it works.

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God willing the chimps will just massacre the Boers any day now so that faggot white sois will have no choice but to see the score and know what's good. Muh universalist egalitarianism yo excuse me whole I casually fantastically betray my tribe to satisfy my self-evidently silly moral vanity dude

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>56 replies
>only 1 that resembles a recipe or is even tangentially related to gumbo
>rest is /po/ faggots and other loser bitching about muh liberals and race
We are doomed

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Don't bring /po/ into this scumbag

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>racism is permitted if you have less power than the people you’re attacking
Basically saying you’re not allowed to hit me back because you’re stronger. Figures the higher in estrogen blacks would take to such womanly philosophies

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/pol/ has infected this site. You can't click any individual forum and go even a couple of pages deep with out some cheeto-sucking faggot expressing their degenerate views about kids, women, "lubruls," the environment, or literally anything important. As long as they can have 0 jobs, live on mommy's allowance, and meme about guns all day they're happy.

Fucking pathetic.

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She didn't win get over it.

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This is a fucking cooking board

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>making my point and trying to act superior about it
I rest my case.

>> No.12991717

Advertising how mad you're getting will only get more people to see what trolls you. Posts like yours fed /pol/, you should have learned how the internet works before coming here.

>> No.12991718

>Off topic, but still smug

>> No.12991725

I resent that, I feel like they’re the trolls and we are making genuine points

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So we should act like this thread wasn’t a cesspool or racist and incel vitriol completely unrelated to cooking that has been on the first page all day?

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>/pol/ has infected this site!
>while saying nigger is against the rules
Never shy of hypocrisy are ya lefty

>> No.12991763

>image doesn't match post
Are you baiting, and reporting anons while trying to give the illusion that you're on topic?

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I have never reported a post in the 11 years I have been on 4chan. A better question is why are you condoning this shit behavior and attacking me when I am trying to post gumbo related images?

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Threads are dynamic anon, and a single post can change its focus.

>> No.12991823

So the inexorable change of topic to race and Jews and muh feminism is part and parcel of “board culture”? Doesn’t seem that dynamic to me if the simple relationship between gumbo and soul food causes a racial controversy.

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Do you have a problem with the posts, because they took you out of your comfort zone? It seems like an anon tried to steer it into one fictitious direction, but then other anons stopped it.

>> No.12991859

I defy you to find an example that is not provoked. Take a gander at the literal first response to the OP.

>> No.12991868

Believe me, this thread was the least surprising and most typical thread on 4chan that I’ve seen all day. It’s interesting that you can display the most vehement hatred on this site but the moment you try to say anything about it you are the angry one. The irony would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

>> No.12991874

>and most typical thread on 4chan that I’ve seen all day
Then why complain? Just move on to a better thread.

>> No.12991881

Can we just genocide all fucking white skins already?

>> No.12991885

I happen to really like gumbo and to see the track this thread has taken is disappointing and boring. I’m staying here because of the anons that are trying to justify what took place here.

>> No.12991892

Or this. >>12991881

>> No.12991941

>I happen to really like gumbo and to see the track this thread has taken is disappointing and boring
You seem to enjoy talking about your gripes, and using the thread as your vehicle for bitching instead of focusing on gumbo.

>> No.12992129

wrong on all counts

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gumbo isn't fre-

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Gumbo is borderline antisemitic.

Grow up.

>> No.12992749

Whites deserve it.

>> No.12992776

>feels like others are trolls
>feeds them

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If your friends are impressed by gumbo I would hate to see what they eat normally. Gumbo is overrated anyways.

>> No.12992931

I mean nig nogs stole southern cooking even, people attribute it to the darkies falsely it's retarded.

>> No.12992952

Oxford is very left wing.

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what difference does the dark roux make, opposed to let's say a lighter roux?

>> No.12993036

Taste the roux once it's cooked for a while, you'll see. It develops a rich, nutty flavor. Light roux doesn't really taste like much at all.

>> No.12993071

I actually made gumbo tonight, kind of the 30 mins dinner.

Slice andouille in thick cut on the bias slices, browned both sides, in a little olive oil. Remove from pan, sweat your trinity (peppers, onions, celery), then push aside, to rendered fat, ladle out any extra, add butter and flour. Brown til nice dark roux. Deglaze with a little sherry. Add can of stewed tomatoes or whole tomatoes, breaking up the latter a bit. Tuck in bay leaf, thyme, marjoram, parsley, shake of cayenne. Tonight, I cheated, and I used frozen gumbo veggies (corn, okra, celery, peppers) that I sweated, and I like my sausage added back only in the last 10 mins of simmer.

Serve over jasmine rice or popcorn rice.

You can pass gumbo file powder, Tony Cachere's, and Louisiana hot sauce at the table.

I like to keep the gumbo seafood free, but you could add that. Tonight I had drop biscuits with it, which I make while the rice has that last 10 mins of steaming time, and a marinated avocado salad, but often I like to enjoy gumbo with fresh french bread and softened butter.

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Dark roux has almost no thickening power vs lighter roux. It diminishes more and more as you cook it. So in a big batch you'll notice you're going to need a lot of dark roux if you switch, or you'll need to add some normal roux too.

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>30 min gumbo

>> No.12993172

Who the fuck is putting lobster in gumbo? Stupid fucking northerners.

>> No.12993201

That retard probably meant crawdads.

