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Is there ever a cooking situation where using margarine is more appropriate than butter?

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Not ever.....

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Modern margarine or spreadable butter mixes aren't bad, but I wouldn't say they're better than butter at anything.
Maybe if you just want to butter your toast in the morning and you don't feel like letting your butter warm up enough.
You could also just leave your butter out like a savage; it doesn't go bad nearly as fast as most people think.
Really, though, just get one of those canola/butter mixes instead of margarine.

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Anus lubing.

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someone's never tried coconut oil

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Not really. It's vegetable oil flavored to taste like butter but with a higher water content. I can't really see any good use of it because it has more water.

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margarine spreads better, usually.
butter left in the fridge is usually too rock hard to spread on toast, but if you leave it out it goes rancid in a day or two.

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