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Welcome chefs. As we begin our appetizer round, you you will see that in front of each of you is a basket containing:

>whole grain bread

You must make a dish containing these ingredients. You have access to a kitchen full of other ingredients and every kitchen appliance.

>Your clock starts...NOW!

what does /ck/ make?

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I'm gay, btw.

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A deconstructed whole grain bread, marionberry, Watercress and jicima sandwich.

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I pull out my phone and order from UberEats.

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you guys are fags

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Garlic-parmesan whole grain toast cups filled with a watercress/ricotta mousse. Lemon-pepper jicama chips on the side for dipping on the mousse

Idk anon

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Forgot the marionberry glaze

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Cube the bread, toss with bleu cheese, put into oven for croutons.
Marionberry will be put into a blender along with red wine vinegar and EVOO to make a fruity vinaigrette.
Toss the watercress with some other microgreens or a seasonal blend of leafy vegetables.
Not sure what to do with the jicima because I've never heard of it before. Probably julienne it and lightly sautee it in some olive oil with a little salt. I probably would do this first because I don't want it to be hot going on the salad.

Arrange in a bowl with the microgreens and watercress on the bottom, topped with the julienned jicima and croutons, with the marionberry vinaigrette on the side.

I like this thread OP, this was pretty fun.

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I make a pitstop to McDonalds to pick up everyone's favorite poultry and bread dish.

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I don’t actually know what any of these things taste like

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>don't know what bread tastes like

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I don’t know what whole grain bread tastes like anymore than I know how I like my unicorn steaks, how can a grain be whole and bread

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>being this idiotic
This has to be b8

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This nigga thinks he can make bread out of a whole grain

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>lemon pepper jicama chips
Would eat

Sounds pretty good too anon. Get a chance to try jicama if you can get it, it's pretty neat texture and quite versatile.

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