>> No.12993202

How do I keep my okra from getting all gummy and gooping up my gumbo? Just keep washing it till it's nothing but fiber?

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Bingo. People attribute southern cooking to blacks because ut was the house slaves making dishes for their owners. The slaves didnt invent shit, they were tought recipes. The food they actually did make for themselves was chitlins and boiled weeds. I'll gladly eat some collards and cornbread but to think slaves invented creole or cajun dishes is ludicrous.

>> No.12993246

you're thinking of creole this is cajun made by french Canadians from Acadia

>> No.12993250

There's actually quite a bit of West African influence in Southern food, from the rice and other ingredients to the spices to the preparation method of various dishes. Please do try to keep your sub-80 IQ from influencing the quality of your posts, thank you.

>> No.12993257

That dudes gumbo looked like shit. Thin, soupy, way too much oil. And i don't know who told him that cajuns dont put sausage and seafood together, but thats false.

>> No.12993283

>gooping up my gumbo
It's natural thickening. It eventually cooks down, and frozen is less gumming. If you don't actually like gumbo,an okra based dish, then make something else, ya know? Jambalaya or red beans. If you are slicing okra fresh, the best thing you can do is use the stickiness to adhere simply fine cornmeal and pan fry them. Crunchy crispy, like popcorn, and makes a great topping to a homey dish.

>> No.12993286

What part of the south are you from? Cause that dudes a hack.

>> No.12993307

No, I like thick gumbo but whenever I use fresh okra it gives it the consistency of elmer's glue. I'm thinking maybe I should let it dry and saute it a bit instead of just throwing it in still damp from washing so it can keep some of texture without turning my gumbo into sticky goop that's a pain in the ass to eat.

>> No.12993350

Post a bouillabaisse recipe without seafood. I'll wait.

>> No.12993361

let them sit in warm/hot water after cutting them in half and removing the stem. add them at the end. they'll keep better texture that way also

>> No.12993366

>what is okra
>what is file

>> No.12993373

At the end, as in, the last few minutes of cooking the pot, around the time I add the filé?

>> No.12993415

Oh, we eat corn and potatoes too, guess that makes it indian food too don't it? Fucking retard.

>> No.12993549

Indian food? No. Food with Indian influence? Absolutely. I really hope you're not a native English-speaker because your comprehension of the language is poorer than a homeless Floridian hurricane refugee.

>> No.12993671

Hows your gumbo recipe friend? Let's see it

>> No.12993784

lol get trapped triggered more queer

>> No.12993930

Yeah, and gyoza is "food with French influence" because the Celts domesticated cabbage. Totally.

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One part oil
One part flour
Cook til chocolate color
Fry green pepper, celery, onion in roux.
Add garlic
Add either shrimp or chicken stock
Bay leaves, thyme, cayenne, salt, pepper what ever else gets you goin.
Simmer for a while
Brown andouille and add it
Add shrimp, lump crab
Finish with file if you arent doing okra.
Serve over rice

Wa la

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Forgot the image

>> No.12994005

Sure, if the Japanese got taught about cabbage by the Celts.
Who do you think we got corn from? Did you drop out of 1st grade too early to get to learn about the "first Thanksgiving?" What about rice? The most valuable slaves in the 18th Century were the ones with agricultural experience with rice and melons. There are only two places in the old world where okra and sorghum are traditionally cultivated, and we sure as hell didn't get either of them from India. Read a book or two about your own history, Cletus. Maybe you'll learn something.
Anyways it's Monday tomorrow, so good night. Try not to die of ice withdrawal in your sleep.

>> No.12994053

2 mins before pot is cooked. if you add rice to the pot instead of when serving then it should be fine to add a little earlier, but either way its the last part of the recipe I add. othewise they are too soggy.

>> No.12994061

Damn, I can really tell how virtuous and woke you are. You must've spent quite a long time unpacking your invisible knapsack. If only I could give your post the gold it deserves.

>> No.12994064

do you find the color is darker with shrimp stock and lighter with chicken stock?

>> No.12994070

The roux is going to be darker than either so it ends up looking about the same.

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So is gumbo actually amazing or just decadent slop

>> No.12994309

There's no need to mythologize it, but it's a pretty good stew.

>> No.12994314

Fuck off back to r*ddit retarded faggot

>> No.12994318

If you're crying and whining about RACISTS and MUH INCELS I really doubt you've been on 4chan for 11 years. But then again I guess that would have been 2008 at this point... take me back...
Please bros...

>> No.12994320

No food is "amazing". Save your hyperbole. But it's good, try and make some for yourself. You do like to cook, right anon?

>> No.12995496

Lots of seafood, what’s not to love?

>> No.12995741

Aussie here. It sounds like something i'd love to give a go but i'd like to know if i can use a crockpot/slow-cooker and also if i want to mix my own spices, what go into "cajun spices"? Would rather make from scratch instead of buying cajun seasoning and not knowing what's in it.

>> No.12995796

You couldn't cook the roux in the crockpot but you could prepare everything on the stove and transfer to the crockpot. Primary cajun spicing is thyme, bay leaf and cayenne pepper. Marjoram is sometimes used as well.

>> No.12995830

Awesome, cheers for the advice anon that's good to know. I'll deffs have to give it a try and i'll do my best not to bastardize it now.

>> No.12995837

Black things are used to being bastards I wouldn’t worry about it

>> No.12996501

Based retard

>> No.12997322

Based and redpilled post.

>> No.12997749

Literal samefag

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