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>Finish meal prep. for the week, greatly enjoying myself while improvising new and exciting dishes
>Serve myself a healthy, balanced meal that meets all my nutritional needs
>Stare at it
>Go out, drive to McDonalds, and get some fries and a soda
Anyone else just completely lack self-control and dignity?

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start doing drugs it forces you to eat real food because you cant afford fast food anymore

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No because I eat my food fresh and it tastes so good I don't even want to go to McDonald's. In fact driving is such a pain in the ass I'd rather stay home and cook a fresh meal from scratch every day of the week. Put a comfy show on the TV while I cook and enjoy myself

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Win 5% of the time. It will teach you to win 10%. That will teach you to win 20% of the time. You need success to build success. You need to form new habits to break old habits. You can do it, anon.

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This is great advice.

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Real ck advice.

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Meal prep

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yeah but instead of doing that i slam my head against the wall for being a retard and i figure ill teach my brain to not do it before i become a actual retard

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>be too lazy to cook
>be too lazy to go out in the car and order food
>end up cooking something to avoid leaving the house
You just have to make your weak will work for you

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You lost all of your dignity the minute you started meal-prepping anyway, so don’t feel too bad about eating fast food. When you hit rock bottom, there’s nowhere further down to go.

Actually, the fact that you went to McDonalds instead of eating your prepcuck shit is a good sign, it shows you’re dissatisfied and wanted something with more taste and variety. You still have a soul, and are not utterly irredeemable.

I won’t exactly say be proud, but there is still hope for you yet OP.

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