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>get asked if I'd like a drink
>ask for black tea
>it has milk in it
why isn't this considered a hate crime?

>> No.12908382

I'm gay, btw.

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What country? I know putting milk in your tea is a thing in some places, but I've never personally met anyone who drinks it like that.

>> No.12908624

surprised they didn't ask if you like men too right after ordering tea

>> No.12908644

Not the guy you're replying too but burger here, and honestly even since middle school I've known you're not supposed to drink tea with anything in it, unless it's chai or something.

I have to admit though darker oolong + skim milk and splenda is a nice drink. Can't wait til autumn for maximum effect.

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black tea isn't the same thing as black coffee. they evidently mistook you as a patrician

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