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if you hate Mexico so much, why you still use it's ingredients?

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i don't you guys just think everyone hates you for no reason
fucking annoying
i just want to suck some mexican dick but you niggs call me a racist fuck you

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dick is not an ingredient.

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Because a race can't claim something that grows in the earth by itself as its invention.

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Aztecs literally invented corn, retard

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I love Mexico.

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I also love Mexico.

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>everything grows on earth
>nobody thought of peppers as a food condiment.

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I don't. Mexican "food" is the worst food in the world. FACT.

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sure, eurofag.

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How does it feel to be objectively wrong, Cleetus?

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>eating nightshades
I don't eat solanaceae, it's poison.

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>go to kitchen
>ctrl-f "made in Mexico"
>0 results found

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>*tapatio sauce*
*we found about 5 results in your fridge*

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because "mexicos ingredients" are staple items that should be found in every kitchen

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Beer I'm drinking right now: "HENCHO IN MEXICO". Pretty sure the lime in it was also grown there.

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normally this would be pedantic but since you probably don't know... "it's" is an contraction of "it is". "its ingredients" would indicate possession.

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Are you a time traveller from the dark ages?

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There are lots of them around.

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yeah.. my mistake. Anything else?

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literally none of those things are in my fridge.

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Pre-columbian Mexicans manipulated natural but sparse ingredients into legitimate and plentiful food sources (i.e. plant breeding) in a way that Europeans could not until the 19th century


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Let me guess you still breath in toxic air filled with vehicle exhaust fumes but watch out for the deadly potato's

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>use its plants and food for their cousine
>Italian's to this day can't use green tomatoes
top fucking bait.

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nada, bienvanedo migo

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how do i get a mexican boyfriend already???
i want that spicy dick!!!!!

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I don't, I'm on a purely water diet so get fucked.

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