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what is the point of hot sauce that is too hot to have any real flavour?

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For zoomers to show how cool and crazy they are

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it's for literal faggots who love mouth and asshole torture

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I have yet to try one that hot of course I've seen it memed on hot ones I think that that one in particular is gross

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some people build heat resistance, some just like pain and the high you get from it

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>Why yes, I do have a large collection of hot sauces at home. How could you tell?

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There are some practical uses. Imagine you are cooking a huge pot of chili and you want to adjust the heat without changing the flavor. As far as applying directly to food idk it’s oretty dumb to me.

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Just cut up some fresh habanero for chili.

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If you want to make the entire pot spicy youll need like 4 habaneros which you will smell/taste
I would because I like the taste, but if you didnt, something hotter is nice

I have that one and use it as a drop each on chicken nuggets
doesnt hit my nose/ears like habaneros/reapers do so good to switch it up

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When I was in middle school my band teacher had this on his desk. He told us not to touch it. Naturally being a dumb 13 year old I picked it up and opened it because I wanted to smell it. At some point after that I must have rubbed my eyes, because holy shit they were searing. It was a bad day.

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>what is the point

The point is, 30 year old men in glasses who grow beards only because they are completely bald will buy five or more bottles of hot sauce at once for the sake of a podcast about hot sauces that they will never, ever get around to making.

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Doesn’t really make sense, soibois would probably be the ones making fun of this guy

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This is the correct answer. These are the same choads that will sit and sip a flight of IPAs and judge them like they're peer-reviewing a Nobel Prize winning paper.

We need to bring back the draft.

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I have a bottle of this. I can't use too much, obviously, but what I can handle isn't that bad. It does have after flavors that are nice, but you've gotta take the punishment before you can enjoy them. Shit doesn't play. Fucking burned my nose hairs off when I smelled it for the first time.

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name 5 hot sauce podcasts

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Fat whitetrash fucks love hot sauce. it makes perfect sense.

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it seems you forgot to bump
dont worry newfriend, it happens

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>butthurt about spicy food
Why can't you just let guys enjoy chili? Or do you think everyone likes lame shit that tastes like ketchup?

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kek saw this on twitter too

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If you let the opinion of women or 4chan dictate what you eat you are the ultimate cuck.

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I have some meme ghost pepper sauce in my cupboard. It’s not good for anything except getting wasted with my friends and watching them put a drop on a chicken wing or a piece of pizza.

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More of a CBT guy myself désù

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There's nothing too hot to have any real flavor, so the actual heat level doesn't matter. The problem is that at higher levels they tend to just stop giving a shit because they don't expect anyone to taste it.

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anything beyond habanero is a meme

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You can have real flavour, but the heat will distract you and you will not taste it much.

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Maybe to your baby palate. I grew up eating them and while good habanero sauce can be pretty hot it's no problem to cook with them regularly.
I disagree. Every person has a heat zone in which, if they are used to spicy food, the sinuses will be open and the mouth inflamed, making the flavors feel more intense. It works better with full-flavored foods though. Things with subtle tastes benefit less.

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enjoy your burned out taste receptors tastelet

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Wacky zany fun times haha

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Whatever you say, bud. I'm sure you'll be able to enjoy hot cheetos someday.

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>Whatever you say, bud. I'm sure you'll be able to enjoy hot cheetos someday.

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Hot peppers are almost psychoactive in a way because of how your body reacts to capsaicin. Some people probably like it for that, in a way that people like coffee for the caffeine or tobacco for the nicotine. Some people also just build up a tolerance and need something spicier, or want it for making big pots of food where they can add just a few drops for heat.

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For endorphins or pranks

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no u

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It's useful as an additive in small amounts (1-2 drops) for increasing the heat of a dish or sauce without altering the flavor.

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To look cool or unique. It's just a bullshit "interest" in something as impractical as video games. Another man child hobby to indulge in since very few peppers after habanero actually taste good

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>imagine all your opinions being recycled
4channel memes

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You know we can see you samefagging in this thread, right?

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you mix it with things. i have the regular maddog 357 ill put a drop or two in my marinara or ketchup or something depending upon what im eating cuz it adds a nice spicy smoky flavor

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Are you this retarded ? im not same person you tool

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this guy just mogged you at the club solely through his sheer presence, what do?

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Nobody in their right mind just drinks that stuff, hot ones like Dave's Insanity are meant for adding a drop or two to other things like sauces, soups, or stews, or salsa, whatever. It's not meant to be used straight.

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dave's scorpion sauce is the perfect combo of the insanity 'so hot you can barely eat it' but also 'so tasty you have to put more than two drops'. its really problematic for my asshole.

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I have plenty of those in my groovy van

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That one is pretty awesome, the only problem I have with it is that the bottles are small and it's expensive. I never see it in stores so those are a mail order job which adds to the expense.

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sounds like alcohol

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You're not wrong. Most alcohol tastes like shit

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>ha you prob can't even handle my hot sauces!
>have you tired Daves insanity?
>i can eat like 5 habeneros in a sitting!
>why doesn't anyone want to be around me?

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usually i just add a little bit to things like spaghetti sauce to make the whole thing more spicy. no one ever uses super hot sauces like that in large amounts

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>add 2 drops to 5gals of chili
>think you can taste it
Why do people pretend this is a thing?
It's as bad as the holistic medicine crowd pretending a tincture with 1/10000 of valerian root is anything but water.

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Did tyron impress your gf with his hot souce collection instead of your assburger?

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Some souces dont have much of The taste
But some have very strong flavor that dose change The taste
Also you can add cream or other milk based products to negate The heat leaving just the taste of the souce
Why do people pretend to know shit

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Why does /ck/ think you can determine a man's sexuality, political affiliation and his whole personality from one food item he likes? Is it fun to hold such simplistic beliefs?

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I don't understand hot sauce that has a lot of flavor, it just makes all your food taste the same.

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because the only reason you would want to use sauces like this is to prove how manly you are for eating something so hot. basically people who cant express masculinity in a normal way will use it as a filler

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tfw not making your own chilli sauces.
one of the cheapest simplest most rewarding cook skills

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5-15 drops would be more appropriate 5 gallons. I was talking about typical dishes, not catering batches you fucking retard.

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Are you alright, anon? You seem to be in pain.

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too make autistic faggots on this board seethe

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Sorry English is not my native

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They occasionally pop up at Albertsons but normally you gotta go to a novelty candy or hot sauce shop to get them regularly

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I samefagged three hours later just to say "this"? Don't be retarded. If you think I did that because the number of posters in the thread didn't go up, that usually happens without samefagging because most people make multiple posts in a thread they're interested in. That's only definite proof early on in a thread if there are only multiple replies to OP but the number of posters doesn't match up for that. You can't really use it to tell after a thread has this many posts.

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its also the what normalfaggots will try to pressure each other into and faggots will cave in
and then pretend it doesnt taste like shit

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A 357. mag doesn't even look like that.

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I feel like I don't understand masochistic fetishists, but then I realize I have that relationship with hot sauce. I'm just addicted to the pain and the heat

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>falls for weak bait
>spergs the fuck out
You're fat.

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spamming your weed addiction doesn't make you cool, anon

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hotty hotty hurts my tummy
makes me want to call my mummy
she doesn't hear at all my pleads
big BVLL dick is all she needs
when I post another one
I will know when BVLL will come
hotty sauce will burn my tum
when chad will com on her bum
I better behave to my best
Or chad will shit again on my test

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