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Have you tried it?

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I have

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I have

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I haven't

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I haven't, but I will if I remember to

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You guys know that white whiskey is just out of the still and has no flavour, right?

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On the contrary, white whiskey has more flavor than one that has been aged. Inherently, wood aging removes flavor of the constituent spirit, while imparting the vanilla and earthy notes of the barrel. In white tequila, for example, the agave aroma is much more present than in an AƱejo that is toned back and will taste somewhat like a whiskey with wood flavors. A white whiskey has much stronger aromatic components of the grain itself, and if enjoyable, is the hallmark of a good spirit; whereas any subpar product can be rendered potable by extended aging.

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Only retards drink poision.

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>aged 5 seconds
So it's moonshine?

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see if you still feel the same way when you grow up

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>So it's moonshine?
No, because it's not illicit.

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>tasting things that aren't there
Literal schizophrenia.

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Not him but it depends on how many times something has been distilled. Typically whiskey and tequila aren't distilled very many times. Certainly a difference can be tasted. You dont notice the difference between tequila and vodka? Strange.
White lightning

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>You dont notice the difference between tequila and vodka?
Sure, but I'm not so fuckin crazy that I'm tasting vanilla and chives and grass and shit that isn't there.

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Also depends on the distillation method. Reflux, continuous and pot stills all have different end products.

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>aged 5 seconds

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Stop smoking and eating all that hfcs. Maybe you'll be able to taste things then

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lmao you seething faggot. Maybe I should become a whiskey reviewer and say Jim Beam tastes like chicken.

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Hipster couldn't help but wear the flannel. PBR drinkers belong in the PNW containment zone.

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No, cuase I have taste buds.

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Consider containment breached.

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>I'm not so fuckin crazy that I'm tasting vanilla and chives and grass and shit that isn't there
You know there are things called flavor compounds which give those things their flavors, right? And that those compounds aren't exclusive to one single plant, and when they're tasted in alcoholic spirits, it means those flavor compounds are present in the spirit? You do know this, right?

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>distilled PBR
Sounds awful to be honest.

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I could say that shit tastes like whatever I want, that doesn't make it true.

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White whiskey that's diluted to 40% and been chill filtered is no better then vodka.
>wood aging removes flavor
That's subjective on how you like more spirit forward drams. As long as you warehouse properly and don't dilute the spirit or chill filter then the final product will still maintain a level of character as long as the cask isn't too dominant like how most American whiskey aged in virgin oak is. I've had old Fettercairns and Glen Scotias that are very spirit driven after over 20 years in the barrel, I've also had their new make and if anything oxidation refines the spirit and brings out the complex esters and acids from the copper still interaction that make the whisky interesting.
>t. Someone who actually reviews whisky and has tried a sizable amount

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Pssssst, no one gives a shit dude

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No white whiskey is garbage and the stuff they throw away you dumb fucking kike

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PBR and flannel haven't been 'hipster' since like 2010

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What makes it true is the chemically provable presence of flavor compounds, you silly cunt.

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Then why are you posting in a thread about whiskey asshat?

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Moonshine is exclusively made from corn, not rye or wheat, and has to be distilled to at least 80% alcohol by volume.

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