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Should I pay $200 for a chance to smell Claire’s hair at the Bon Appetit Hot10 party?


>> No.12908217

Please take candid photos of her brapper

>> No.12908222

Only if you take upskirt photos

>> No.12908225

You'd be a fool not to. Try to smell her ass too

>> No.12908232

Honestly not a bad price for the unlimited food and drink and it is in NYC.

>> No.12908234

She's fat. And ugly. I would pay $200 to never be in the same room as her.

>> No.12908302

>wanting to sniff a Jew
I'll kill the mystique: sulfur and foreskins.

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I would.

>> No.12909528

yeah that's totally her dumbfuck

>> No.12909538

How many times will they re-use that picture? I thought Conde Nast was a high class outfit.

>> No.12909542

For 200 bucks somebody better suck on my dick. No. Don’t pay to watch some YouTube fags smell their own farts.

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400 bucks to watch a dude take old cabbage out of a mason jar that’s been in a fridge for a month and place it in the pan at the end of the cooking process

>> No.12909563

I think you're allowed to feel up Brad just a little, and he's supposed to pretend not to notice.

>> No.12909580

I'm crying lol

>> No.12910079

Your latter statement is precise with my sentiments as well. I would feel like a loser paying $200 just to see celebrities who would, or will never be my friend.

>> No.12910097

I am going to seduce brads slightly chunky 7’0” ass and make him come home with me so i can be his wife

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Why did this make me think of the last supper?

>> No.12911293

He's 6'4.

>> No.12911306

Because they are all arranged around one side of a table like the Last Supper fresco.
What are you retarded?

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