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Choose one, /ck/

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Angourie Rice.

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Brown rice.

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Pasta made with rice flour

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No. I’ll keep both, thank you

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I can't do it, anon. sorry

Bolognese but chili con carne!
Tomato and basil with cheese but mexican rice with with fried onions, mushroom, peppers, black beans, chili and garlic!

i won't choose! you can't make me

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Rice. It's just more versatile. Pasta can be in a lot of different dishes but it'll always just be as pasta. With rice you can make fried rice, risotto, puddings, all kinds of things.

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You can't eat chili without rice?

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i don't like white rice but brown rice is great. you should be aware if you eat it regularly that some brown rice can be higher in arsenic than other grains though. depends on the farming method and where it comes from. there are rice farming methods that don't use as much water which lowers arsenic absorption, and rice not grown in the USA also has less arsenic.

>Boiling the rice in a 6:1 water-to-rice ratio (sort of how you’d cook pasta), draining the excess water once cooked, has been shown to remove up to 60 percent of arsenic levels in rice.

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For me, it’s orzo.

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Pasta. Whole wheat. Easy. I like rice but pasta cooks quicker and has more flavour and wheat grows in my country whereas rice is imported and i would rather support farmers in my own country than slanty eyed rice pickers in china or wherever the fuck rice is grown. Plus i dont trust asians not to be using arsenic tainted water or something equally as poisonous .

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Why did they put Harlys outfut on her baseball bat?

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I choose to rape OP's mother

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>rice not grown in the USA also has less arsenic.

Maybe it’s different in Europe but in most of the world you basically have a choice of food from China or food from US and US is way better for less toxic build up in the produce.

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This is one of the only instances where the opposite is true, I think. Rice from the USA has more arsenic because arsenic was used on cotton farms before they switched to planting rice, other places don't have that issue. Although apparently rice from california is okay, but it's the southern states producing rice with more arsenic in it.

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No question. Pasta

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I choose......bulgur

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For me it's Гpeчнeвaя.

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uh um hey
uh I’ll
I’ll have what they’re having
water please
sorry it was water to drink
ok thanks

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Not familiar with either of these brands

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Pasta errytym

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Chilli on chips you fucking pleb

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For me it's potatoes.

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That cheap Texas rice is probably the worst in the world. Literally like 30¢ a pound and devolves into flavorless starch.

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geez is she kill from starvation?

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i'm choosing rice

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But I fucking love chili with rice. I wouldn't waste hours cooking a good chili only to eat it with shite like chips (not that don't like them). I could use freekeh I suppose but I like rice too.

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great choice.

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Too soon.

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Orzo lel

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Rice, nigga. Gluten free

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>Rice pudding
>Savory rice dishes
>Perfect side starch

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>I'm, like, allergic to gluten and stuff, and they say it like causes cancer or some shit lol idk

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for me, its fusili, the working man's pasta
I'd miss rice pudding but cauliflower can fill the gaps for savoury shit

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had rice yesterday, so pasta

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I hope you don't have a lupin allergy.

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im a big pasta salad fan but im not really into spaghetti or alfredo or cock e poopoo so i guess its rice for me. give me Jasmine, not that disgusting brown rice.

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>he doesn't put orzo in his rice
never gonna make it

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rice because I can make rice noodle if I want noodles. /thread

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Pasta tastes better. I mean rice is almost always a side dish. Sure there’s risotto and fried rice, but they’re hardly the most exciting thing. Pasta on the other hand has lots of great flavoursome and filling dishes. It’s superior by far.

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I bet you’ve not tried chilli with pasta.

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rice, only white

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