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My Carolina Reapers are about to come in? How do I make hot sauce?

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H-hhh-hh0-hOT SAUCE!!!!

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Cut, grind, and press peppers


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dont forget carrots

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If you intend to process your sauce in any way: Dedicate the cookware, blender, jars funnels, ect. to just be used for this purpose. And good luck to your butt hole.

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It's pretty easy, just use a blender, throw in the peppers, just a few different types, some ciltantro, some cracked tellcherry black pepper, some salt, some chopped red onion and whatever else seems good at the time or you have on hand. Tomitallos, garlic. Experiment and find out what you like. Some people will say to heat it all up first but that's not necessary imo. Another thing I suggest is to have a seperate blender cup for doing that, if you make drinks in the same thing they'll taste off after blending hot peppers in it.

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Write it down as well so through experimentation you come up with something good but have it written down so can repeat it and modify it.

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Lactic fermentation...
Collect it all put some gloves and eye wear. Put the peppers in the grinder then throw it all in a food safe container with a top. Then put a straw through the top for it to breath. Keep it in a sterile environment. Read on starters. The quicker it ferments the better.

Or you can sun dry them and roast them. Then put them in a blender and ferment it. For a different taste. Some recipes call for two years of fermentation. I’d say go for a month or two as long as you get it started right.

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boilem, mashem, stickemina stew.

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What are you, some kind of fag that needs gloves and glasses to dice hot peppers?

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>Grind/puree the peppers
>add whatever to taste and consistency

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I squirt that ish in my eyes to wake up in the morning.

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I rub that hot pepper juice on my dick in the morning before I fuck my girlfriend and get smacked, I guess that I'm just crosseyed and painless?

Talking Heads - Crosseyed And Painless

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Put some in a bottle of sherry then seal tight and leave to ferment.

Best flavour to add to soups.

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Stfu cooooomer

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Go for broke OP!

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The season is just about starting for these in the North East USA.

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Isn't it a bit late in the season for a pepper to just start setting fruit?

Surely they won't have ripened by the time you get frost.

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Hot peppers usually come in around Halloween.

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Damn that's hot as fuck bro.

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Make sure the finger the flowers to get them nice and pollinated.

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Oh shut the fuck up you worthless waste of resources.

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damn this is some salty ass soy

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weaponize it with chlorine/ammonia and poison ivy,

maybe add another aromatic like eucalyptus or cedar oil
emulsify it in a bender

atomize it and deploy it with extreme prejudice

fair warning, op.... This will be considered a war crime

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ok coomer

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A little late in the season, no?

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Depends on the zone and species. Where I'm at the tabascos and habaneros are just now getting fruit. Jalapenos, serranos, cayenne, bannana peppers and korean peppers have been producing for a while. In fact I picked a bunch of red jalapenos I'm smoking tomorrow to create chipotles.

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>falling for bait
>taking the bait
>responding to bait
>being bait
>???? bait
>imblign shiggy diggy
>inb4 newfag, nigger

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>dedicating a whole blender to peppers because it makes things taste funny
Why not just use a food processor?

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Why are you like this?

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