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These are the best. Very spicy but actually have a good slightly fruity flavor. How can other peppers compete?

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mix the with freznos, good combo

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depends what you're after, but these are very versatile for bright, tropical applications. Habs and closely related "chinos" are very good with citrus and seafood - I like them better than aji limon.

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Are you calling it habañero on purpose to piss off spics like me or do you actually think thats how its pronounced?

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That is how it is pronounced. I am 1/8th Mexican.

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No its not and you know it. Jalapeño has the letter but not habanero. Is havana cuba pronounced havaña? Fucking dumbass piece of shit mongoloid.

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I apologize on behalf of the white race for Donald Trump and America in general

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Taste like spicy rubber/plastic to me. Did I grow mine wrong? Grew them in the ground, got seedlings from a garden supply store, zone 5 by the way. My other peppers don't taste like this (ghost, cherry, bishops crown)

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definitely has a fruity flavor

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they should have a slightly sharp orange-grapefruit note to them, and a decent sweetness.

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Personal favorites are their cousins the Scotch Bonnet. The flavor on those things is to die for.

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the vast majority of whites in the world hate donald trump

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I don't and I dab on shitskins.

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Maybe they werent ripe enough

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Those are what we call KEKS

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You're right, OP. Habaneros are the best peppers, especially home grown ones. Anything hotter is just unnecessary. Ghost peppers and the like are just for Youtubers to eat for the EPIC LOLS.

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I really like the flavor of jalapenos more desu. Especially I like dicing one finely and eating it on top of pork rinds.
Very tasty

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basic bitch tier

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com petes me paga tu mama jajajajaja

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Not him but fuck you. 'Peños are delicious as fuck.

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Serranos are superior

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>sorry white people have helped your people immeasurably, and sorry our country has border laws :(

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Habaneros are damn fine indeed, but suitable only for dishes that call for bright flavors.

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>'Peños are delicious as fuck.
is that Mexican for "penises"?

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Morita is superior in every way
>Dried so it has that U M A M I
>Made with ripe jalapeño so it has a very fruity aroma
>Spicy enough as to let more subtle flavors pass trough but enough to have a kick
>Slightly smoked

How are dried habaneros called? They seem like a good idea with their fruitiness and all

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scotch bonnet is easily my favorite pepper
anything ghost pepper and up runs the risk of having that soapy/perfumey flavor, and also giving you capsaicin cramps. scotch bonnets almost always taste great and they have some heat to them
but i will say we had a fairly cool summer so i thought my ghost pepper plant was a lost cause, but some of the pods just got ready like last week and although they are not very hot, the flavor is great

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op is always a faggot
>loves a fruity chub

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I just harvested a bunch of habaneros and scotch bonnets. What should I do with them?

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Get some garlic and canning jars and pickle those fuckers. Keep some fresh for cooking though. Chilly season's coming around and if you can keep the whole fruit undamaged, you can make a really tasty soup

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thai chillis (as long as they are from an oriental market, although some hipster stores can occasionally have some good ones) are better and spicier than habaneros. but i am a fan of habaneros

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I have noticed with thai chillis that they have a very pungent piquancy, but lack any sort of subtle flavors.

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Get off my american servers spic

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they're not really common enough, and the flavour gets a bit guajillo/sweet paprika... they smoke up well enough too, but it only preserves the heat, not the flavour.

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Manzano chillies can compete

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I'm growing some aji dulce that were cross pollinated with habaneros. Same heat as a habanero but sweeter, really fucking good

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source: trust me bro

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