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Is that....... Head lettuce

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looks like ass

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looks shitty

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What is the point of making a sandwich so tall that you cannot open your mouth enough to easily take a bite? The entire point of a sandwich is to be easily transportable/eaten.

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squish it down, brainlet

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I'll squish you down

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Yes mommy

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Don't tell me you use shredded lettuce.

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I use romaine, ball lettuce is just degenerate cabbage

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well cabbage > lettuce either way

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How can you enjoy In N Out and think shit like this is okay?

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Cabbage has a function, it has crunch and thickness, ball lettuce is just light crunch, tasteless, water leafs. Romain is healthier and has a good greens taste and if you want crunch there's some on bottom so you just fold in half.and ad more Romain. Definitely not Michelin star using that ball lettuce

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That burger is almost perfect, but not enough veg. Even a 3x3 has veg I can taste

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nigga how the hell are you gonna put cabbage in a fucking burger

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I would like to see someone take something he made, serve it to him saying they made it, and listen to him talk about how it is shit.

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coleslaw nigger

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4channel rule 3 expressly forbids racism. Go back to /pol/.

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Wasn't there that episode of kitchen nightmares where he talked shit about some burger being too tall to eat and just generally acting like a cunt.
Could someone put the sound of that over his stupid burger video?

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